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The Escapists Steam Review (Time To Bust Out!)

The Escapist PC Cover

There are many indie games on the market today and whether that be on the PC, Xbox, or PlayStation each one has its own uniqueness and appeal to it.  Although, there are others that try to leech off of others successes, some do come out with their own originality. One of those games just happened to recently flip out of early access and bash into its own spot on Steam and it’s called “The Escapists.” The game puts you in the role of an inmate, who the player gets to lightly customize (i.e change his look, race, hair type) and name him whatever you see fit. You can also name other NPCs you interact with as well before you start each scenario. Once you start a new game it is definitely advisable to select the tutorial just due to the fact you can easily get confused about what your end goals are while playing.

After the tutorial is all said and done it is off to Prison. The goal of the game is clear, Escape. Pretty simple right? Well believe it or not it will actually get extremely complicated as well as pretty hard in the end so lets start at the beginning. When you start your first scenario (a.k.a Prison) you will notice things are pretty lax in this one, prisoners get free cable, good meals, and plenty of time for exercising, working, as well as eating, all with some free time on their hands in between. This scenario itself honestly is meant to test what you learned in the tutorial all while teaching you about the other things the tutorial didn’t touch on i.e jobs, skills, daily routine and many other things involving how you can work your big escape.

In order to get a good escape going one needs to study the daily routine of the prison, first is roll call, then breakfast, free time, lunch etc etc. The game tries to get players to study this routine so that they can use their time in game to plan and execute their escape. Be wary though because the guards around the prison do get suspicious of you more and more as you miss routines  i.e breakfast, exercising time, or shower time (just some of many examples to use). So it is up to the player to use there time wisely and look for a good opening if they are going to plan their escape during the day, and execute it during the night and viceversa.


This game also utilizes the ability to craft many items in game, some of which you can use for escaping or the bludgeoning and beating of other NPCs. Most of the items required to craft can either be stolen or bought from other inmates, or can be found in certain areas of the prison you are in. Most, if not all of these items will come in very handy in the future as well as the ability to craft these items as you progress into harder and more stricter prisons.

Along with the crafting implementation the game also features the ability to increase certain skill traits that you withhold in order to make certain things easier for you to do i.e crafting, fighting, and how fast you can run. These skills are Strength, Intelligence, and Agility. Each one of these skills can be increased as you go through each prison either by lifting weights, run on a treadmill, or browsing the web. These skills can be very crucial when it comes to trying to escape especially if the guards are extremely fast and very tough.

This game brings a lot to the table in terms of a game where you are trying to escape different high correctional facilities. One last major part of the game I thoroughly enjoyed was the fact there is not just one way to escape, there a more than a couple in each facility so you can always go back, check, and see if there is an easier way to do it, or a harder way that you may have missed on your first way out.

Official Trailer:

Final Verdict:

The Escapists is definitely a unique spin on older pixelated games as its own game. It was definitely well thought out and implemented in the best way possible. The use of the daily routines was definitely a really well done idea in order to give the player a bit more realism in terms of trying to simulate prison life. Obviously it isn’t perfect to the T but this game definitely puts a spin on indie titles and is well worth recommending to anyone out there with a PC, Mac or Xbox One.

Overall Score: 10/10
RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Developer: Mouldy Toof Studios
Publisher: Team 17 Digital Ltd

Available on: XO | PC | Steam OS | PS4 (Coming Soon)

Played On: Windows PC

Review copy info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Infinifactory Hands-On Steam Preview

Infinifactory Steam Early Access Preview Hands On Impressions

Infinifactory is a weird 1st person puzzle solver which puts you in place of what I am assuming is an enslaved human being forced to sort through various scenarios at the hands of very fat aliens who are hellbent on your death. You take the role of a sorter and your job is to make sure different boxes of different types make it through a conveyor line to a specific drop area in a specific way.

