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Razer Bringing Razer Kraken To Xbox One

Razer Kraken Stereo Gaming Headset

Today Razer announced that they are going to be bringing their favorite PC headset to the Xbox One. The Razer Kraken Stereo Gaming Headset is joining the Razer Atrox Arcade stick on the Xbox one. The Kraken features 40 mm drivers that are tuned so that users can hear clear highs and mid ranges as well as immersive  bass for great gameplay. The Razer Kraken Gaming Headset features an ergonomic design with plush padding that creates great sound isolation for the best gaming experience. The Razer Kraken Gaming headset comes with unidirectional flip microphone that had crystal clear audio and can be flipped out of the way when users are not using it, the headset also comes bundled with a audio unit that plugs into the Xbox One controller which makes it a complete audio package. The Razer Kraken Stereo Gaming Headset can be purchased on the RazerStore today worldwide in December 2014 for $99.99.


Headphone Features:

  • Optimized weight for extended wear
  • Closed ear cup design for maximum comfort
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance 32Ω at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity (@ 1 kHz, 1 V/Pa) 110 ± 4 dB at 1 kHz Max
  • Input Power: 50 mW
  • Drivers: 40 mm with Neodymium magnets

Microphone Features:

  • Frequency response: 100 – 10,000 Hz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 50 dB
  • Sensitivity (@ 1 kHz, 1 V/Pa): -42 ± 3 dB

Audio Control Unit Features:

  • Proprietary port for connection to the Xbox One Controller
  • Dedicated volume control and mute button
  • Individual controls for game and chat volume

New Monster DNA Pro – Tech Review: Better Than Dr. Dre Beats

Monster DNA PRO

Have you ever wanted a pair of headphones that make you feel that you are right in the middle of everything? Then these are the headphones for you! The Monster DNA PRO are the highest quality headphones that Monster has on the market crisp sound and the best of all it gives emphasis on the bass of any song. Great quality durable and are the greatest design of headphones blows the competition away.

I have used many noise canceling headphones but these take the cake and blows it away. The first song I tried these out with was the new Iggy Azalea – “Black Widow” and as you know the first 5 to 10 seconds have one of the best bass lines of any song out there. When you put these on you automatically eliminate all of the outside noise and can get into your music without outside interruptions. These headphones are stylish that will go with anything you want to wear plus with any other tech that you may have (i.e. Tablets, phones, ect.)


When you connect a PlayStation Vita or a Nintendo 3DS you get better sound quality out of the system then playing with regular headphones or with the speakers that are on there already. Right now, from my perspective, the DNA PRO are even better than the DR. DRE BEATS. I have tried it out with different genres of music; Pop, Rock, Metal, IPOP, KPOP, and with all of these different genres out there I thought that it would make a difference when you play different types of music – but it doesn’t. The DNA PRO continues to have a nice crisp bass pounding sound no matter what genre you throw at it.

These are way better then the Sols that I have been using for over and I honestly haven’t gone back to them at all for anything. What I could say is that for the best sound from any of your smart devices, you won’t want to use any other set. I would keep you posted on what developments come out of Monster for the holidays. I don’t think that this company will disappoint this holiday season. From my personal use of these headphones I haven’t been able to take these off my head that’s how great these are.

Review Copy Info: This product was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

The Boycott Gamer – GamesterGear Cruiser XB210 Gaming Headset

Cruiser HEadset

Video Game headsets, we all have or want them, but what makes for a good gaming headset? How do you decide which one will give you the sound you want, or which one is more comfortable? Well hopefully it will be easier to decide after reading what I have to say about the Xbox 360 GamesterGears Cruiser XB210  Gaming Headset. After testing out the headset I listened to some music and listened to very different kinds of sound among many different video games, and I was very pleased with everything except for how comfortable it was. Now it isn’t the ear pieces that are uncomfortable, no those are actually probably one of the softer ear comforters out there that fit almost perfectly around your ears, it doesn’t agitate the ear nor block any sound.

