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Crypt of the NecroDancer Now Available w/ New Game++ Features & 20% Off


If you didn’t catch me testing out my streaming functionality with Crypt of the NecroDancer then you’ll want to definitely give a read to our recent article about Crypt of the NecroDancer which recently launched for Steam and is available at 20% off discount for a limited time. The game features role playing, dungeon, turn-based action that revolves around keeping the rhythm with an interesting soundtrack while playing. In addition to the game’s existing content, players can now unlock additional soundtracks, totally changing the feel of the game, by completing New Game+ and New Game++ modes.

NecroDancer’s Steam Page

The development studio behind this indie title have also released a new mini-documentary of sorts below which showcases some of what went into making the game and gives potential players another chance to hear the soundtracks before playing. I’m already surprised by how good the game feels when actually playing and you can expect a Full Review to hit RealGamerNewz soon!

IndieSpotlight: Eternal Jupiter

Eternal Jupiter Gameplay Screenshot

Welcome to the full reboot of our IndieSpotlight Series. In the following post we will be speaking with Dave AKA Bit Journal of Bit-Journal Games as we discuss his upcoming video game Eternal Jupiter which is a complete remake of an earlier title by the same name. Eternal Jupiter has been completely revamped and is Dave’s first professional endeavor since achieving a full understanding of game development through institutional education as well as learning on his own. I had the opportunity to be the first in the world to try out his demo which is to be released to the public soon and has many features including native support for the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller on PC as well as Xbox 360 / Xbox ONE and other traditional PC controllers on the platform. Two players can even play at the same time with co-op.

Eternal Jupiter is a shoot em up action game featuring bullet hell moments of intense action. While still in development, keep in mind that the IndieSpotlight feature for RealGamerNewz primarily features titles that have yet to be released in any form (although we may began to branch out to some Early Access titles that are under the radar as well). The whole point of this series is to find those underground gems that fans of a particular genre might give a good home to. I am also fortunate enough to have a chat with every development studio who gets featured in the IndieSpotlight – so these are a chance for us to see the detailed vision a developer has behind their game. As always, feel free to reply with questions of your own for the developer in the comments section of this post. Here are some quotes from the developer taken during our Interview in the game is described in great detail. Thank you in advance for reading and we look forward to providing more information about Eternal Jupiter as it approaches release.

RGN: When did you first start making games?

Bit-Journal Games: I started developing games in 2011. I downloaded a trial copy of Game Maker 8 and attempted to teach myself the basics of game development. That is when I started developing Eternal Jupiter in its rawest form. I did this to see just how far I could take it. A month and a half down the road, while it was certainly not perfect, I created my first playable demo. It was at that moment that I decided to enroll with Brookdale Community College’s Digital and 3D Animation Program under the Game Programming Option of the degree. That was the beginning of my journey into Game Development.

RGN: When did the first Eternal Jupiter release and how was the public reaction?

Bit-Journal Games: While there is a demo for Eternal Jupiter, it isn’t technically released yet since I am still in the process of building it. When I first presented it at The Hudson Arcade in Hoboken NJ, people seemed to enjoy the challenge it presented to them. The press copy that you played was a result of suggestions given to me from various other people who played the game both at the event and others outside of the event as well. While the reception was positive, I wanted feedback from the players and got the feedback I needed. These suggestions led to better collision detection, more bullets and quite a few fixes for bugs that I found through testing the game both on my own and watching others play it as well. To all of those individuals who played my game, made suggestions and helped me hunt down and squash bugs (both directly and indirectly), I thank you all sincerely for that. 🙂

Eternal Jupiter Gameplay Screenshot 2

RGN: What is the vision behind the game?

Bit-Journal Games: Eternal Jupiter is a Top Down Shooter / Hack and Slash Hybrid inspired by a combination of Top Down and Side Scrolling Shooters, my love for Mecha & Super Robot style Anime, and Hack and Slash Action games. Its why I refer to the game as a Bullet Hell Hack and SHMUP. In it, you pilot a Jet that can transform into a Mech. In Jet Mode, you can fire your Lasers and Missiles depending on what button you press. Your movement is also a little faster in Jet Mode since the ship is more compact and aerodynamic. However, in Mech Mode, you move a little slower but your Lasers are replaced with a more powerful Arm Cannon and your Missiles are replaced with a Beam Katana that can reflect enemy bullets back at the ships that fired them. I wanted to create a shooter where I give the player the freedom to transform between Jet and Mech whenever they feel like doing so. In order to balance out the amount of power I give to the player, I give them a stock of three lives, no continues and no power-ups. Growing up in the 80s (like many others who may be reading have), old school arcade games have had a major influence on my life.