Some boxes need to be stuck together and enter the drop zone in that shape or else you have to redo your conveyor line and start again. At first I didn’t know what to think of this game but the puzzles are actually quite difficult and they get even harder as you progress through the game. As you go through these various levels you will find dead bodies of other slaves (sorters) who probably couldn’t figure out how to do these puzzles and died while trying. Once you do find these dead corpses you will be able to walk up to them and activate a recording of their last moments. In one instance I found a dog corpse and all that was on the recording was a bunch of barking.

I don’t know for sure but there may be a hidden story behind all of it but since this is in Early Access it’s still pretty difficult to tell. I am sure though that others have their theories. I will say this game is a bit tedious at some points because I feel there is not much incentive to finish the puzzles. All that happens after a couple of puzzles is the player getting sent back to a locked room with a trophy that can be placed wherever or just thrown around like you’re an R-Tard…. That’s what I did. So far though the game is pretty enjoyable especially as an early access game, but for $24.99 I suggest waiting for more to be added because the main puzzles are nothing too special and the game just doesn’t seem worth $24.99 at this stage of development.

Official Trailer:

Developer / Publisher: Zachtronics Industries

Available On: Windows PC, Mac OS X (Via Steam Early Access)

Played On: Windows PC

Preview Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

JumpJet Rex Hands-On Steam Preview

Jumpjet Rex RGN

Looking to try something new this year? Well take a look at the early access game JumpJet Rex, a pixelized 2D platformer where you take the role of a T-Rex in hopes of saving the universe and preventing the dinosaurs from going extinct. The main character in the game can be customized as you progress finding new items, loot, and coins. There are many ways to customize your dinosaur by either changing the color of it, modifying the jump boots you have, or even changing how your T-Rex buddy looks all together. The gameplay in JumpJet Rex is not like many others due to the fact that the main goal in this one is racing to the finish line in the shortest amount of time possible while passing through all the golden rings made available throughout the course.

Once you reach the end you are graded by how many times (if any) you died and by how fast you completed the course. Also, while you are going through these different courses there are secret areas you can find which will either give you new customization items for your T-Rex or tons and tons of coins which you can use to purchase new colors and boots with. Once you complete different courses and you achieve the goal of either a record time and / or completion without dying, you are awarded with a star for each task accomplished. After beating enough levels or collecting the right amount of stars you are then introduced a boss which you have to defeat using your jet boots. Due to it being Early Access, only 3 bosses are in the game although a wide variety of levels are there for players to challenge and take on. The difficulty level for this game also varies by gamer.

Jumpet Rex Boss

At the beginning of the game it’s pretty easy but as you progress the levels become strikingly more difficult and require a little more thinking as well as trial and error before they can be mastered.  If you feel as though you can’t do it alone there is also a co-op option so you can play locally with another player. This definitely seems to add to the challenge and thrill of the game due to the fact that you can challenge and race each other in these missions. JumpJet Rex was created and is still being worked on by TreeFortress Games and the early access game is available on Steam for only $9.99. To me, that’s a really great deal just because this game is already pretty awesome and its in Early Access still. So if you’re a fan of 2D platformers then go ahead and give this game a try.

Official Trailer:

Developer / Publisher: TreeFortress Games

Available On: Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux (via Steam Early Access)

Played On: Windows PC

Preview Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

Apotheon Review

Apotheon RealGamerNewz Image

Are you ready for a story based upon Ancient Greek Mythology? Well don’t search too far because the game you are looking for is right here. Apotheon is a 2D Action / Adventure game based on Greek Mythology where you take the role of Nikandreos in his village which has been left to ruins due to the Gods giving up on mortal kind. As you start the game your village is still being attacked, and as you try to fend off the attackers you learn that the village is going through many struggles from lack of game to hunt, the death of many crops, and horrid skies from which no one can stand. So as the story progresses and you free your village you meet Hera, the wife of Zeus. She claims that Zeus himself has given up on the mortals and wishes to see them suffer and die out.

