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Until Dawn’s Newest Live Action Trailer Shows The Road Not Taken


Sony has unleashed a second live action trailer for the interactive-horror game Until Dawn, as we inch ever closer to its terrifying release.

The creepy trailer features a terrified young woman, being pursued by the masked killer, while a deep and equally creepy voice narrates the 1916 poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.


Until Dawn releases on August 25 (NA) and Aug 26 (EU), exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Until Dawn’s Live Action Trailer Puts You in Control


Do you defend yourself, or do you search for the source of the disturbance? Those are two of the choices present in this new live action trailer for Supermassive Game’s upcoming interactive horror game, Until Dawn.

What better way to promote a game that is all about player choice, than with a trailer that does the same? Now, where’s the “I’m black so I’m gonna run like hell!” option?


Until Dawn releases on August 25, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Dying Light (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One) – New Year’s Resolutions Gameplay [HD 1080/60FPS]

Dying Light - RealGamerNewz Xbox PC PS4

New Year’s Resolutions Gameplay of Dying Light in 60fps.

Genre(s): First Person Horror
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Warner Bros
Developer(s): Techland
Release Date (NA): February 2015

Extract 237 Preview


It’s Halloween and RealGamerNewz has some interesting things lined up for the night. We got a chance to play a rather interesting game late last night called Extract 237, a game where you are inside the body of an alien. Crowdfunding was all the rage a few years ago, but it has died down like any other fad. With ridiculous things hitting Kickstarter like Potato Salad, it isn’t hard to see why some may have turned their back on it. It has actually become somewhat rare to hear about a great game on Kickstarter, but they still exist.

Extract 237 is one of these games. With two developers, 16 days to go, and 2% of their project funded, it does not look like they will make it this time around. We had a chance to see a basic build of Extract 237 and it is one game that I do not believe should be looked over. We couldn’t interact with objects and we couldn’t do much of anything come to think of it.

We got a very early build of the game that let us explore some of the areas of the game and get a feel for it’s atmosphere. From what we saw though, it’s definitely something to look forward to though. The areas we went through were very atmospheric and interestingly unique. It may be because I don’t play horror games often, but this feels very unique as a whole and I don’t believe anything like this has been done before.


Extract 237 may not have a giant company behind it, but it is not without talent. The 2 developers are hard at work and it really shows. We have Matt McCorkell behind Character/Environment art and animation,  then we have the designer, Robert Nelms, who designs the creatures and the environment. They both do a fantastic job as the levels we got to explore were extremely beautiful. It doesn’t seem very uncommon for indie games to come out with pixelated games, but Extract 237 doesn’t do that. Instead they use the Unreal Engine 4 to the best of their abilities and it really shows.

The environment of the game gives off such an interesting vibe and it’s really hard to explain. It’s also somewhat challenging to explain the feeling of being inside of an alien, but if I had to guess, I would say Extract 237 hits the nail on the head. It’s really hard to imagine, but even harder for me to truthfully describe. It’s done really well and it looks as beautiful as it does unique, I don’t know what it feels or looks like to be inside of an alien, but I would wager it’s something like I experienced on here, It would be interesting to see first person and it would be awesome to see Oculus support. Right now though, Extract 237 is a game with a lot of potential. It would be a real shame if that’s all it will ever be.

I think the game would do a lot better in first person, but it seems like they set it 3rd so you can see what’s going on around you. I’m not entirely sure what I saw, but there was definitely signs of a functioning body. It’s actually really crazy to see that though, as they don’t only focus on an interesting design, they also have put effort in to making it feel like you are in a living being. It’s was truthfully a great experience, except the movements need to be fixed up a bit. Again though, we have an early build.


While I love exploring the game, it’s not without issues. We got a very early build, of course it isn’t without issues. The sad thing is that Extract 237 may take longer to come out though as their funding doesn’t seem to be happening. It’s definitely a game to look forward to though and I hope it gets it’s funding as I rather enjoyed my experience in the build. The demo should be out on November 3rd for everyone to try. While I don’t think Extract 237 will reach it’s goal this time around, it is definitely still a game worth looking forward to. It’s a rather small team with some real talent and it’s sad that they are being looked over with ease.

