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Mega Ran – 2015: Year In Gaming – Prod. By K-Murdock

Mega Ran 2015 Year In Gaming


Mega Ran is back once again with “2015: The Year In Gaming”, his annul recap of everything that happened in the Video Game Industry as well as his personal life. K-Murdock one of Mega Ran’s producers and Chip-Hop Legend is own right is back on the boards and  even gives a shout out to Ran at the end of the song. Mega Ran has had a phenomenal year in 2015 with the releases of  “Soul Veggies” with Storyville, “Race For Your Life” with SkyBlew, “Emerald Knights: The Album” with Bag Of Tricks Cat, “The Whole Point” (We Can Freak It Freestyle) with Mr. Miranda and finally his Billboard Hip-Hop Top 20 Solo Album  “RNDM”.   We here at RGN would like to congratulate Mega Ran on all his personal and professional success and will continue to support his music and movement in the years to come. Check out  “2015: The Year In Gaming” below and click here to purchase the track from MegaRanMusic.com


Mega Ran & K Murdock’s Fan Club Offers Gamers Huge Benefits

MegaRan x SkyBlew x K Murdock - OutRUN the SUN

A new track from Nerdcore Hip Hop artists SkyBlew and Mega Ran with production by K Murdock has been released exclusive to Patreon subscribers of the Bits and Rhymes Club. Most who frequent RealGamerNewz will have heard about these folks and their genre of music plenty of times now, but quick refresher: Mega Man and Final Fantasy meet Hip Hop? Yes please. A whole boat load of awesome, and not the typical stuff you might be thinking – this stuff is really well thought out and deep giving fresh life to video game sagas in ways never seen before. If you’re any kind of gamer you owe it to yourself to check out Forever Famicom as well, an ode to the classic Nintendo era! If you are already familiar with Ran and K’s work then be sure to check out SkyBlew, one of the newest members of their crew who has been touring heavily with a unique sound introduced to the Mega Ran fanworld first in SkyBlew’s UNModern Life.

This new track is one of several works which will be released exclusively for members of the Bits and Rhymes Club who donate at least a buck to their cause, and it’s a good cause at that. The producer / emcee duo have nearly reached a goal which unlocks a totally new game-based album project with the community getting the ability to vote on which game gets brought to life. The reward tiers for this club are pretty intense too.

Here’s a list of some of what you can get:

  • Patron Level – $1 – Exclusive track not available anywhere else
  • Silver Level – $5 – Exclusive access to podcasts, music, and behind-the-scenes show (plus the above tier)
  • Gold Level – $10 – Exclusive access to full-length album downloads (plus the above tiers)
  • $25 – (Still Available) – CD mailed to you every month, hand signed, containing Exclusive instrumentals, podcasts, and more from that month (plus the above tiers)
  • $50 – (4 Slots Left) – Get your name / nickname mentioned in podcasts or tracks every month (plus the above tiers)
  • $75 – (Still Available) – Join monthly Google Hangout with Mega Ran, K Murdock, and the NPC Collective to have your voice heard in front of their audience and discuss social issues, music, video games, nerd culture, and more (plus the above tiers)
  • $100 – (Still Available) – Co-host The Manual LIVE or decide the topics of the show and pick what video game should inspire the monthly patreon exclusive track, get your name shouted out in the track (plus the above tiers)

(More Details HERE!)

Mega Ran and K Murdock are working hard to make this something they can do full time. With each passing increase in fan support, they have been successful again and again at extending how far this can go and how much they can do. As constantly working artists dedicated to that gamer life and supporting all of us as gamers no matter how we choose to walk our individual paths, it’s a great thing to see them giving back to the Fan Club with such great perks of being a member.

As always, if you cannot afford to partake there’s always the option of introducing a friend to their music and spreading the good word. But by all means, if you have the funds then every little bit helps the pursuit of intellectual hip hop at a high quality expressing what all of us gamers know in our hearts: that gaming is not just a hobby anymore it’s a work of art that has taught us so much.

Update – Preview of OUTRUN the SUN:

MegaRan’s LIVE Gamer Podcast “The Manual” Presented by Gunnar Optiks

The Manual - MegaRan and K Murdock Podcast

Thursdays at 8PM Eastern K Murdock (Producer of Forever Famicom) and MegaRan (Hip Hop Artist of Final Fantasy VII: Black Materia) come together to speak on the week in gaming, video game-based hip hop news, and in addition to their opinions on the industry also provide a deeper look into the vibe behind the creation of their music while answering questions from the fans.

