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Killzown Interviews: Midwest MonStars – Part 1

Killzown Interviews - Midwest MonStars logo

Killzown Jones Sits down with the STL Rap Duo The Midwest Monstars for an interview you won’t forget. Check out the Midwest Monstars on Re-verb Nation & as well as their label Monstars Family. The group also have a facebook page for you to check out and like follow them on instagram @Midwest_Haze & @rawkizzie.

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Killzown Interviews – MegaRan

MegaRan Killzown InterviewsL

Today On Killzown Interviews I sit down with Random aka MegaRan. Ran is a critically acclaimed  Chip-Hop Emcee hailing from Philadelphia PA by way of Phoenix Arizona who’s lyrical prowess, top notch production and amazing performances has taken him to the corner offices of Capcom, to E3 to Japan and every where in between. Today on the show we will discuss the man behind the moniker, what inspired him to start gaming, when and where did he fall in love with music, how he brought both together and much much more. Check out the stream below, leave a comment and share to spread the word. Keep up with MegaRan by visit his websites  http://megaran.com/ and http://megaranmusic.com/ check out his official Facbook  Twitter & Youtube  today.  Keep up with Killzown on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and subscribe to his channel on Youtube

Killzown Interviews: Star Clipper: Part 2

Killzown Interviews Star clipper Part 2

In this second episode of Killzown Interviews Star Clipper, I talk with another Staff member of the famed STL comic book store Steenz while Fleet continues our tour of the store. Check out the episode below and be sure to leave a comment then check back to RGN for more Killzown Interviews.

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Matt Siegel Of Bit Mass LLC [Cards & Castles] – Killzown Interviews

CardsandCastles Logo 2


In this edition of Killzown Interviews I had a chance to speak with Matt Siegel from Bit Mass LLC, the creators of Cards & Castles. I talk to Matt about his background in gaming, how he help to create Cards & Castles, and more. Check out the interview below and be sure to check to back to realgamernewz.com for more Killzown Interviews.

First off Matt thank you for sitting down with me to conduct this interview with me. If you would please tell me a little bit about yourself and your company. 

Well I don’t like to talk about myself too much, but I guess I’m kind of a nerdy guy (surprise!) who really likes video games and strategy games. I have a background in spending thousands of dollars on MTG in high school and also, uh, programming computers. I’ve been making games since I was 12 and sometimes I go out and drink craft beer, and that’s about it! Our company consists of myself and two primary artists, and a handful of come and go contractors who we hire for odds and ends (sound, Q&A etc). So we’re a really lean operation, which is good starting out. This is our first game and we plan to support and keep working on it for a very long time!

When did you all come up with the idea for Cards and Castles and what was the inspiration behind this title?

It was about a year and a half ago, I’d been experimenting with web-based strategy games and I had something sort of in the Advance Wars vein, only with a random shuffle mechanic for your special abilities. At some point I figured out that the shuffle mechanic was sort of like a deck in a CCG, and if you could customize those decks it’d add a lot of depth and re-playability. So that’s when this thing really took off, that’s when I hired a team and really switched over to the core gameplay concept we have today.

How did the team create the battle system for the game?

Assuming you’re talking about the design, we went with pretty straightforward mechanics of attack and move for the core combat. Because we designed for mobile devices we focused on systems that would not involve a lot of menus or filtering through buttons. Everything you do takes 2 taps at most. Tap to select unit, tap again to act (move or attack). Drag a card to play it. And we did a ton of play-testing with friends and family to make sure the gameplay was smooth and could be picked up easily.

How did the team make the game-play so easily accessible to all games yet still offer challenge later in the game?

We kept the core of the gameplay really as simple as possible, and expanded on that through our card mechanics. The neat thing about a CCG is that cards can do ANYTHING. This is no less true in digital CCGs. So players will start with very simple cards, and we give them more complex cards at a steady rate.

Cards and Castles is such a great game and its free on both IOS and Android, what made you all decide to make the game free to play? 

We’re a completely unknown entity, this is our first game and no one has ever heard of us. Keeping that in mind, we went with free to play so that as many people as possible could try out our game. On a personal level I was also very inspired by the Riot Games business model, where they have this high quality free game and use very fair monetization practices to make their money. We were confident that we could make a free game that didn’t stoop to some of the dirtier practices of monetizing, and I think we’ve succeeded in making a game that is very fair to free players and paying players alike.

What was your favorite moment while working on Cards and Castles?