After your chat with Hera she decides to help you by sending you to Mt. Olympus where you must topple the Gods and defeat Zeus in order to become a champion so you can free your people of their plight. As you reach Mt. Olympus you will enter the Olympian Gate which leads to the area known as Agora which you can explore. So as you start you are given the task of finding three ancient deities; Artemis, Hades, and Apollo. Players can start with any of those three as they go or they can explore Agora. I chose at the beginning to explore Agora a bit which has a lot of areas to check out if you’re into that. As players are exploring they’ll notice soldiers in red walking around, minding there own business, doing their own thing. What are they there for? To make sure you don’t break the law of course! This game has a lot of what I like to call “Witness to Punishment” AI in the game.

Apotheon 13 RealGamerNewz Steam review

What I mean by that is if the AI witness you violating the law or basic rules then you will be given the option to either pay a fine or fight to the death. Some of the rules / in-game laws are obvious and the guards will become hostile if and when you break them. These can include busting into an area by picking the lock and gaining entry, breaking any objects in a guard’s line of sight, or by killing / attacking the guards or any other NPCs walking around, or if you loot/steal from certain areas like shops or locked houses. I like how this was implemented but it doesn’t really make me want to follow the in-game law as it’s pretty easy to get away. Either by escaping in a random house or by going into an objective area like the forest of Artemis.

Although there is one thing that does make me want to follow the in-game laws a little bit is the combat. The combat in Apotheon is horrifying. I can’t recommend this game to anyone stuck with just a keyboard and mouse but even with a controller it’s still almost just bad. Players are given lots of weapons to use, and that I like. It’s the actual fighting mechanics and how they feel which I hate, oh so very, very much.

When players fight they’re given three weapon sets: Melee, Ranged, and throw-ables; for example fire bombs. This game should not have had a melee weapon category since all weapons can be thrown, ALL OF THEM. From daggers to the axes and even pitchforks. As for the ranged weapons, they consist of (get this) javelins, hatchets, throwing knives, stones, bows and arrows as well as many others. But what gets me is there is a melee category where javelin type weapons exist as well. Why are there two separate categories for the same type of weapon. Ranged weapons should have consisted of just bows and arrows, throw-ables, fire bombs, etc. with stones and weapons that can only be thrown. Unfortunately though that is not how it is. Melee weapons can be both thrown and used as a melee weapon and this isn’t a good thing despite how it may sound.

Ranged weapons like the javelin, hatchets, throwing knives etc. can be used as a melee weapon too. Really. Why is there two separate categories for weapons that can be used the same way. It’s very annoying, especially having to switch from the melee category to the ranged one while in the middle of combat. That brings me to my next point. The AI in this game is severely lacking in terms of logic. It’s almost impossible to have a legit fight with the enemies whether you are trying to use melee or range attacks.

I say this because if you are a melee person the enemies will run everywhere. And with the time it takes to attack it is almost impossible to time your attack properly with the enemy dashing back and forth in front of and behind you. The only melee weapons that are reasonably reliable to get a hit with are the javelin / spear type weapons due to the fact that all you do is poke them with it and the time to attack is fairly short.

Apotheon Chimera Map RGN Steam Rewview

The weapons with the overhead strike though make it nearly impossible to get a nice clean hit. And even once you do, by the time you do it your out of stamina. Yes I said stamina, the thing that apparently means if you miss too much your screwed. Ranged weapon combat shouldn’t even exist. Want to know why? Because apparently the enemies are straight from The Matrix. When you throw a weapon at an enemy or use a bow against them they will literally jump at the last second and most of the time your shot will miss.

Yes, you read that right, enemies will jump to get out of the projectiles path. And this isn’t just once in a while. They literally jump at almost anything you throw at them. WTF, really? As if swinging at them wasn’t bad enough I got the agents in here jumping over all my projectile weapons. The enemies do have shields, although they rarely ever use them unless they see you about to launch an arrow at them. Either way they jump anyway though. So thanks to abysmal AI and combat, Apotheon is horrifyingly bad gameplay experience all around.

