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Deadstone – Story + Gameplay Trailer [HD 1080P] #IndieSpotlight #IndieGames

DeadStone RealGamerNewz Gameplay Story Steam Indie Games Indie Spotlight

Story + Gameplay Trailers for Deadstone is presented below in Full 1080P High Definition. Our RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon.

More Info Here:

Homepage: www.deadstonegame.com
Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/327150/
Gameplay Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOTuXE03DTU
Story Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIpzj00tVv8
Press Page: www.deadstonegame.com/press-kit/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Timeslipsoftworks
Twitter: @DaithiMcH

Words from the developer:

“I’ve been intensively working on Deadstone for almost 2 years now in the quintessential indie pattern: mostly alone, in a spare bedroom, and on an ancient computer. Overall it’s been a great experience. Deadstone was created in Unity, and with the exception of artwork, sounds and voice acting, it’s all DIY.” – @DairhiMcH

Story Trailer:

Gameplay Trailer:

Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus Greenlit On Steam w/ New Trailer


To celebrate the Steam Greenlight announcement of Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus, the following trailer has been freshly released for the gaming masses. If you don’t recall, we featured Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus in our IndieSpotlight Section not too long ago and commended it for its Golden Axe type of feel mixed with heavier RPG elements and a hilarious yet well thought out cast of characters and plot. Did we mention the beautiful graphics and interesting level design? Just take a look for yourself at this screenshot of an unfinished version of the game (early build). The final build has been ‘Greenlit’ as the kids say these days, and will arrive on Steam.


The game starts out with the typical come up on the mind of its characters. Nothing is really at stake here when the game first opens up, and the main characters simply want to get paid and express themselves via destruction. Perhaps fate intervened though, because these rebels without a cause witness something that changes their lives forever. A new mission presents itself and the player is thrust into a saga of adventure more befitting of such rag-tag heroes.

Take a look at the video below which was created to commemorate the fact that the game has now been Greenlit successfully!

August 1, 2014 is the planned release date for Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus on Steam.

Dragon Fin Soup (PC / PS4 / PS3 / Vita) – Tactical Action RPG Alpha Gameplay w/ Commentary [HD 1080P]

Dragon Fin Soup - RealGamerNewz - Kickstarter IndieSpotlight

Dragon Fin Soup is a game that has completely surpassed its goals in a crowd-funding effort on Kickstarter in order to bring to the gaming world something truly special. This unique Tactical RPG will arrive on the Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Sony PS3, and PS Vita. This game aims to reproduce the retro feel of SNES Era role playing games, mixing Action elements in a similar way to Secret of Mana’s gameplay battle system.

Another feature that will leave the RPG hardcore die-hard crowd pleased is the fact Dragon Fin Soup is also a Roguelike experience. A story featuring down to earth, flawed but intriguing characters, and a gripping turn of events is also promised. With over 300% funding on Kickstarter, many Stretch Goals have been met as well and the game’s release across these many ambitious platforms has been secured. On PC it will have support for both Mac and Linux in addition to Windows and will also be featured on the Steam market.

Dragon Fin Soup - RealGamerNewz - Gameplay Screenshot

Classic elements such as inventory management, item accumulation, HP / Mana management, and exploration are in some ways resurrected from the golden age of the genre and re-invented where development studio Grimm Bros has saw fit. The team was highly inspired by titles such as Chocobo Dungeon and is made up by just five talented people who have managed to get the game this far and show it off in the Alpha version footage seen below.

Some of the bonus features unlocked by the generous Kickstarter backer support include Endless Labyrinth Mode, Online Leader Boards, Additional Porting cost for PS3, PS4, Vita, Asian / Oriental Weapon Pack, Sheep Pet Quest, and Playable Skeletons in Survival / Labyrinth Modes.

Dragon Fin Soup PS4 - RealGamerNewz - Kickstarter IndieSpotlight

Dragon Fin Soup PS4 - RealGamerNewz - Concept Art

Dragon Fin Soup RPG Gameplay - RealGamerNewz - Kickstarter IndieSpotlight

Steam Greenlight: Successful

Kickstarter: Successful

Follow Dragon Fin Soup: Twitter | Facebook | Kickstarter | Official Website | YouTube | Google+

1080P Gameplay w/ Commentary of Work-In-Progress Game


IndieSpotlight: Frozen Hearth

Frozen Hearth

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Epiphany Games about their title Frozen Hearth as well as the universe that surrounds it and through the course of our many interesting and fun discussions many of the details of how the game works and what makes it unique to the RTS genre came to light for me in ways that I thought I’d share with the rest of you RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight readers. As always, if you have any questions for the developers be sure to leave them in the comments or head to their Steam portal as these folks really are very open to ideas and feedback about everything from balancing issues to totally new feature requests with patches incoming just about every week thus far and more on the way.

