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Rumor: Next Resident Evil to Support PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset #PSVR #PlayStationVR


Update: This rumor came true! Capcom announced at E3 2016 that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be Virtual Reality enabled on PlayStation 4 and launches January 28, 2017. The game will be playable with or without VR and a demo is already available on the PlayStation Store.

See video footage below of the demo in action:

With recent hardships quelling and productivity returning at the house of Capcom, gamers are about to get hit with a dose of Biohazard. Umbrella Corps for Windows PC and Sony PlayStation 4, the RE: Outbreak reminiscent multiplayer cousin of the survival horror experience we all know stateside as Resident Evil is releasing mid-June. This release is perhaps tolerated at best, feared by many and unexpected by some. While fans of the modern RE titles and those gamers with an open mind to experimentation will likely find some hours of fun in the title, the question we all want to know is: Where’s Resident Evil 7?

A source asking to remain anonymous once told RGN, “-wait until you see what they’ve been working on, you’ll see they’ve been busy,” in regards to a full entry in the Resident Evil series that can match the elements of what make the series great again in a modern age epic masterpiece which all RE fans feel has potential.


Image Credit: Sony London – PSVR Worlds 

Imagine seeing first-hand the world of Resident Evil with full immersion.

This source has been valid for many years disseminating information where fit and gave advance notice of the PS4K verified with worldwide leaks that have hit these past weeks. The following information has been provided over a long term span of time and may be subject to change as the project moved forward.

What we can expect from Resident Evil 7’s design aspects, and technical features:

  • Explore, aim, shoot
  • Less of a run and gun, more cinematic
  • Teach players a new format for how to enjoy horror and stealth shooter genres in VR
  • Marriage of Survival Horror and Stealth
  • True to the roots of Resident Evil series
  • Immersion as a first priority, Action still remains but is better balanced
  • PlayStation VR Headset support for virtual reality immersion
  • NEO (aka PS4K) settings support for higher resolutions of gameplay.

Umbrella Corps is set in 2015 after the events of Resident Evil 6 (perhaps the most hated game in the whole series) and provides a competitive multiplayer angle to the series. These side-content online experiences such as Mercenaries from RE4 and RE5 have always been a big hit. RE: Outbreak was respected in its own right as a standalone spin-off that only worked with a modem in the back of your PlayStation 2. The epic struggle for numbered franchise entries has always been to balance the classic survival horror feel with the shooter action pacing introduced in RE4. That isn’t required of Umbrella Corps, but it is of RE7, hence a lot of the anxiety in the Resident Evil fan-base over which development path the game is taking.

In comes PlayStation VR, capable of bringing virtual reality to the 30 million+ PlayStation 4 owners [s] and PlayStation NEO (also known as PS4.5 or PS4K) which was recently leaked after heavy rumors began to circulate as a rendition of PlayStation 4 capable of higher VR and HDTV settings including games at 1080P / 60fps and higher with upscaling to 4KTV sets. Although native graphics of the NEO setting on PS4 games from its release onwards will still be higher than PS4, they will likely not reach 4K on graphic-intensive experiences like Uncharted 4. The great news with that is PS4 games still work on both a NEO and PS4 the same way, the game would just have two different settings. to switch between.

PlayStation VR Headset PS4K NEO

All of this new technology is right on time to make the biggest difference in the world for some of our stale franchises too scared to change without time left to stay the same and tread water. Resident Evil is certainly one of those franchises. And so it should be as of no surprise that Capcom could be working to get things right with RE7 for the series, what their fans want in a true RE game, and the future of the video games experience.

This rumor comes at a time when titles like Madden VR are being discussed (Shouts Out EA Sports and HipHopGamer Inc., and Ubiquity Inc.) and true adoption of the PSVR seems destined. Capcom is already onboard with VR technology and has experimented with Resident Evil in many genres; Resident Evil: Dead Aim is a little known gem in the series (if you had the GunCon 2 pistol controller with thumbstick) which could be a pre-amble on what these design specs mean for Resident Evil 7. Recently Sony announced there were more pre-orders than expected and had to double production output to meet the newly visible demand for PSVR units.