The inventory could use a fix because trying to navigate it is confusing and the crafting interface is so basic you could craft an item in this game while your asleep. I won’t really say too much about them though cause I rarely even touched the inventory screen through out my play through. I did fondle with the crafting but only to make health potions whenever needed. Overall this game lacks a serious combat and AI system. I can’t talk bad about the story though. It has a nice interesting story and the art detail in this game is pretty damn fantastic and had me in a lot of aw as I played through the game.

Final Verdict:

Apotheon is an alright game with a lot of very well drawn out art as well as a very nice in-depth story where a mortal becomes a champion among the Gods and deities of the Roman Era. The many downfalls of this game though include awful artificial intelligence, controls, hit detection, object collision detection, unforgiving design in a nearly impossible combat system, and tediously inconvenient weapon sets that ruin any semblance of flow that would have been left. So much in Apotheon has not been implemented well. Maybe if things were well thought out, this could have been a great experience. I do however recommend it  for anybody who made it to the Final Verdict and is still reading this Review because despite all of those issues it’s still playable and had a great story to tell bringing back many moments in Greek mythological history. Let’s just hope the development studio Alientrap can bring something more polished to the table next time.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 6.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developer: Alientrap

Publisher: Alientrap

Available On: PC | PS4 | Mac OS X | Linux | Steam OS

Played On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: A  digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Illuminati In Gaming Episode #1: Ready At Dawn’s Misleading, Ruined Reputation

Illuminati In Gaming - RealGamerNetwork - Logo 1p0

The Order 1886 is Ready At Dawn’s first full-fledged production, but has it done the development studio more harm than good? The only other games Ready At Dawn has been known for thus far were the PlayStation Portable God of War games which as we all know came out great but are nowhere near the development challenge of next-gen console games. Take a listen as we discuss some major issues with the industry and how we feel about them. As always, you are free to disagree and feedback is yours to give.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Language, Guidance Suggested.

Topics Included:

  • Should Multiplayer Games Cost $60 Still?
  • When Is A Game Too Cinematic + Not Enough Gameplay?
  • Will Anyone Be Interested In MORE Destiny?
  • Are Evolve and Titanfall Too Thin on Content?
  • Gamers Are Only Getting A Piece of a Game These Days
  • Should Gaming Sites Accept Free Games & Tech?
  • And More

RGN Members on this Episode:

Sakura Angels Review

Sakura Angels Review RGN 1.2

Looking for the next great thing to read in your spare time? Do you love anime? Well then Sakura Angels is definitely going to be for you. Sakura Angels is a Visual Novel Anime Story where the player gets some decisions that do impact the story to some extent. The story is based around two girls, Sayaka and Hikara who are tasked with the job of protecting a boy named Kenta’s life without him knowing. After you start the story you are shown a dream, not just any dream but Kenta’s dream. Or nightmare in this case. After the nightmare ends Kenta wakes up to a normal routine of falling out of bed. After he is around and ready for school he makes comments about how his life has been bleak due to the routine of his everyday life. As he makes his way to school he begins to get a headache and shortly after is attacked by a dark creature whom towers over Kenta.

After this you the reader are tasked with deciding whether to run or obviously head fist first into the creature. After picking one a bright light is shown and Sayaka and Hikara (who Kenta had no clue existed) appear out of nowhere and defeated the creature without a seconds notice. After explaining what little they can to Kenta he finds out they are what they call, his “guardians” and they were tasked with watching over him to ensure his safety so he doesn’t come into any harm. From what? You’ll just have to read it to find out. But in order to insure Kenta’s safety they were forced to reveal themselves to him and defeat the monster. He was definitely confused as hell but in the end got a hold of himself and figured out that they were not hallucinations. So that is where the base story starts.

Sakura Angels Review RGN

After that the story plays out in a way where Kenta has to change his life around due to the fact that he has two angels around trying to protect him. And they are doing all they can to protect him as much as they can. The story was a great one to read that is for sure. The dialogue was really good, there were definitely some funny parts as well as serious ones too, and there were definitely some choices you could make along the way. Some which are serious choices and some which I deem a little silly. There are also some dialogue choices you can choose when it comes to talking to either Sayaka, Hikara or both.To me the dialogue choices were more for the readers sake in order to reveal some more parts of the story.

