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Rumor: Samsung Making New Xbox

Gadgehit reports this rumor, or rather states the potential of it as being up in the air who will be making Microsoft’s next console. They feel a Microsoft branded, third-party home console will be somehow wrapped up in the future of the Xbox experience.

After pointing to the RROD (Red Ring of Death) which has plagued many Xbox 360 consoles at launch and even merits mentioning to this day, Gadgehit proceeds to discuss the fact that Microsoft has already begun a deal with Samsung to have such an arrangement take place with the Microsoft Surface 2.

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For more on this rumor in full head over to Gadgehit.com who argue a good point that Microsoft should probably look to a third party like Samsung for reliable hardware next-gen, regardless if this rumor is true or not.

Update: Super Smash Bros Game by Sony is Called Title Fight

It has been the general consensus for a short while now that Sony Computer Entertainment was/is developing a batch of new IPs including a new exclusive fighting game. It seems like the wait has been forever to some of us who have been wondering just what is up Sony’s sleeve. The wait may be over today if we are to believe these test images to be genuine.

The original source for these images was on Twitter and the TwitPic URLs appear to have been deleted. There is a mirror available currently via GamingEverything who suggests a comparison between the upcoming title and the concept of Nintendo’s largely popular Super Smash Bros. franchise.

HipHopGamer has made reference to a game starring Sweet Tooth alone as a character. It merits mentioning that this is possibly a batch of stray test images from that game, and not a set of screenshots from Sony’s new fighting IP. Then again, there’s also the possibility that the two projects are one in the same. Only time will tell at this stage.


Multiple sources are now reporting that the game is called either ‘Title Fight’ or possibly even ‘Title Bout’ and is indeed an exclusive PlayStation 3 fighting game involving characters such as Nathan Drake from the Uncharted franchise, Sweet Tooth of Twisted Metal fame, Kratos – the God of War, PaRappa the Rapper, Colonel Radec from the Killzone franchise, Sly Cooper, and the infamous Fat Princess.

None of this is official yet but the rumors have been persistent. There has also been a line of code spotted containing Kratos’ name. Take a look at some more photographic evidence to this rumor below from SuperBot Entertainment who is said to be working on the title for Sony:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 #1 in Japan

Weekly sales numbers being discussed over at Gamasutra include the new entry to the Call of Duty series, however this entry paints a well-known picture of the industry’s differences from continent to continent.

While the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty is the highest selling in the United States, Modern Warfare 3 ranked in with over 210,000 units sold in Japan and the large majority of it was on the Playstation 3. The Xbox 360 version ranks in at 7th place in the Japan sales.

This story originally floated up from a NeoGAF forum referring to data from Media Create. Typically you should probably take numbers like this with a grain of salt, but in many cases there are some who swear by them for indications in trending market movement.

via GamaSutra

Uncharted 3 Gameplay Footage: Co-Op Session #1

Join Hitman with friends Mike and Jay for our first co-op session on the newly released Uncharted 3. This gameplay video will show you a quick glimpse of one of the ways you can enjoy the game online together with your friends. This the start of good things to come so keep your eyes on RealGamerNewz.com the Alpha Version of the newest video games website on the net.

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Battlefield 3 First Impressions – Frostbyte What Point What?

From the author of the first article to warn you all about the downfalls of Battlefield 3 on the modern gaming consoles comes a first impression Podcast featuring the RealGamerNewz crew. Once upon a time we were all to be wowed, amazed, and excited by the PC footage of BF3 and sworn testimonials of hundreds of game journalists and PR departments clamoring that BF3 on consoles was something to behold. Check out the results in this show which begins to delve into the final product presented at launch day.