No,  what I think is a little bothersome is the leather band on top of the headset band, i say that because upon first putting them on i could just feel the leather band just sitting on my head, it felt bothersome in some ways and irritated me a little because it was hard to break the headset in, but the other cool features actually make it worth dealing with a tiny headband issue. Now one of these features that I want to talk about is “Bass Quake”. Bass Quake was actually developed by GamesterGear in order to let players physically experience sound from video games or even sounds from playing music. It is really cool feature, and I was very skeptical about it at first, but after trying them I actually think the “Bass Quake” technology is very effective in doing exactly what it is suppose to, I could hear the sounds more clearly than I could my other headset, and I could feel every rumble and vibration I was meant to feel. It was a pretty realistic experience among many different games.


Some more features of the headset include a detachable and fully Adjustable mic which is very useful if its in the way, or you just want to go silent for a bit. Other features include adjustable band length, microphone monitor which allows you to hear yourself, and a long enough cord where you can sit anywhere in your living room and still experience everything these headsets have offer. Another nice feature is the audio control. Built in to the headset cord is volume control knobs which allows you to control game sound, chat sound, and how high the bass is, which is really helpful if you need to hear your buddies, or drown out their talking with some video game action, and as long as you have the Xbox ONE Headset adapter, you can use these not just on Xbox 360, but on the Xbox ONE as well. Now this headset is $109.99, some would ask if this is worth it to purchase, well compare it to the prices of other headsets that are for Xbox 360 or Xbox ONE and compare them, and all in all I think its worth it to save up for these. It can be used on Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE as well, has it’s own unique “Bass Quake” technology to go with it, and is supported and designed by gamers like you in hopes of creating ideas that suit all gamers needs.

Final Verdict: This headset alone has blown my mind, you can hear your in-game surrounding perfectly and listening to music through these is also a blast. I recommend the Cruiser XB210 gaming headset to anyone who owns or plans on owning a video game headset in the future.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Headset

Manufacturer: Syba

Available: Now

@Beatshapers Teases Unannounced Project Morpheus Title w/ Concept Art

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers

Development studio Beatshapers has released Concept Art for an unannounced project they are apparently creating for Sony’s Project Morpheus (virtual reality headset debuted at GDC 2014 for Sony PlayStation 4). More information will be made available for this project as it surfaces, for now feel free to tweet your thoughts and feedback directly to the developer.

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers


April Fools Debunked: Sony Posts Joke Ad For 4K Virtual Reality Headset

4K Virtual Reality - Sony April Fools RealGamerNewz

Sony has posted the following joke ad onto their SonyUK Twitter account in honor of the April Fools Joke ceremonies which will be taking place today across the Internet (especially on gaming news sites, since we are the fun industry)! Take a look below at some of the responses this has received so far.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/SonyUK/status/450922025012699136/photo/1


Oculus Rift Gets FPS Zelda VR Project And ‘RiftCon’ Trademark Among Trending Topics

Oculus RiftCon

RiftCon, most likely to be revealed soon as a yearly event hosted to talk about Oculus hardware / software development, VR Gaming etc., has been trademarked by the creator of the Oculus Rift. This could be in direct response to rumors that Sony will debut their own virtual reality headset at this year’s GDC 2014 (Game Developers Conference), a yearly industry trade event where the latest development discussions are held between devs of all fields and platforms. RiftCon is expected to be revealed as an Oculus exclusive trade show that would present the latest in Oculus development and technologies.

Beyond that, another exciting front that had gamers interested in the advanced virtual reality technologies from Oculus is the fact that a retro-inspired Zelda VR project began making headlines. The project is open to those who want to play it at no cost (of course likely without the direct blessing of Nintendo as well) and can be downloaded here now at VirtualRealityIO.

Zelda VR

[Some Info Sourced: Engadget] 

PS3 Headsets Work On PS4 After Update 1.60 – Releases Today

psn maintenence

Later on during the day PlayStation 4 users will receive the 1.60 firmware update for the PS4’s operating system which will add compatibility to a lot of headsets that were originally designed for PlayStation 3 including the Pulse Elite, Pulse, and Sony Wireless Headset. A new headset was also announced, which can be viewed in its latest trailer here.

iRGN Episode #2 – The World Isn’t Ready For Oculus Rift, But Is Ready For The Indie Takeover

iRGN Podcast

Welcome back to the RealGamerNewz Podcast that will be the main series from here on out. As we reboot the iRGN series, we welcome back Gio (John Grunow) from past appearances as well as a special guest Dan from Vintage Games who will join us in tonight’s show. Deputy Editor Tristan Werbe of RGN Exclusive Brand Tristan’s Twisted World and Editor-In-Chief Jon Ireson also host this show which speaks about a lot of various topics, some of which are listed below.

1. Watch An Entire Game Developed In One Livestream On RGN Saturday
2. Sony And Valve Making Virtual Reality Headsets: But Do We Need Those?
2. Should People Who Don’t Play Games Be Allowed To Rally For Game Censorship?
3. Battlefield 4 Patches Still Incoming; EA & DICE Fail To Fix Anything
4. TitanFall 6v6; Is It Enough or Not? Early Thoughts
5. Indie TakeOver – Will AAA / AA Games Learn From Mistakes?

Xbox 360 Vs Xbox ONE: Voice Chat Sound Quality Improved Dramatically [MP3]

Xbox ONE Headset Voice Quality

Take a listen to the following MP3 files provided by Microsoft which will show (or sound off) the quality difference which has improved dramatically from the infamously crappy Xbox 360’s headset to the next-gen Xbox ONE headset coming for free with the console this November 2013 which works at 24KHZ PCM now.

Xbox ONE Voice Chat Quality:

Xbox 360 Voice Chat Quality:

Virtual Reality Could Start Next Gen

Virtual Reality Next Gen RGN

The following discussion revolves around Virtual Reality. Video Games are a booming business that will inevitably (read: probably) become replaced by some higher format of experience simulation in the future. As video games exist we begin to see Virtual Reality technologies becoming manifested in the mainstream market. Many may not yet be aware of attempts beyond the now mainstream 3DTV technology. Have you ever heard of a real virtual reality gameplay experience on the mainstream market as of yet? Well, let’s find out…

Have you heard of…

Emotiv Epoch

? …


Oculus Rift???

Oculus Rift Pre Orders

There’s been a few noble attempts at “Virtual Reality” mainstream research projects such as the ones mentioned above on PC but Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have yet to find a suitable partner to ink a deal with and possibly won’t ink a deal opting instead to do the research and development for first-party hardware entirely themselves. The Nintendo Wii-Mote, PlayStation Move, Xbox Kinect, and PlayStation Eye 4 can all be seen as taking steps to get the mass public to accept it first.

CyberLink and Emotiv Epoch have a huge documentation online if you want to look them up. The Epoch was debuted at around $250 on PC and would have been compatible with Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 for full mind control video games, in other words your controller is your brain. The VR visual screens for what you see becoming completely immersive end up inevitably becoming the other half of the equation. Oculus Rift is like a helmet type thing.

Sony has one too but their personal viewfinder display (looking like something out of Star Trek) is not heavily marketed at all. It’s already out and costs more than a game system. It’s not the same as Oculus Rift though, instead of PC it works with the Sony PS3. All greatness aside this device seems to have failed to garner much attention outside of a cult following. However, imagine both concepts of the Oculus Rift visual devices and the Emotiv Epoch brain wave controller at the same time on next-generation consoles becoming one of the first true VR in video games history. After research from devices like the Emotiv Epoch, such brain controllers can even tell a player’s frustration levels and adjust difficulty on the fly.

Will Xbox and PlayStation see fit to implement technology like this with their own manufacturing factories/partnerships respectively instead of going with existing third parties? Either way, imagine how gamers would feel to take that next step with their next-generation game consoles sometime mid-way through the life cycles of their already invested hardware. Privacy may become a concern, as many tech-savvy gamers are already scared of Xbox Kinect on Xbox ONE being implemented as a permanent feature, would they would be horrified to see their emotions, frustration, enjoyment, and possibly some of their thoughts become monitored? However, the tradeoff could be an incredible experience serving as a baby step on the Moon in the galaxy of Virtual Reality technology in the mainstream market.

Video games could have been ready for virtual reality last generation if only the Emotiv Epoch and something like the Oculus Rift had existed for the console games we now play and love. The graphic resolution might not have been optimal for such an experience, however personal viewing devices with enhanced degrees of view angles have proven others. Now with such technology on the market, we could be ready to see virtual reality begin this upcoming next-generation. With gamers possibly taking things too far and dying with Oculus Rifts on their heads at the same time as brain controllers, not to mention the possible increased wireless data getting through your head slowly causing cancer, the public may not be ready for something like this to take off in huge numbers, unless…

…to be continued…