The story itself as it shows plays out quite nicely. As you are reading there is music to go with it. And as the scene changes so does the music. If it is a serious part more serious music will play, a comedic part more comedic music plays. After awhile though the music does get repetitive though it is nice to have in the background while your reading. As I read I also noticed that the more the story progressed the more you notice a connection being formed with Sayaka and Hikara. Not as just the reader but as Kenta as well. As the story moves forward you notice you have some dialogue choices pertaining to either Sayaka and Hikara and depending on who you decide to speak with grants you different dialogue choices between each character.  I won’t spoil what may happen depending on the choices cause you will definitely have to buy this game yourself to see what happens cause the ending is definitely one to check out.

Final Verdict: As an anime lover I can definitely say this anime had a great story with a well written and thought out plot. I have read a couple anime novels in my time and this one is on top right next to them. It has great charactes, great dialogue choices and an interesting plot that you just have to step back and take a good look at. I can tell the Writers, Artists and Developers put some really hard work into this and it shows. I greatly recommend this game/novel to many who are big fans of anime whether it be animated or novel based.

Overall Score: 9 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Winged Cloud

Publisher: Sekai Project

Available On: PC | Mac | Linux | SteamOS (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: RealGamerNewz received a digital copy of this game from the publisher for the purpose of this review

Terraria: Otherworld Announced

Terraria Otherworld

Re-Logic and Engine Software has announced a new entry to the hit 2D action-adventure sandbox game franchise Terraria. They call it “Terraria: Otherworld”. Terraria: Otherworld is set in an alternate dimension within the current Terraria Universe. In Terraria: Otherworld the main goal of the game is to survive, build and bring the world back from the brink of destruction. Not much is known about this world but what we do know is this much is confirmed. From the looks of the trailer a lot has changed but a lot has also remained the same: a.k.a the health bar, mana bar and some sprites shown in the trailer.

Although some of these things look the same a lot has changed. From the looks of it there are definitely new enemies, new terrain features including different trees, backgrounds, bushes etc, as well as new character sprite animations as well as new weather animations. Now a lot of people are assuming this is the next Terraria game but in fact Otherworld has been confirmed to be a spin off and Terraria 2 may very well be still be in production yet. Think of this as something a little sweet in between. 😉 As the new game’s developments and features are announced come back to check RGN for more and more on this new Spin-off from Re-Logic and Engine Software.

Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer:

Apotheon Now Available on Steam, Inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology #IndieSpotlight

Apotheon RealGamerNewz

This 2D Action game on Steam with RPG elements is 15% off for the next 6 days as it makes its debut on the PC Gaming platform with compatibility for Windows PC operating systems. This title has been described as everything from Action, Adventure, Indie, to RPG but I will get to the core of the game myself in the upcoming RealGamerNewz Review of Apotheon thanks to Alientrap the developer / publisher of the title who was kind enough to sanction us with professional media access. From one look at the trailer, most gamers can agree that the polish is there to suggest a passionate development cycle has gone into Apotheon. As such, we have high hopes for the end result and will be digging deeper into the game with an open mind throughout the rest of the week.

While waiting for our Full Review, Take a look at the game for yourself below:

Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon 2 Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon 3 Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon 4 Apotheon RealGamerNewz Review Coming Soon 5

Now Available On Steam

Also Available on GOG Games


  • Single-player
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud
  • Captions available
  • Full controller support
  • Steam Trading Cards

GTA Censorship Is A Wake Up Call To Video Games Industry

GTA V RealGamerNewz

Everyday there is a new issue in the community, whether it be the in the gaming community, Youtube community, or even national community issues, they all tend to have a common set, Censorship. We all hate being censored, it’s true, but yet there is always someone or something that will shut out your censorship freedom. It’s been going on for awhile but gamers and video game developers everywhere are just now starting to take notice, why? Well if you read my resent post,  Targets in Australia removed GTA 5 from their shelves. But why? Who would vote to do this?