Umbrella Corporation - Resident Evil 7 PlayStation VR PS4

Earlier rumors some years ago conflict with this news saying that Microsoft had attempted to approach Capcom with a deal for RE7 similar to the Dead Rising 3 contract agreement. With so much time being passed, and RE7 being a flagship entry in the series – it would appear this never materialized making this rumor all the more likely that RE7 will support PS4K and the PlayStation 4 VR headset whenever it is eventually revealed and heads toward launch. The wait could still be years.

RGN has reached out to Capcom representatives and will update this story when / if this rumor is confirmed or denied.

Why I Quit #GamerGate by Alexander Hinkley

Why Alex Hinkley Quit GamerGate on RealGamerNewz

I recently quit GamerGate because GamerGate has become everything it alleged to fight against. I was one of the pioneers of the movement. Hell, I had been fighting corruption within the video game industry for well over a year before the infamous “Zoe Post” that set this whole thing off was even an idea in Eron Gjoni’s head. I got fired from my four-year column at Examiner for actually reporting on the industry and not just playing ball (check out my appearance on the HipHopGamer Show talking about this).

After GamerGate began, I had a game review taken down from another site I contributed on after mass complaints from SJWs who were offended over a tweet I made where I called a friend of mine a bad name on Twitter WEEKS earlier. I also got permanently banned from Wikipedia, where I had been a respected editor since 2006, for merely mentioning Anita Sarkeesian’s work history with Bart Baggett on her talk page and asking if it should be included in her article (I even sourced her old archived website and his current website both saying this information – but you’ll hear more about that in TheSarkeesianEffect). My history of fighting corruption to my own peril speaks for itself.

Does anybody remember when it came out that TechRadar’s William O’Neill joked “Who here hasn’t slept with a PR person or game developer? #AMIRITE”? That’s the kind of stuff I wanted to get out of the gaming industry and I thought GamerGate did, too. I was wrong.


So what happened that helped me recognize GamerGate for what it really was? Back in September of last year I applied to be a video game contributor on a fairly well known gaming website after one of their big name people left. I’m not even going to be bother naming the site here but I’m sure once the story is finished you’ll know exactly where I’m talking about anyway. After some emails back and forth with the Founder, he told me that they were not currently hiring but would add my name to a list of people to contact/consider once they were. Fine.

Then in January that site fired another of their major personalities. Surely with two people gone now they’d be looking for replacements right? I decided to once again take the initiative and follow up with another email seeing if they would be looking for a new video game contributor now. No, said the Founder (calling him that sounds really Deep Space Nine-esque), unfortunately they were downsizing rather than expanding and were not hiring any new writers. He assured me again that my name was on the list of people to consider if and when they made new hires. That sounded unfortunate but hey what are ya gonna do?

That’s when things went downhill. Less than a week after that, it was announced they had hired new video game contributor – a well known female GamerGate e-celeb. I found it strange that for months I had been told they weren’t hiring. Stranger still was that the new hire had absolutely no professional writing experience whatsoever. She is a former amateur alternative model. That is fine but how exactly would she be more qualified than someone with over six years experience in the industry, thousands of articles written, and tens of millions of views? It didn’t make sense to me why they would hire someone objectively less qualified than other candidates. Could it be because she was an attractive woman?

When I brought this up on Twitter, I expected GamerGate to be outraged. After all, GamerGate claimed to support a meritocracy when it comes to job positions. They claimed they would like hiring to be based on objective qualifications and not simply to hire someone because of their gender or their looks. SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) on the other hand want women to be hired simply because they’re women and we need more of them in the industry, actual qualifications of the applicants be damned. What happened next was shocking.

Many GamerGate supporters began spamming me the exact same tired old lines that SJWs have so often used. For example, they asked me why I hated women. They called me a misogynist. Some asked for proof of what I was saying and when it was given to them they pretended it hadn’t been. They simply blocked me instead.