Last week, they answered questions about their favorite Final Fantasy titles and whether or not they’d ever consider going over to the dark side of PC Gaming since the pair are mainly on consoles currently. That produced some interesting discussion indeed. The only problem with The Manual is that I’m always forgetting to check it out at the right timing live, so what I did is I set an alarm on my phone to remind me. There’s a Dash Radio app as well for Android (and can be side-loaded onto Fire OS) plus the iOS AppStore if you’re into the iPhone craze still.

The Manual is hosted specifically on the Multiplayer Network channel within Dash Radio, presented by Gunnar Optiks. You can listen in from a desktop computer, laptop, or mac easily too. K Murdock and MegaRan do a good job of keeping a theme going with each segment of the show, and provide music that backs up that theme while discussing their thoughts at hand revolving around sometimes light, sometimes heavy, and usually fun topics that could make you laugh or make the day go by a little better. At the end of the day, we are all in it for the same thing and that’s gaming. So check them out if you get the chance.

The Manual on Dash Radio’s Multiplayer Network

The Manual – Show #30 by Neosonix on Mixcloud

In Case You Missed Bit Gen 9 Gamer Fest, Watch MegaRan, K Murdock, Skyblew, and Soultron of D&D Sluggers Perform Live in 1080P

Bit Gen 9 Gamer Fest Mega Ran K Murdock SkyBlew DND Sluggers

Nerdcore, Hip Hop, Chiptune, call it what you want to call it but at the end of the day aren’t we all just fans of music that’s great and makes us feel something? If you weren’t fortunate enough to see the live performance that capped off the Odds N Ends Tour then check out this replay video from Down In Front Productions who were kind enough to capture this moment for the world in High Definition 1080P quality.

Some real classics were performed live at this show as well as fresh material, unexpected moments, and a completely random (no pun intended) freestyle from Random AKA MegaRan which really enforce the talent and fun-loving nature of this headlining artist who has come from a gamer no one knew to a world touring musician all thanks to his dedication to the blue bomber also known as MegaMan. Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates on gaming related music right here at RealGamerNewz.

MegaRan + K Murdock Announce The Opposite Of War Tour Hitting Down South August

The Opposite of War MegaRan South Tour 2014

Random AKA MegaRan is a hip hop artist and real gamer responsible for such hits as Forever Famicom (the gamer’s soundtrack to life as produced by K Murdock), Black Materia (the world’s most personal and introspective Final Fantasy 7 rap ever), and many more. As an artist constantly on the road these days, you might have seen him live at your favorite game industry event like PAX, SXSW, or even E3.

Fresh on the heels of the Odds N Ends Tour and the announcement of an upcoming September tour of the UK with Mr. Miranda, MegaRan has now announced The Opposite Of War Tour which will take place down south in the good ol’ US of A featuring K Murdock, Doug Funnie, and Tribe One. Not only that, TRAP 2 is still available to download until the end of the week for those true fans who would like to help fund that UK tour I just mentioned. This album was originally sold only on tour, and who knows when you’ll get another chance to buy it again after this.

The reason we talk so much about MegaRan is one of the hardest working Nerdcore artists out there and provides the music business with something more soulful than just empty rhymes about how Mario is cool or it was tough being a nerd growing up. Random (AKA MegaRan) is working on a number of projects that are aimed to drop this year and really provoke us to think about the world from a big picture viewpoint. Beyond that, his music is very well produced and rhymes are always on point. Take a look at the tour dates in the image at the top of this article and view some more detailed links to some of those Opposite Of War shows below.


More Info will be available soon, keep in touch with MegaRan or buy tickets at MEGARAN.COM

Atlanta – http://thedrunkenunicorn.net/?events=wednesday-august-13th-mega-ran-w-k-murdoch

Austin! (might be a second show added) – http://www.classicgamefest.com/

Orlando Nerd Fest! – http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/531288

San Antonio – http://www.502bar.com/calendar/



Check out the other tour dates in between from MegaRan, Alternative Tour Art below, as well as a new promo pic I drafted up for RGN just for the fun of it:

The Opposite Of War MegaRan 2014 Tour

MegaRan July 16 2014 Tour

MegaRan San Diego Comic Con 2014

RGN Random Mini Promo

K Murdock and MegaRan Team Up for the The Nerdy Show – Bits and Rhymes [New Podcast]

Bits and Rhymes - The Nerdy Show - K Murdock - MegaRan

K Murdock and Mega Ran are back! Wait, they never left? This is a dream come true for fans as once again the hip hop heads come together to discuss life, music, video games, and do it all with a special type of Forever Famicom aura of class to it. Take a listen and go on the journey that is Bits and Rhymes – Episode 1: “I Quit” and be sure to stay in touch with this new Podcast here on RGN as well as on its main home NerdyShow.com (shouts out) !


Check it out on The Nerdy Show

Tune Into K-Murdock’s New Podcast! Murdock’s Miscellany – Episode #1 Booms Baps and Bleeps

K Murdock Podcast

Murdock’s Miscellany – Episode #1 Booms Baps and Bleeps is presented below by TheWordIsBond.com For more information on the Producer behind the show check out the links provided.

Music Band Camp: K Murdock of NeoSonic Productions

K Murdock’s Two Man Group Panacea (Vocals: Raw Poetic / Production: K Murdock)

Forever Famicom (Produced by K Murdock)

And More

Follow: Twitter | Facebook | Official Website

Mega Ran x K Murdock @ Halo 4 Championships – “The Promise [Neosonix Remix]”

MegaRan - Random

On September 1, 2013, Mega Ran and K-Murdock performed a special version of “The Promise” (edited for time) at the first ever Halo 4 Global Championships. over 2000 were in attendance and an estimated 1 million people watched worldwide. Here is that performance. You can get “The Promise” on K-Murdock or DJ Cutman’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages:



Follow On Twitter:


New Street Fighter Hip Hop Remix Presented By Capcom, @MegaRan, K-Murdock, and Red Rapper

Random AKA MegaRan

The following hip hop remix has been immortalized in video and takes Street Fighter fans through a new adventure put together by producer K-Murdock (responsible for Forever Famicom among other projects) and hip hop acts Random AKA MegaRan alongside Red Rapper with Capcom’s blessing. If you want to hear more definitely head to MegaRanMusic.com and see tour dates below for those looking to catch a live performance:

2.19.14 @ Silk City, Philadelphia, PA (w/e-dubble)
2.20.14 @ The Grand Victory, Brooklyn, NY
2.21.14 @ Flashback Lounge, Watertown, NY
2.22.14 @ Singers, Syracuse, NY
2.25.14 @ Super Fly Comics, Yellow Springs, OH
2.26.14 @ The Comet, Cincinnati, OH
2.27.14 @ Sabbatical, Indianapolis, IN
2.28.14 @ Subterranean, Chicago, IL
3.1.14 @ 42 Lounge, Milwaukee, WI
3.3.14 @ 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN (w/e-dubble)
3.4.14 @ Pixels, Ames, IA
3.5.14 @ Star Clipper Comics, St. Louis, MO
3.6.14 @ The Phoenix, Fayetteville, AR
3.7.14 @ The Boiler Room, Dallas, TX
3.8.14 @ Hole In The Wall, Austin, TX (performing “Black Materia” tracks only)
3.11.14 @ SXSW (The Nerdy Music Panel), Austin, TX
3.11.14 @ SXSW (Official Showcase), Flamingo Cantina, Austin, TX

Right now everyone who buys tickets to a @MegaRan performance will receive brand new unreleased music from the artist http://totaldestruction2014.com/ 

MORE TOUR DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED, updates at totaldestruction2014.com

Download Forever Famicom DLC 3 FULL VERSION By K Murdock + MegaRan

Forever Famicon DLC3

Producer K Murdock and Hip Hop Artist / Video Game Rapper Random AKA MegaRan have released the latest entry (and conclusion) to their Forever Famicom series which is easily one of the most easy-on-the-ears productions from the nerdcore / video-games inspired hip hop genre ever to be released. In the following collection listeners will find pristine beats produced with and inspired by the sounds of titles like Super Mario World 2, Street Fighter 2, and many more. You can listen below for free right now and head to the MegaRan & K-Murdock BandCamp to obtain yourselves a physical or digital copy of the album as well.

Mega Ran – Best Friends *Sonic Unleashed* (Official Video) [HD]


The official music video for “Best Friends” off of the upcoming Blur Bomber album which is available for pre-order now. You can also download this song for free with the link below provided by MegaRan AKA Random.

Download this song for FREE here

Preorder “Blur Bomber” NOW!

Video Credits Information:

Directed and Edited by Creative Mind Frame. Appears on the album “Blur Bomber” available January 2014. Track produced by Takz. Footage shot during Nerdapalooza 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Special thanks to all who appear, in no order: WWE’s Xavier Woods, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Sammus, Shubzilla, Emmanuel “1-Up” Aouad, Richie Branson, Lex Lingo, Shubzilla, Doug Funnie, K-Murdock, Christ Allen, Orlando, Professor Shyguy, YT Cracker, and ALL the beautiful fans and friends in Orlando.