There are other projects like this not reaching their goal on Kickstarter as the funding on the site has dropped drastically since the craze began to die down. It’s a shame really, as these people are on to something. I think the craze should come back, but it’s hard to gamble your money when Kickstarter does it’s best to take little to no responsibility. Still though, it’s a really good thing to help fund these companies, but you should be careful. Extract 237 is a project I would deem as fund worthy, as it has some real talent behind it and it is really interesting from what we got to see.

You can check them out on Kickstarter ,which only has 15 days left. You can also check out their Twitter and Facebook for updates about the game as well and you can up vote them on Steam’s Greenlight.

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After writing and submitting this preview, I began talking to the developers at Project Extract. I really enjoyed the game and we began to speak about a position. I really believed and enjoyed the project I saw and upon further discussion I decided to help them out. I am currently the Community Manager at Project Extract, this position was talked about after the preview and the developers are actually unaware of the preview. It will be something they read after this disclaimer is posted as I did not want it to give me an unfair advantage, I wanted to be hired because of what I have to offer them.

Rumor: New Resident Evil Will Be Revealed at E3 But Isn’t Resident Evil 7


A while back rumors began to spreading through the web like wildfire, claiming that Capcom would be announcing Resident Evil 7 at E3 and exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Now a brand new rumor has surfaced stating that a brand new game in the popular horror franchise will be announced at E3, but it won’t be Resident Evil 7. Instead fans will treated to another spin-off similar to 2012’s ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’.

This fresh and interesting rumor dropped on NeoGAF gaming forum by the highly credible News Bot, with multiple sources confirming the info.

Here is the details that NeoGAF member News Bot shared with everyone.

  • It is not Resident Evil 7.
  • It will feature three returning characters from the series. One male and two female.
  • Two of these characters haven’t been seen in a ‘decade’ and one of them never had an appearance in-game.
  • It will be revealed at E3 2014.

News Bot went on to offer a bit of clarity in regards to the one character who never made an in-game appearance before.

“Regarding the one who doesn’t appear in-game, I should be a little more specific (because I’m sure someone would call me a liar for being to general). They are mentioned in games but are a background character with no “active” appearance yet. It’s not someone from the canon movies/comics.”

I shouldn’t have to remind anyone to remember to take this all with a grain of salt. Unless we hear this officially from the horse’s (Capcom) mouth, this should be considered a rumor and nothing more. 

Based on Capcom’s track record when it comes to releasing numbered Resident Evil titles, a spin-off instead of Resident Evil 7 seems more likely. If you look back almost a decade you’ll see that Resident Evil 4 was released in 2005 while Resident Evil 5 dropped in 2009 followed by Resident Evil 6 in 2012. That’s a four years between 4 & 5 and a three year wait between 5 & 6. Since 2005 Capcom has also released other RE titles including the main entries.

  • Resident Evil 4 – Gamecube (2005)
  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles – Nintendo Wii (2007)
  • Resident Evil 5 – PS3, Xbox 360 (2009)
  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles – Nintendo Wii (2009)
  • Resident Evil : The Mercenaries 3D – Nintendo 3DS (2010)
  • Resident Evil : Revelations – Nintendo 3DS (2012)
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – PS3, PC and Xbox 360 (2012)
  • Resident Evil 6 – PS3, Xbox 360 (2012)

As you can see Capcom doesn’t rush out next their Resident Evil sequels so quickly. Instead they give the fans spin-offs, what-ifs and prequels before they drop the next numbered entry in the franchise. Let’s not forget the HD remakes and re releases of past games like Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X. So one would expect to wait a little longer before the publisher delivers Resident Evil 7.

Another thing to consider is the criticism Resident Evil 6 received from critics and fans alike. Despite going on to sell over 5 million copies, RE6 failed to meet sales expectations and earned mixed reviews from both sides due to the game being a bigger and relatively unwelcome departure from its horror roots, feeling more like a third-person shooter or action title than a survival horror game. Capcom has gone on to state that they are taking fan feedback into consideration and Resident Evil 7 will go back to its survival horror roots. The publisher will make sure the developer delivers what they promised with RE7.

At the end of the day it is just speculation, the next Resident Evil game could in fact be part 7, it could be a spin-off, a sequel to ‘Revelations’ or they could be no E3 Resident Evil announcement at all. As I stated before, take it all with a grain of salt until Capcom confirms or denies it, or E3 comes and goes.

Via: NeoGAF and MCV.