Be Strong - End Gamer Gate - Be Yourself - You Are Free Now

A few others did see what I was saying and agreed. They were immediately spammed as well. One poor girl was dogpiled by GamerGate supporters calling her an “anti-GG cunt” for echoing my concerns about hiring a less qualified candidate. This girl had actually been a GamerGate supporter since the movement began. Guess this didn’t matter to them because it got so bad for her she contemplated deleting her Twitter altogether. She ultimately ended up just scrubbing it with a bot that deleted everything and went on as if the whole thing never happened.

The incident becomes stranger still when I talked to the newly hired person in private. She confirmed that she had been hired after I had initially emailed the site (she didn’t know when I applied but I asked her when she got hired and it was after my emails) so it’s not like I emailed them too late and they had already locked her up or something. That would have at least been a rational explanation. She did say they had been in “talks” for several months, though.

What makes this part interesting is that she actually “quit” GamerGate last month after some trolls doxxed her. She said she was quitting GamerGate and deleting Twitter forever in order to keep her family safe. Less than a month later, she was back, and her new job was announced.

I asked her, “You quit GG to lay low after you got doxxed. Doesn’t this put you back into the crosshairs?” A fair question, I thought. Her response: “There’s a difference between actively participating in a heated discussion and attempting to gain experience for a potential future career. Although I don’t see why any of this is of any concern to you.” (Editor’s Note: This post has been edited to reflect word for word reproduction of the conversation, originally this conversation was paraphrased. No other edits have been made)

Oh. So apparently the risk is acceptable because now it’s benefiting you? Should GamerGate really just be a stepping stone to further people’s careers? I thought it was about ethics in journalism.

None of this mattered to the vast majority of GamerGater supporters. They stood behind her anyway because “one of theirs” had “stormed the trenches.” They made every excuse under the sun as to why she “deserved” the position over me. They said she was some sort of dynamo writer that wrote really, really interesting things so she doesn’t need to have any experience. Or maybe my writing just sucked so that’s why she got chosen.

Never mind the fact that I had contributed several articles to The Ralph Retort that some of these very same GamerGate supporters now criticizing me loved and tweeted out links to at the time. Then they tried saying we didn’t even apply for the same type of job, that I supposedly wanted a full-time job. Never mind the fact that the very title of my email was “Video Game Contributor.” They asked for proof. I showed them. They pretended it was photoshopped and either blocked me or spammed me with “salty” memes. Apparently they couldn’t let evidence destroy the narrative.

Be Strong - End Gamer Gate - Be Yourself - You Are Free Now 2

This opened my eyes to what the movement had become. Perhaps GamerGate started out with good intentions of fighting corruption. It is absolutely true that many SJWs really aren’t good people and they really do want to achieve power and control through surreptitious means. This should not be allowed.

It’s a shame GamerGate has become just as dubious now. GamerGate is NOT misogynist so let’s get that out of the way right now. But GamerGate definitely no longer cares about ethics in journalism. GamerGate supporters now only seem to care either about 1) benefiting themselves or their friends or 2) simply hurting people they personally don’t like – namely SJWs.

Neither of those things have anything to do with ethics in journalism. Trying to take down SJWs for the sole reason that you don’t like their political opinions isn’t ethics in journalism. Not all SJWs act unethically after all.

GamerGate has the same messed up double standards its supporters accuse SJWs of having. When something unethical benefits GamerGate, they look the other way. How is that any different from SJWs looking the other way on their shady dealings?

Imagine if the person who had been hired instead of me were not a beloved former pro-GamerGate personality but instead a well known and despised SJW. I am confident that GamerGate would have been in an uproar about how this is a prime example of nepotism and gender-based hiring. The fact this didn’t happen because they liked the beneficiary proves GamerGate doesn’t actually want to fight those things.

There’s also something to be said about the fact that the whole time I was pro-GamerGate, I never got spammed with hate on Twitter. Yes I did have complaints emailed to sites I wrote for and got unfairly banned from Wikipedia for pointing out Anita Sarkeesian’s hypocrisy, but my Twitter didn’t get hundreds of insults and hateful messages from SJWs. Most of them have me blocked, actually. My notifications only started blowing up when I began to question that girl being hired over me and her cult-like followers took exception to it.