Before I learned how to develop video games, I always asked myself what I liked from this classic era. Then I asked myself what I would do differently to this style of game. That is part of the reason why gave the player the capability to transform on the fly and use a Beam Katana in battle. The other reason really just has to do with my love for Iai-do (The Japanese Art of Drawing the Sword) and my love for Anime.

Overall, Eternal Jupiter is a culmination of all of these things. Its a game about fast paced, arcade action and your pure willingness to survive.

RGN: What are some of the features the Remake offers above the original?

Bit-Journal Games: The original Eternal Jupiter was very bare bones compared to the Remake. After going to college, I took what I learned and applied it to the Remake. Before I get down to the features, on a coding level, I re-coded the entire game when compared to its original. I also built totally new animations and much better parallax vertical scrolling backgrounds and foregrounds. Presentation wise, I added in a new opening menu that resembles a boot up sequence screen that you would see if you were the pilot inside the Mech.

Game play wise, I was able give the player more functionality using less buttons. That way, their hands are not scattered all over the controller. Compared to the original, Eternal Jupiter Remake features:

– Xbox 360 and X-mode Controller Support
– PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 and Direct Mode Controller Support
– 2 Player Local Co-Op Mode and Two Players on One Keyboard
– More Bullets
– Better Timed Enemy Patterns and Generators
– Vastly Improved Controls
– More Varied Enemies
– A Better Boss Fight

Eternal Jupiter Gameplay Screenshot 3

RGN: How was the game made in terms of what you’re willing to reveal about the engine and tools used etc.?

Bit-Journal Games: Animation wise, I like to build my sprite sheets in Photoshop and import them in Game Maker Studio. This gives me the tools I need to help visualize where I want to place certain objects, backgrounds and animations on the screen. There are also occasions where I do some art in Game Maker Studio as well, but it’s mostly in Photoshop.

Using a combination of what I learned in my Game and Object Oriented Programming Classes (Note: Since GML and C++ are quite similar in execution, what I learned in my classes greatly enhances what I can do in the engine) and the power of Game Maker Studio, I approach development one step at a time. I don’t ask myself “What is the right answer?”. Instead, I ask myself “What are the questions I must ask to arrive at the result I am looking for?” I don’t look at development as a need to know all of the answers. Instead, I look at it as a learning experience. While the project evolves with the developer, the developer learns from the project. Every answer creates a question. Every question begs for an answer. Developing the logic behind the code is the most important step to arriving at these answers. If the logic is flawed, you most likely will not get the results you want. If this all sounds very philosophical, its because as a developer, simply put, I do a lot of thinking before I put my hands down to the keyboard. Then I do some writing to organize my thoughts. After the animations are finished and the assets are ready, I ask myself “What do I want this to do?”. Then I look at my notes, start coding what I need and test it. At the end of the day, it’s thinking, writing, testing and repetition that helps me get Eternal Jupiter closer to completion.

RGN: Does the final build of Eternal Jupiter Remake currently have a release date planned?

Bit-Journal Games: Given that I am about to start a new job, I do not have a specific release date planned at this time. However, once I figure out what services I want to use to sell the game (ex: Steam, GOG, Desura, Humble Bundle etc…), I will give you an updated ETA. The good thing is that I will release a few more demos over the course of development so people who want to try Eternal Jupiter and see its progression will have the opportunity to do so.

RGN: Where can gamers keep up with your work and possibly try out a Demo of the game?

Gamers can go to eternaljupiter.wordpress.com to read all of the updates related to the game and to download the demo once they become available (which I promise all of you, will be very, very soon. Perhaps tomorrow ;-). Once its up, I’ll definitely make an announcement. 🙂

– Thanks for the interview and previewing my game. Its much appreciated 🙂

[Update: The Eternal Jupiter Work-In-Progress Game has received a Public Demo downloadable HERE]

Eternal Jupiter RealGamerNewZ

Shiftlings (PS4 / Xbox One / PC) – Orientation Trailer Released by Sierra [HD 1080P / 60 Frames Per Second]

Shiftlings Sierra Games RealGamerNewz PS4 Xbox One Windows PC 2

Shiftlings is an upcoming single player / two-player co-op physics puzzler from publisher Sierra Games being showcased in a new orientation trailer today that shows some of the ways to get F.I.R.E.D. during your first, second, third, or probably five hundredth attempt at the job. This game will be released on Windows PC and PS4 March 3, 2015 but also the next day on March 4th for the Xbox One. Rocket Pocket Games are the developers behind this one, and offer up their own perspective on the game at their Shiftlings Website in addition to the Sierra Shiftlings Website but if you’re a parent I’ll save you some trouble and let you know this game is rated T for Teen and appears to be pretty clean, wacky humor set to an accomplishable but challenging pace.