Frozen Hearth is a real time strategy game available right now on Steam from a dedicated and passionate team looking to preserve the core concepts of RTS while at the same time make a completely fresh and new experience that incorporates role playing game mechanics in a real way. While each player has their own hero, base, and army Frozen Hearth also provides a more full-featured co-op experience in addition to full campaign and multiplayer player versus player with up to 8 people online or over LAN. Although the co-op could be expanded in the future, right now the feature supports up to two players. But these are just basic checkmarks and bullet points that any gamer in their right mind might be curious about. If you’ve read any of our IndieSpotlight pieces before, you’ll know that this article seeks to get a more in-depth and detailed view of this game and its mechanics, so we will begin that below starting with the vision Epiphany Games has for their title.

At its heart of hearts Frozen Hearth is a character progression-based title that uses role playing aspects to add a layer of choice to the game. While in the campaign players may get close to maxing out their hero (and their army) in terms of abilities / spells since experience is carried from map to map, multiplayer is a different beast and demands more of a decisive strategy in terms of what build the player is aiming for in any given match. This is somewhat standard of the RTS genre, but taken to another level with Frozen Hearth because of its RPG formula mixed in. To fully understand how this all works and why the gameworld is like this let’s take a look at the narrative then break down the gameplay mechanics following that brief overview.

Frozen Hearth Gameplay Screenshot 1

The game’s story is described by the developers as an “Epic tale of woe”. A human-like race called the Danaan is introduced at the beginning and while they have their own individual struggles for power within their species (similar to real life Earth humans) they must overcome their natural instinct to fight each other when suddenly they are invaded by a race of ice monsters who travel with a coming weather climate change sweeping the land. The Danaan call these beings the Shangur and while they are able to fend them off at times and battle them quite competently, the “ice creep” or sheet of ice that the Shangur are spreading as they step foot onto Danaan land and manifest their terraformation is another story entirely. This means the Danaan must retreat and survive in addition to doing battle, and in later titles that will be introduced from this universe the Danaan will look back on the events that take place in Frozen Hearth as the catalyst to their departure from their homeland.

Players of the core variety who have been doing real time strategy for years will appreciate the combination of tried and true as well as new ideas being offered here and the fact that an interesting and logical storyline has been introduced to justify the mechanics of gameplay as well. For example, even in multiplayer the Danaan units are meant to be kept alive, keep experience and grow tougher, and are better when strategically customized as a whole. The player chooses from 3 tribes which sort of represent the Tank / Healer / DPS roles from the MOBA / MMO world and magic is purchased such as leadership or herbalism depending on which tribe the player is a part of. The Shangur (also known as ice demons) are more of a traditional brute force team that spams units and can be upgraded across the board in general ways. Players using this race benefit from sending a rush of units since they spread the encroachment of ice across the land during the course of the match and even leave ice behind when they die. The ice can be upgraded in various ways in order to slow down Danaan units on ice, increase the damage they take while standing on ice, and decrease their morale as well as some Shangur spells being reliant on ice being under the player’s feet. Shangur purchase mainly passive buffs called auras and can also unlock buffers like building faster units, having faster cooldowns through building sub-structures – which brings us to the more fine details of the game’s mechanics.

Frozen Hearth has base building which consists of one structure being put together and then up to 6 sub-structures being linked to it. These are chosen out of 12 which are separated by 3 tiers. In this way, more choices must be made and more diverse battles can come about based on those choices. Different buildings provide different units / research / passive buffs, etc. and while the learning of this system can have a curve the reward of that is a deeper game with a more vast amount of play-styles. In a game that’s set in the dark-age setting, melee is king. Units often line up and do battle making attacks hand to hand with melee weaponry – so you’ll see your troops running up to enemies and getting in position. The appearance of this is being updated over time to look more cohesive to the player’s eye though. There is also a slightly randomized look to each troop, although unit type will be easily identifiable.