Gamer Gate Is Not A Hate Group - But It Is A Cult - Leave Now And Free Your Mind

Come to think of it, GamerGate is pretty cult-like. It meets at least ten of the points on the International Cultic Studies Association’s Cults 101 checklist (found here: http://www.csj.org/infoserv_cult101/checklis.htm).

For example, dissent is discouraged and although there is no one leader, people are zealously supportive of the e-celebs within it. Supporters feel there’s no life outside of the group. Just look at their Twitter feeds. Many GamerGate supporters have been obsessively tweeting about it 24/7 for MONTHS. GamerGate is also unhealthily preoccupied with bringing in new members. You always hear about how “we need to get the neutrals.” These are just a few points to highlight from the checklist that GamerGate fits exactly.

GamerGate has become an “us” versus “them” (which ironically is another point on the aforementioned checklist) battle to see who can grab the most power in gaming media. Sorry, but I won’t support that. Power grabs aren’t ethics in journalism. I am against corruption no matter who it benefits. Unfortunately, that means I can no longer support GamerGate.

It seems that GamerGate would now agree with Leigh Alexander’s ethics policy of “get money, fight bullshit, and make sure that those I love stand the longest. That’s it.”

Mass Effect Indoctrination Dark Energy Illuminati 2

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Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are that of the author and may / may not represent views of the rest of RGN Staff / our audience. This article will not be removed and all takedown requests will be ignored.

NBA 2K16 Featuring The WNBA? Interesting Information from @HipHopGamer [HD 1080P Videocast]

WNBA NBA 2K 16 RealGamerNewz HipHopGamer 2K Sports

“2K Sports the king of all sports game could be on to something huge to expand the brand.

The WNBA could finally have a place in the NBA2K Gaming Franchise thanks to the female fan response of the face scan technology and overall demand to see a woman presence in the game.” – @HipHopGamer

Anita Sarkeesian Gets A Eye Opener From HipHopGamer: (STRONG LANGUAGE) #GamerGate #FreeSpeech

Hip Hop Gamer Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian doesn’t like the way woman are objectified in video game content. HipHopGamer speaks on how to channel this anger for the better and also how to take the horrible negatives of the world and execute positives.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are that of the author and may / may not represent views of the rest of RGN Staff / our audience. This article will not be removed and all takedown requests will be ignored.

Source: HipHopGamerInc / HoT 97

Hip-Hop & Gaming: The Next Frontier : Pax East 2014 – Video Recap : Part #2


Watch part two of  the Hip-Hop & Gaming: The Next Frontier : Pax East 2014  panel featuring Random aka Mega Ran, Hip-Hop Gamer, and MC FrontaLot. The trio continues the discussion from part one as they then detail the history of Hip-Hop and Video Games,  as well as hold a Q&A for the fans. Make sure you follow  all of these artist on Twitter   @hiphopgamer, @MegaRan , @mc_frontalot and check back soon to RGN for more Pax East 2014 footage.

Video Recap : Part #1

Written Panel WrapUp Here

PAX East 2014: Hip Hop And Gaming: The Next Frontier 2:30 – 3:30 Badger Theater

Hip Hop and Gaming

Photo Credit: RG

Many may remember the Hip Hop And Gaming Panel held at PAX East 2011 which I covered for the past incarnation of the HipHopGamerShow website back before RealGamerNewz was founded. There I wrote about how Random AKA MegaRan alongside Guests like K-Murdock and MC Frontalot spoke on how sampling video games can go bad (a la Lil Flip and the Pac-Man sample scandal that brought him down a few notches) as well as their own histories with the two industries and how Gaming and Hip Hop have more and more in common as time goes by.

It was my first time meeting MegaRan and his views got me interested in buying his music. HipHopGamer also lit up the panel afterwards with insightful questions, so it’s a no-brainer that he’s a host on the panel this year. Everyone in the room felt the energy from the panelists and HHG as we all had something to do with Hip Hop and something to do with Gaming at some point in our lives. The two worlds seem to fit hand in hand, a couple of cool hobbies that have grown to be some of the most successful industries in the world.