Shiftlings Sierra Games RealGamerNewz PS4 Xbox One Windows PC

Opposing Forces: A large character and small character with varying weights face off in puzzles as they are tied to each other, bounce on top of each other, roll around, leap from area to area, push, pull, and figure out how to complete the mission at hand.

Game Features / Info:

– Genre: Physics Puzzle Game

– Over 50 Levels

– Play the game with 1 Player or 2 Players as a co-op experience

– Achievements / Trophies

– Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC

– Release Date: March 3, 2015 (PS4/PC), March 4, 2015 (XO)

Excerpt from the Official Press Release:

“This new in-game footage shows our two heroes, tethered together by a single air hose, inflating and deflating their way across the very many traps and challenges that Zomegacorp is in no way liable for! You’ll get plenty of encouraging tips from the announcer, who we can assure you takes no pleasure in narrating the Shiftlings’ pitfalls and missteps across over 50 levels of single-player or two-player cooperative adventure!”

Orientation Trailer [HD 1080P / 60 FPS]:

Apotheon Now Available on Steam, Inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology #IndieSpotlight

Apotheon RealGamerNewz

This 2D Action game on Steam with RPG elements is 15% off for the next 6 days as it makes its debut on the PC Gaming platform with compatibility for Windows PC operating systems. This title has been described as everything from Action, Adventure, Indie, to RPG but I will get to the core of the game myself in the upcoming RealGamerNewz Review of Apotheon thanks to Alientrap the developer / publisher of the title who was kind enough to sanction us with professional media access. From one look at the trailer, most gamers can agree that the polish is there to suggest a passionate development cycle has gone into Apotheon. As such, we have high hopes for the end result and will be digging deeper into the game with an open mind throughout the rest of the week.

While waiting for our Full Review, Take a look at the game for yourself below:

Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon 2 Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon 3 Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon 4 Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon 5

Now Available On Steam

Also Available on GOG Games


  • Single-player
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud
  • Captions available
  • Full controller support
  • Steam Trading Cards

Mordheim: City of the Damned’s Early Access Phase 3 – Gameplay Trailer [HD 1080P]

Mordheim - City of the Damned’s Early Access Phase 3

Games Workshop and Focus Home Interactive present the latest Gameplay Trailer for Mordheim: City of the Damned’s 3rd Phase on Early Access as presented below in Full 1080P High Definition.

Now Available On Steam Early Access

Song of Myrne: What Lies Beneath Review


Ever wanted to play a rip of Terraria with the Music Track from Brutal Legends, well here is your game. What Lies Beneath is a single player action-RPG with some local only multiplayer  in which you’ll explore the island of Namok and its deadly dungeon in hope to find your wife’s killer.. Yeah.. Your Wife.. Since this is a simple indie title I will start by talking a bit about what I am assuming is the story. This game starts you off in a farm, which I assume is your farm since after going upstairs you find a dead bunny who the main character (Insert Name Here) claims is his dead wife.

Yes, you just read that. Afterwards your character states ‘I will avenge thee and move on’. After checking all the containers for loot and making sure you got all you can hold, you move on either North or East, afterwards picking a route the game throws enemies straight at you in hopes you know how to slay some snakes and what I am assuming is Bandits or Kids in Peter Pan outfits trailing about. Now you can either fight them or walk away, and I mean literally walk, there is no running… like at all.. But enough of that, after your first couple encounters with some enemies, camps, and eventually a trapdoor or 5, you should finally find yourself at a town full of people who your character can’t wait to help…


 Well after traipsing around Steali.. I mean finding loot in all these “abandoned containers” and obtaining what I am assuming were side quests you are left to wander around trying to figure out where to go next. Now personally I didn’t get very far, the game is a pretty okay RPG but with many elements mixed in it was very confusing to actually grasp, and with little to no explanation of what to do it left you completely helpless at some points. The concept is there just no explanation. In terms of game-play the combat is pretty straightforward, equip a good weapon, swipe at some enemies and get some exp. Now the leveling system is where it actually gets kind of cool, once you level up you can place your skill points in 6 different attributes (note in the Photo above) and upon doing so making your character ever more powerful.The skill system is pretty weird and I didn’t understand how it worked, but once understood I think might have been really cool. Now there were some things that irked me within this game, the bugs and the music. Now the bugs were game-play hindrances.