I think my favorite thing was meeting new players at PAX East last spring, it is really great to know how much your work is appreciated.

What new cards and features will we see in the near future for the game?

It’s a secret to everybody! Actually, I can tell you the very next thing that’s coming out is our Halloween costumes! I’d look for those to come out sometime in mid-November. Kidding there, we will have Halloween costumes very soon and we’re going to start releasing new standalone characters very soon, and a full expansion set sometime in the future. There’s a peasant riding a pig which a few people might have noticed has made its way into the tutorial, there may or may not be a spirit panda on its way and a bunch of other new characters and mechanics. We’re going to start playing with debuff buildings as well, buildings that weaken the enemy’s units, which should open up a new dimension of play for tempo decks. We do art previews fairly often on our twitter @CardsandCastles if you want to see the latest stuff!

Will Cards and Castle come to the Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, or any of the Home consoles?

Our first priority is actually a PC and Mac release. Expect to see that early next year! We actually don’t know a whole lot about console development, so while a 3DS port sounds great in theory I have no idea whether that will ever actually happen. I imagine that depends on how successful we are with our current versions.

Thank you for your time Matt and I wish your team further success with Cards and Castles as well as all of your future titles.

Cards and Castles Trailer




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Killzown Interviews: Star Clipper – Part 1

Killzown Interviews Star clipper (1)


In this edition of Killzown Interviews DJ Killzown Jones stops by Star Clipper, the iconic comic book store in the Delmar Loop. In part one of the interview Killzown talks to one of the store managers Fleet and begins his tour of the store. Check out the video below and be sure to keep it locked to RGN for more Killzown Interviews.

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Killzown Interviews – Tonee Roper

Killzown  Interviews - ToneeRoper

Today on Killzown Interviews I sit down to chat with Radio Personality Tonee Roper. Tonee gives us the story on her claim to fame, her life On Air and much much more. Check out the interview below and be sure to check out Tonee on  Magic 100.3 each every weekend.

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Killzown Interviews – Zeus Jupiter

Killzown Interviews - Zeus Jupiter

This week on Killzown Interviews I sit down with Saint Louis recording artist Zeus Jupiter and we talk about his upcoming untitled LP as well as his twelve year journey in the music industry. Zeus gives us the story about his relationship with LA artist Mack 10, his rise to fame as Ruka Puff and much more. If you or someone you know would like to be on a future episode of Killzown Interviews email me at djkillzownjones@gmail.com but until then enjoy the show.

Killzown Interviews – Zeus Jupiter

Zeus Jupiter “Light It Up” ft JB Stone

Game Haven STL : Killzown Interviews

GameHavenSTL Killzown Interviews

On this Edition of Killzown Interviews, DJ Killzown Jones stops by Game Haven STL and speak with the Owner Gabe Escobedo about his amazing store and its amazing origin. I also talk with Gabe about his favorite games and his plans for the store in the next year. Gabe gives us a tour of the store and gives information on upcoming events and tournaments coming soon to the store Check out the interview below and make sure you visit www.gamehavenstl.com/, as well as their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @GameHavenStl

Arch City Gaming Company – Killzown Interviews

Archcitygaming (1)


Today on this edition of Killzown Interviews I got a chance to visit one of the coolest independently owned and operated video game stores in the Saint Louis Area, Arch City Gaming Company. I got the chance to talk with the owner Mike about his gaming background, the history of Arch City Gaming Company and more, as well as take a tour of the store. Check out the interview below and be sure to check back to RGN for more Killzown Interviews.

Killzown Interviews – Dr. Dan The Pancake Man – LIVE

DrDanThePancakeManbase (1)

Today on Killzown Interviews, I sit down with STL Native Culinary Recording Artist Dr. Dan The Pancake Man. We will be discussing his claim to fame, his fantastic pancake artistry and more. This interview will be simulcasted djkillzownjones.com and will later be posted on Soundcloud as well as STLHipHop.com featuring some of Dr. Dan’s music with Psych Squared. Tune into the interview below and make sure to check out Dr. Dan via his official facebook page, then follow him on Twitter @drdancake.

Killzown Interviews – Robot DJ 6

robotdj6pic (1)

On this episode of Killzown Interviews, I sit down with Robot DJ 6. RD6 is an up-and-coming Dubstep/EDM artist hailing from Saint Louis Mo. whom’s talents are being sought after by other producers as well as underground Hip-Hop most notably MC Chris. This interview is being Simulcast djkillzownjones.com via Youtube and once the live interview is concluded the re-cap will be posted below as well as my official soundcloud page shortly their after.

Update – This episode is now available on Soundcloud.


Killzown Interviews – Mega Ran

megaran (1)

On this edition of Killzown Interviews, I sit down with Chip-Hop/NerdCore Artist Mega Ran. I ask Ran about his music and gaming origins, tour life, and more. Check out the interview below and make sure you visit Mega Ran via his website megaranmusic.com, make sure you like his officail Facebook Page and follow him on Twitter @Megaran.

DJ Killzown Jones – What is your name and where are you from?

Mega Ran –  I’m Raheem, aka Mega Ran, and I’m from Phoenix by way of Philadelphia, PA.


DJ Killzown Jones  – When did you fall in love with video games and what was the first game you played?

Mega Ran  – Video games have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, since getting an Atari 2600 for Christmas. The last game I played was the beta for Titanfall before I left for tour, can’t wait to get home and pick up my preorder.


DJ Killzown Jones –  What was your first system that you owned and what systems do you currently own?

 MegaRan – Oh I think I answered that, haha. I do have an Xbox One and 3DS currently.


DJ Killzown Jones – When did you first started making music and what made you decide to rap about video games?

Mega Ran – I wrote my first rap song in 11th grade, but I got serious about music in 2004, when I first got a job at a studio and started working on my first album.


DJ Killzown Jones How was your experience in making your debut album?

MegaRan  –  It was an arduous process, but one that I feel I needed. I went through a lot of trouble bringing in session players, recording and re-recording after my DJ had his hard drive wiped due to a malfunction. I had to create the album twice. It was tough remaining motivated, but I do feel like that process made me appreciate the adversity we faced in that period and I think it made The Call that much more special.


DJ Killzown Jones How did your deal with Capcom come about it?

MegaRan – I made an album called “Mega Ran” on the 20th anniversary of the Megaman game, and capcom got a hold of it. They sent me an email saying they liked it and later on, a film called “Second Skin” contacted me and wanted to use one of the songs in the movie but not without permission. They contacted Capcom and somehow secured a license for me. It’s still pretty surreal.


 DJ Killzown Jones How are you enjoying the Total Destruction Tour, how did you put it together?

MegaRan – It’s over now but it was probably the most fun I’ve had on a tour in a long time. Rolling with Brentalfloss and Danimal was perfect– we have different fanbases and different things we do but there’s enough overlap to make it relevant and connected. That’s the best kind of tour to do. I did a lot of the booking, as I normally do… A challenge but so worth it in the end.


 DJ Killzown Jones – What are your goals as an artist for the next five years?

MegaRan – I’d like to get to every continent with my music, to start teaching music or music business classes, and finish writing this book that I’ve been working on.


  DJ Killzown Jones-What artist would you like to work with in the music industry

Mega Ran – I’d love to work with Cee-Lo, Kanye West, MF DOOM, Childish Gambino, The Roots.. Plenty.

DJ Killzown Jones – What games and music albums are you looking forward to this year?

 MegaRan – I don’t really have much time to keep up with what’s coming out, I know I’m working on something really special. I want to play the new South Park game though.


 DJ Killzown Jones – What are your favorite games and albums?

Mega Ran  – Games: Mega Man 1-4, X, Super Mario 3, Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted and so many more.

Albums: What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye, Kanye’s Late Registration, Stevie Wonder’s Songs in The Key Of Life.


 DJ Killzown Jones- What projects are you currently preparing to release?

 MegaRan – I just released an EP to help fund my Japan tour, called The Returners with Phill Harmonix. Later in the year I’ll release my next full length, “Wouldn’t Miss It For The World.”


 DJ Killzown Jones – Do you have any people you would like to thank or shout out?

MegaRan – All the fans and supporters, my whole team, Writers Guild, and outlets like this one for taking the time to talk shop with me.


 DJ Killzown Jones – Lets turn the tables do you have any questions for me?

 MegaRan – Well… What games are you playing these days? What’s your worst fear? What’s your favorite meal of the day?

DJ Killzown Jones – Killzown Shadow Fall, TitanFall, Killer Instinct, Strider (2014), Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros, Batman Arkham Origins, and a bunch of others. My worst fear is doing everything I can to reach my goals, and my favorite meal of the day has to be breakfast. Thank you for your time Mega Ran and best of luck to you with all of your future endeavors.