Frozen Hearth Gameplay Screenshot 2

The hero of the army can have up to 12 activated abilities / spells with units also able to get spells / abilities. This game is a bit complex at times and tries not to be constrained by the casual preset in order to keep multiplayer very skill-based, but players can still storm through the easy mode to get their bearings straight with the feature set first if need be. In higher levels of play the campaign’s AI has been tuned for more of a challenge. In both multiplayer and single player the Danaan also suffer from poor morale if certain things happen in the game such as the ice encroachment taking a footing over their position which can cause penalties to be suffered to the ability of a unit until the morale increases again. Spells can buff morale though, and ice hurts morale with Danaan on ice because of obvious reasons – physical and mental, as their homeland is being dominated at any given moment where ice is covering their footing.

Even before going into a map players will likely already be deciding what skills they want to unlock and level up in a multiplayer match. The map design is based on introducing unit types, features, and gameplay aspects bit by bit in the campaign mode but online where matches take approximately half of an hour it’s more about versatile play-styles for various game types. Players capture resource nodes and control them which also effects other features in the game including the situation with the ice coverage. In one gametype resources work one way and in another they can work differently though. Frozen Hearth is an open-ended multiplayer experience with various game modes and types including Attrition and resources can be in the form of standard resources (from the traditional RTS standpoint), coins, tickets (similar to Battlefield’s system of spawn tickets), and more with a different gameplay experience resulting each time. Epiphany Games has created a set of mod tools that are currently being used internally to roll out new gametypes and game modes and will aim to release these in the future for the community to work on new content for as well.

In the end, Frozen Hearth is a vision of the core RTS formula interpreted in a unique way and backed up by lore and story that make sense. The combination of classic strategy aspects with character progression seen in MOBA and RPG formats aim to provide a unique experience that is fun to master and worth the effort in the end with the payoff being a fluid and varying experience each time a match is played. Eventually many more game types will come and mod tools could perhaps be given to the community as well, with more games set to be developed at a future date to expand the universe that this first chapter story marker introduces. Look out for our professional Review of the game which will evaluate the current build once our team has had time to play around with the multiplayer and our main reviewer has experienced the campaign some more and of course please let us know what you think about this article and hope to see in future IndieSpotlight features from us.

Crazy Indie Game Nidhogg Gets Release Date + Gameplay Trailer [HD 1080P]

Nidhogg Steam Release Date

Nidhogg is a game made specifically for crazy mother@$*%32$ who love fast-paced action, multiplayer dueling a la the era of swords and fencing, and/or retro-inspired graphics and hits Steam this month (January 13, 2014 to be precise). Wow, I’m proud of myself for not writing 2013 by accident. That hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself. Seriously though, watch this trailer this is ridiculous and I can’t wait to play! By the way, there will also be a single player mode in the final release but multiplayer is looking promising with a tournament-based format thought out as well.

Assault Android Cactus 25% Off For Steam Holiday Sale

assault-android-cactus on sale holiday

The Steam Early Access to a game we recently featured on the IndieSpotlight: Assault Android Cactus is on sale for 25% Off ($11.24) and supports the DualShock 4 controller immediately upon plug and play with DualShock 3 support for Linux out of the box as well (not to mention support for Xbox 360, Logitech, and a lot of other controllers) which is important since it’s a twin-stick shooter. Take a look below for a visual on what to expect (as well as an in-depth interview of the developers behind the title) and keep an eye out for our Hands-On Preview coming soon.

IndieSpotlight: A Wizard’s Lizard

A Wizards Lizard - RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight Logo

I had the chance to speak with the developers behind A Wizard’s Lizard as well as get my hands on an early build of the title and on behalf of RealGamerNewz I must say what I played felt great. While this is a game that you’ll definitely want to hook a controller up to your machine for, it can also be played with a mouse and keyboard. In case you haven’t heard of it yet A Wizard’s Lizard is currently aimed for computer gamers on platforms like the Humble Store and is a Roguelike Action RPG game which pays homeage to the classics but has an entirely unique identity all on its own.

In A Wizard’s Lizard there are always two unique worlds. On the one hand death is a main mechanic in the game, but when you die it’s not over yet – perhaps just beginning. Elements of the game appear only when you are dead that aren’t even there when you’re alive. Randomized dungeons are explored and players come back to the realm of the living by finding Pentagram symbols which are in a random place each time the game starts. A high level of difficulty and new experiences are presented every time you play the game, and your decisions to some extent effect your experience. For example, Shop Keepers will retaliate if you mess with them and if you manage to kill one their items will be easy to grab for free but their ghost will haunt you each time you hit up their shop afterward.

A Wizards Lizard - RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight 2

Controls are that of a twin-stick shooter with attacking in four directions or four diagonal directions if on the keyboard but on gamepad controllers players attack wherever they aim in 360 degree movement and 360 degree combat using dual analog sticks. The challenging dungeons in this game are where it shines most and playing A Wizard’s Lizard is something you can easily get into but play over and over again pouring in effort to find everything possible. The story-driven in-game events keep the pace moving while players are also forced to choose between one weapon at a time. Each kind of weapon gives a completely different play-style and feel with Daggers being weaker but spread out, Axes being stronger as they bounce off of walls, and so on. A couple examples of more unique weapons found in the game include the Golden Axe which drops a nugget of gold as well as the Boom Sphere which explodes when it hits walls.

In A Wizard’s Lizard it’s easy to die, but definitely harder to come back to life. Multiple runs are required to obtain a mastery over the title, as with any Roguelike, and yet the elements expected in an Action RPG are all there. When you’re in the world of the dead, monsters in the dead plane who you’ve already killed in the world of the living are ready and on the offensive to exact revenge for what you’ve done to them. Dead Mode is also harder than being alive. Light puzzle mechanics are found in A Wizard’s Lizard which require you to pass between being alive and being dead. For example there is a cemetery which holds a key surrounded by blocks you can only pass through when you are alive. Every dungeon’s resurrection room is randomly placed and later dungeons will be more likely to have them appear further away in harder to reach spots encouraging more exploration and mastery of the combat system as they’ll also be protected by monsters at times.

A Wizards Lizard - RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight 3

The difficulty in A Wizard’s Lizard is quite interesting because it’s actually brought on by the player themselves. Certain actions and choices make the game harder. You could play an easier version of the game by playing it entirely alive but then you’d miss out on side-content and harder to get achievements. Then again, the more you bury yourself with consequences and enrage the spirits of your enemies only to face them in the realm of the dead, the more of a hard time you’ll have actually surviving any particular play-through.

Every dungeon is a set size but the layouts and paths change each time players enter the game. Certain monsters and traps are rare while others are common. The procedural generation of A Wizard’s Lizard’s dungeons is another feature that sets its gameplay somewhere between incredibly fun and consistently challenging. There are also “Scenarios” found in the game that are a mixture of hand-crafted and randomly generated. For example, “Zombie Rooms” still have random internal specs but are semi-planned. There’s also an “Owelry” with owls and web traps that players may come across at times. The world of the dead has far more traps and enemies than the world of the living, and chances are that you’re going to find yourself there before you know it. While staying alive players also encounter enemies like Lych Lords and Skeleton Kings as well, only to face increased challenges in these situations if they are unable to defeat the enemy without entering the great beyond.

A Wizards Lizard - RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight

A Wizard’s Lizard is an HTML 5 game and as such it is compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. The game is currently undergoing many changes and upgrades as it transforms from the former project by the name of Crypt Run into A Wizard’s Lizard, but we hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into what to expect when the game makes its way into players’ hands. Lost Decade have announced a Q1 2014 release date and an eventual Wii U port is still up in the air but looks to be a hopeful as the team has become Licensed Nintendo Developers. Check out the Preview Trailer released for the game below.

Preview Trailer of Work-In-Progress Game:

A Wizards Lizard - RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight Logo 2

TesserΔct Kickstarter Needs Your Help – 13 Days To Go!


This puzzle-based first person title needs your help. We first debuted a vision of PropelledBird’s TesserΔct in our TesserΔct IndieSpotlight. The game has some serious promise and now with the crew using Kinect to motion capture animations of characters as well as staffed up with Voice Actors on the ready, all it needs is a little bit of support from the community to the tune of $3,000 in Kickstarter backing.

They’ve already achieved $391 in pledges from 17 backers (at the time of this post) and now PC Gamers, this game needs your help. Give it a backing if you want to play it, give it a share if you can’t afford to back it – tweet it, fb it, you know the drill. Post it on a forum if you can and take a look at the Full 1080P High Definition video below of the work-in-progress game:

Kickstarter Link HERE