Fast forward to PAX East 2014, Our own News Editor DJ Killzown Jones will be covering this year’s Hip Hop And Gaming Panel which features Random AKA MegaRan, MC Frontalot, and HipHopGamer. The event takes place from 2:30PM – 3:30PM (EST: Eastern Time Zone) on Sunday (April 13) at the Badger Theater, if you are attending PAX East 2014 then be sure to jump in and catch this event! Who knows what these hip hop heads have planned for The Next Frontier, we will find out. Stay tuned for our coverage of PAX East 2014 as it proceeds at our dedicated PAX East Section.

MegaRan - PAX East 2014 - RealGamerNewz

HipHopGamer - PAX East 2014 - RealGamerNewz

MC Frontalot - PAX East 2014 - RealGamerNewz

PAX East 2014 - RealGamerNewz

Excerpt from Official PAX EAST 2014 Schedule:

“Eminem made a song for Call Of Duty. Hip-Hop and Gaming go hand in hand. What makes them work so well together, and where does nerdcore fit in? Join indie rap stars Mega Ran, Hip Hop Gamer and the godfather of nerdcore, MC Frontalot, for a fun trip through the past, present and future of hip-hop and gaming.”

MegaRan 50% Off Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale Begins Now

xmas MegaRan

I’m thankful for you guys and your encouragement, support and inspiration.

So, I’m starting my yearly Black Friday sale a little early. If you didn’t eat too much, lift a finger and go save 50% on music, CDs, merch, EVERYTHING! Including pre-orders. Much love.


Happy holidays.

– Random AKA MegaRan

Happy Birthday @HipHopGamer: “NFL Players Scanned For 2K Eco-Motion? EA License Is Up In 2014”

HipHopGamer RealGamerNewz Jon Ireson Gerard Williams hitman0769

Big shout out to the homie Hip Hop Gamer who’s been an inspiration and a friend to the RealGamerNewz crew since before we landed on our own domain and even helped get our RGN Podcast out to the people before we landed here in our home at RealGamerNewz.com. With that being said, check out his latest show embedded below in Full 1080P High Definition for those of you who are fans of sports video games and the new NBA 2K14 that’s got everybody buzzing, NFL may soon get a proper development treatment from 2K Sports as well if the stars line up right. In fact, NFL players may already be scanned into 2K Eco-Motion as EA’s License for the NFL runs out in 2014 and they haven’t renewed their NCAA license. Enjoy the video below and happy birthday HHG!


[Source: HipHopGameShow]

HipHopGamer’s New Belt: Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Combined

Excerpts from HipHopGamer Inc. Press Release:

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here.  We would like to announce the newest addition to the HipHopGamer crew, the brand new, custom made HipHop Gamer belt.  This belt is a sign of big and better things to come, so everyone stay tuned! 



We would like to thank Top Rope Belts for taking a dream and making it into a reality by 

creating this belt.”

Shots Fired: Playstation 3 Beats Xbox360 Sales Worldwide Playstation 4 Will Do The Same

PlayStation 3’s Triumph Over Hate is What Xbox ONE Faces. In HipHopGamer’s latest Shots Fired video the hate on PlayStation 3 and its successes and triumphs despite an entire industry seemingly attempting to shun and defame the image of Sony’s first high-definition gaming console in 2006, and even before it released.

Now that Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) has been announced a shocking turn of events is unfolding through which we are seeing the industry essentially flip sides and is now supporting the Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4) while finding any reason possible to bash the Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) from all angles.

Check out the video for yourself to see a great number of examples of what the industry experienced and witnessed in regards to the media black ball of Sony PlayStation 3.

Follow HipHopGamer: FacebookTwitter | EGMNow | HipHopGamerInc

[Source: HipHopGamer]

Payday 2 Given Trailer and Release Window

As first revealed to the world by HipHopGamer, Payday 2 is now officially confirmed and a trailer has been released for it. The game will feature co-op gameplay for up to 4 players and is being developed by Overkill for publisher 505 Games. This title is expected to release Summer 2013. Check out the video below: