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Overwatch and Hearthstone to Decrease multiples from their boxes


Jeff Kaplan at Blizzard stated “We are going to make significant improvements to the loot box experience,” Kaplan explains, stating that the team is going to “drastically reduce the rate of duplicates that you’ll get out of any loot box.” So this means a drastic decrease in getting sprays from lootboxes constantly. A great thing to happen here.

Vote for RGN’s Best PC and Mobile Games of 2014


Some of the year’s best video games were also released for PC and Mobile platforms. Cast your vote below for which game you think is the best of 2014. If you don’t see yours on the list, then you know what to do by now; click “other” and write it in.

Voting starts today and ends Jan 7, 2015. Winners will be announced shortly after. If you haven’t already, you can cast your vote for the best games on other platforms as well:

Best Wii U and 3DS Games of 2014

Best PlayStation and Xbox Games of 2014

Best PC Game

Best PC Game
Dark Souls 2
South Park: The Stick of Truth
The Wolf Among Us
The Talos Principle
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Divinity: Original Sin
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Best Mobile Game

Best Mobile Game
Hitman Go
Kingdom Rush: Origins
80 Days
Monument Valley
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Stay tuned for the chance to vote for the Best Overall Game of 2014.

If You Like RPG Card Games, You MUST WATCH Conquest of Champions’ New Trailer

Conquest of Champions

Behold my minions, a new role playing game card game unlike most others. A strategic, chess-board style battlefield is combined with decks of cards that give players a brand new spin on the genre that’s been booming since the advent of digital MTG games as well as Blizzard’s foray into the subject. This game though, is pretty much everything I ever wanted in an RPG card game. Visual representation of the cool stuff the cards say on them, something tangible to track progress of on-screen, and actual gameplay (not just cards).

Unlike a lot of Steam games that have come out lately, this one seems like an honest attempt at good gameplay rather than a cash-in on existing market trends. That alone is worth giving its Beta a try. Honestly, I’m stumbling over myself trying to explain this one, JUST WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

Beta Available Now on Steam