Well ironically it is the sites that publishers have been supporting, and the funny part is these sites are not supporting the games like they should be, in fact some of the sites like Gawker, Vox Media, and UBM TechWeb are some of the few in question, because they too in fact are pushing for stores to remove certain games from store shelves. And while Publishers do nothing they lose millions to these sites who push to remove the consumer ability to purchase these games in stores, “YOUR right” may I add to retain the ability to purchase these games. WAKE UP, because before you know it the rights we fought for will be gone in a heartbeat and video games won’t be as censorship free as they are now.


FortNite Get Your Build On!!


Well gamers if you have been excited for FortNite then get ready for this. Epic games has announced that as of today Dec. 2 the first wave of alpha invites have been sent out to those lucky few.  The first phase is appropriately called Online Test N0.1 and takes place starting today, and will go until December 19th. So for about 2 weeks Alpha testers get a chance to test and see this games amazing potential and test out all those cool mechanics that have been showcased to us. From a more personal view and as some info for those who have not seen this game, this game does look pretty amazing. I won’t lie, I have seen some other building games that are pretty cool, but this one takes the cake. I won’t spoil too much but if you enjoy building, customization, and shoot em up co-op all in one, then this game is for you. FortNite introduces, from what I see, an interesting build it yourself mechanic that allows you to what else, build your up your own stuff, most importantly a base to defend. There is definitely more to this game and I wish I could force myself to say more, but I don’t want to spoil too much without you all being able to see this game for yourself. So check out the video below for a pretty cool sneak peak at what is to come.

Introducing… The Boycott Gamer – Let’s Play #RetroGaming Part 1 – Super Metroid

super metroid gameplay realgamernewz

Hello everybody, this is just a little test video to see how my recording software and mic held up, didn’t sound the best but could have definitely sounded worse. 🙂

I chose playing this title as one of the first for my recording because it’s one of my all time favorite games. You can expect to see me playing all types of Retro Games on RealGamerNewz as well as YouTube with a bigger introduction coming soon.

For now, check this one out!!

Expecting Bethesda to Make an Announment in This December’s VGX Awards? Well Don’t Expect too Much.


As most gamers know and or already guessed, fallout is probably (in my opinion) one of the best RPG open world games of all time (not counting Skyrim), with its own unique story, freedom, background, characters, weapons, etc.. But unfortunately our most recent Fallout game was Fallout New Vegas and that was almost 6 years ago (sorry if that’s a year or two off). Although it is a really great game, it can only survive a replay every couple of times before people get tired of having to either kill Mr. House with his own 9 iron or even show Caesar how to fly around with a spear in his throat. Games get boring and unfortunately this late installment has gotten their. I still enjoy it from time to time but as a gamer I look forward to the next installment just like the rest of you. But where is it? Where is Fallout 4? Expecting me to say the announcement will be at the VGX awards? Well sorry, but unfortunately there is no evidence (even with the rumors) that Bethesda is going to talk about or even announce our next Fallout addiction.. I mean game.. Fallout game… yeah that’s what I meant.

Fallout funny dice guy

But what does it mean and when will Bethesda announce our next adventure? Unfortunately nobody knows. But some do have a bit of an idea on why they are waiting. And my personal theory is that they are getting used to the new consoles, finally being able to give Xbox and PS players a chance at some better graphics isn’t a one month process. Since the tech is new they will have to familiarize themselves with it, it shouldn’t be to bad but it could be Bethesda moving at their own pace. and all I have to say is, DON’T RUSH THEM. As we all know Fallout games tend to be buggy, even after patch after patch. And all in all, we don’t want to rush them, that will lead to them announcing an earlier date than they wanted, and in turn mad gamers who are pissed they can’t get out of whatever area they start in. All in all I say be patient gamers, an announcement will be here soon and you can bet your sweet tooty fruity mc. booties I am going to post it right here on RGN.

Fallout 4 Map