In an attempt to play the game in full screen I would get stuck in the loading screen, able to hear my character and attacks, but could not see anything except the loading screen. The other major bug was the black screen of death, literally, my character was stuck in a black screen after death and I could not do a single thing to fix it, and thus making myself start the game over.. yay.. Now the music, I did not hate it! In fact the music was quite unique, but none of it fit anywhere in the game especially since from what i keep hearing, the game is suppose to be humorous. But most of the time the music was an upbeat loudly tune that repeated itself over and over and seemed more serious than more of a joke. At first it was actually enjoyable, but as I continued into the game I started to notice the annoyance more and more, it just didn’t fit into the game.

Final Verdict:

Song of Myrne: What Lies Beneath has a lot going for it, but unfortunately not enough to be labeled an “Amazing” game. With a lack of instruction it was hard to get into some of the elements it brought to the table, and it showed up with some humorous elements but with the serious music constantly playing it was hard to tell what was literal and what was a joke.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 5.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developer: Beldarak Games

Publisher: Beldarak Games

Available On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Pix The Cat Video Review

Pix The Cat Review RealGamerNewz

Pix The Cat is a straight up arcade maze game that expands further as players run through combo after combo and even further if they are able to partake in some local co-op, which was also offered up for play. In the following Video Review RealGamerNewz PR Editor Josh and myself (EIC Jon) jump into the game and there are some hilarious moments that might not be expected to take place. Danger, Will Robinson, there is a bit of mature language since Josh was playing while we Reviewed Pix The Cat and he just couldn’t contain himself.

Pix The Cat is available now on Steam, PS4, and Vita.

Additional Features:

  • Over 500 Levels
  • Cannot run into walls
  • Fever Time Enemies
  • Combo Score Multiplier
  • Nostalgia Mode
  • Laboratory Mode
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Stun-shot White Egg Power Pickup
  • Mines Green Egg Power Pickup
  • Rocket Purple Egg Power Pickup

HD Video Review w/ Gameplay:

Developer: Pastagames

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Review Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Indie Gaming Update: Jameson The Pilot Reveal Trailer [HD]

11 bit launchpad

The following game will be published by 11 bit launchpad who revealed the following reveal trailer for development studio Rezoner who created the title. The publisher’s YouTube description promises ‘Endless possibility’ in ‘a world made of pixels’ – if that isn’t enough to get you to press play on this clip then I don’t know what is!

Always Sometimes Monsters On Sale 50% Off w/ Games Journalism Meta Demo WTFBBQ

Always Sometimes Monsters - RealGamerNewz 2

You may recall the Always Sometimes Monsters Review we put out in May, and if you don’t well that’s your loss. Check it out on Steam during this hot flash sale which won’t be around forever and nets you the entire game half off. If you’re not convinced by our take on the title and want to try it out yourself first, you’re in luck. Vagabond Dog and Devolver Digital have released a new Demo for the Life Simulation title on Steam. Click Here to jump into that completely free, you won’t regret it.


and as an added bonus – take a gander at this major detail!

Excerpt from the Official Press Release:

“It’s a neat concept – in the demo, you play as a game journalist going to the launch event for Always Sometimes Monsters where you talk to other journalists about the game, and play a demo, of the game…youÂ’re talking about. *head explodes* “

Dating Sim: Hatoful Boyfriend “Summer of Love” Collector’s Edition Hits Steam August 21

Hatoful Boyfriend

Devolver Digital’s next big thing… Hatoful Boyfriend “Summer of Dove” Collector’s Edition, has been announced for the Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. Players who want to get into this romance saga have a chance to pre-order for 10% off via Steam (link here) and should know that this game comes highly praised from critics and Steam users as an abnormal yet highly enjoyable experience (and it even features a female protagonist). If you’re up for something a bit different from the usual indie offerings, take a look at the quote from Devolver Digital’s own corporate big wig below and be on the lookout for Mediatonic’s release hitting August 21, 2014.

“Our research shows that consumer fatigue for space marines and dragons is at an all-time high – gamers are ready for something new and fresh,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Semi-realistic pigeon dating simulations are the next great frontier in video games.”