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League Championship Series Starts back up this weekend!


League of Legends competitive circuit begins this weekend for North America!

LCS has really grown since the last time we saw it when TSM defeated Cloud 9.

New rules have been set as long as the addition of 2 new team slots bringing the total up to 10 teams now! The 2 major rules that have been placed are 1. “All Players must have a set of peripherals to leave at the LCS studio” this means they are really cracking down on any forms of cheating and tampering with equipment used to play. Apparently there has been some cases of cheaters in the game being involved with equipment having “bot like” programs installed on them. Imagine a mouse that has macro’s on it and practically plays the game for you! Unfair. Hopefully this can be avoided for such a large competition though.

The second rule is that all coaches must be dressed in appropriate business attire Because they are representing a huge organization and League of Legends itself. This rule isn’t really a big deal but the Koreans who professionally game have been doing this from Day One. This is probably because the organizations pay big money to the players and the coaches. In Korea, Video Games are widely accepted as a sport (even more so than in USA despite Obama and The White House declaring Competitive Gaming as a Sport in America.

There was also another minor rule that was established saying that sponsorship for teams can be pretty much anything but a competitive game. This event was brought up around last split when the ever so famous porn site Youporn wanted to sponsor one of the LCS teams and there was a huge controversy about this. Many in the MOBA community thought it was highly inappropriate even if Youporn was bringing a lot of money to the table. However, under this rule Youporn can now sponsor a LoL team. Any brand except for other competitive MOBA games can sponsor a LoL team in theory under this new rule.

Last Year: TSM defeated Cloud 9 below:

RGN’s EricSteezWard will be streaming Everyday. Game give aways at 100 followers! More to come.

Hello everybody Ericsteez here with a little announcement .

I plan to stream everyday for the next couple of months and if it works well I will keep at it! I plan on streaming various games such as League of legends, Counter Strike, Mount and blade: With fire and sword and when my HD PVR come in ill be streaming alot of console games.

When I reach 100 followers on my stream I will give away Counter Strike : Global Offensive. Then after i reach that goal I’ll have plenty more stuff to give away from there. So if you wanna win some cool free stuff just click the link below and hit the follow button. Also I’m not too sure on what my times will be for streaming but I’ll eventually get a schedule going!download (2)


League of Legends – Ultra Rapid Fire Gameplay Preview [HD 1080P]

League of Legends - Ultra Rapid Fire Preview - Gameplay 1080P

A Gameplay Preview of the Ultra Rapid Fire Mode in League of Legends (the Windows PC / Mac OS X game that made the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena AKA MOBA genre massively popular) is presented below in Full 1080P High Definition. League of Legends is developed by Riot Games with ongoing updates and is also self-published by Riot Games since its initial release date in October 27, 2009. For more info / videos about League of Legends check out our newly launched MOBA Section which also includes other titles in the genre besides LoL.

League of Legends World Championship To Be Held In South Korea In 2014


Riot Games have announced that the 2014 League of Legends World Championship will be held in South Korea.

“South Korea is widely considered to be a center of esports and is home to some of the most devoted fans on the planet. With a deep esports heritage, this is an ideal location to follow up the largest esports event to date and showcase the top League of Legends players. At the World Championship, they’ll battle it out for the title of world’s best.”

South Korea dominated the 2013 championship, so not only will they be riding a wave of momentum but will also have a home field advantage. The 2014 midseason All-Star event will be once again held in Europe.

League of Legends: to LOL or to Rage Quit? That is the Question…

League of Legends LOL or Rage Quit

League of Legends, is it for you? This game is a great run and kill or be killed. I have been playing this game for close to 5 months. I love it (my opinion). Many like this game because of the ability to kill someone without actually killing them. Others like it because its free. This is a game you can really get into and get lost in. Chose a character and make a team then have at the fun. there is a wide variety of characters that soot everyone’s need. From the tanks to the range, and melee to stealth you are never limited to who or what you what. This game is only online and only the computer.

To play you just have to chose a character and upgrade them in game. Every match you start at level 1 and go up to 18 max. Each character only have 4 major attacks as well, but don’t worry the attacks are worth the limitation. Then just start killing. As you play you level up your account allowing you to get materials called “Runes” to improve your in game play. Once you get to you max account level (30) you can play “Rank” games and show how great you have progressed.

Not everyone will be good at the game automatically so be patient and learn the game. Now if you don’t have any friends playing you can solo and be put in a team with other people. This is where someone’s social skills come into play. Talking to your team and working together is a crucial to winning. Have someone that won’t talk or listen to the team can be the difference between winning and a huge rage quit. All and all the game play and fighting style are great for anyone. If i had to rate this game i would give it a 8 out of 10 or 4 of 5. I highly recommend this game if you like amazing looking characters and killing. Be careful if you are the “hot head” type, you will lose your temper.

Call of Duty Publisher Parent Company “Debt Overwhelming Them”


Activision’s parent company Vivendi Universal will soon be siphoning an unknown amount of billions of dollars from Call of Duty publisher, Activision. Vivendi Universal wants to reduce its $17.5 billion debt.

Call of Duty is known for being the highest money-making game in the business. It’s time to get a grip on your spending game industry. Wasting time convincing us the big budgets are working and necessary for AAA quality instead of just make something work instead is a waste of time and energy when gamers don’t care about the business side of things.

Editor’s Note: Update: This action was later blocked in a series of court actions by shareholders.

Saints Row 4 Banned in Australia… For Now

Australia has once again banned another great game, Saints Row 4. The game has a lot of “inappropriate content” such as the dildo bat, nude mini games, and drug use. Australia has banned games in the past and continues to ban games that are “inappropriate”. It’s a shame that our fellow gamers over there won’t be able to enjoy this game, but there are ways around this ban (wink wink, Import). Reportedly Deep Silver and Volition are currently working on a censored version of the game for Australia to release at a later date. More information about that will be revealed over time. Saints Row 4 releases for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on August 2o.

Deus Ex: The Fall (Amazon Fire TV Game) – E3 2013 Trailer Released by Square Enix

Square Enix has released their E3 trailer for Deus Ex: The Fall. It is set in 2027 and continues the story of Ben Saxon who has to discover a conspiracy that surrounds human augmentation and could kill all augmented humans in the world. The odd thing about this game is that it will only be available for iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad. This is first mobile game in the series, and is said to have 6 hours of gameplay which is a lot for iOS games.

Update: This game is also available on the Amazon Fire TV.


Gamestop Might Stop Selling Wii U Basic on June 18

The 8G Wii U Basic is going to be discontinued. An internal Gamestop message says that the company will stop selling the 8GB Wii U on June 18th. This might be only Gamestop’s decision, but it’s probable that Nintendo will also decide to focus on the 32GB Deluxe model.

The Wii U prices have lowered before, so it is possible that Nintendo will significantly drop the price of the Wii U to hopefully push sales. At this time, Nintendo and Gamestop have not commented as this is just a rumor, but the source Kotaku, have been right before. If Nintendo does discontinue to 8GB Basic model, we will probably find out on June 11th when a Nintendo Direct Broadcast is planned.

Wii U: Buy 2 Kirby Games Get 1 FREE

As part of a special promotion, involving the release of three classic Kirby games on the Wii U eShop, Nintendo has announced a special incentive for early adopters.

Wii U gamers who purchase two of the three newly released Kirby titles by May 30th on the Virtual Console will receive the third one free!

The three Kirby games include:

  • Kirby Super Star
  • Kirby’s Dream Land 3
  • Kirby’s Dream Course