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RONIN From @DevolverDigital Gets New Demo On Steam Today

RONIN Devolver Digital

Turn Based Action just became a thing, and it is glorious. In RONIN players must seek their revenge against all odds with a Yakuza-style corporation up against them and a tool-set of tactical items at their disposal. Drawing first blood with the Katana, employing stealth to gain entry to each room while maintaining the element of surprise, and of course just getting crazy when action becomes intense and things start to get messy are all key traits players will need to master this game. A couple of the other items confirmed so far include a hologram machine and grappling hook, but today’s demo may showcase even more than that so find the link in the next paragraph highlighted in orange.

RONIN will be compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, SteamOS, and Linux upon launch and is currently available for 10% off until May 20, 2015. The full game launches on GOG if you’re not into Steam, but a free demo has launched for it on Steam today (CLICK HERE). If you need more convincing that it’s worth checking out the demo of this game, view the trailer below.

Official Gameplay Trailer:

Survival Racing Game “Distance” for Steam Early Access / PlayStation 4 (2015) [HD]

Distance Steam Early Access PlayStation 4

This game will have you thinking WipEout off the bat, but it’s actually the spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush and sees players participating in a new experience built from the ground up in which landing tricks keeps a tron-like road runner car from overheating.

Visuals feature a lot of neon lights contrasted by calm and cool darkness, with Sprint mode being an obvious dash to the finish, Reverse Tag mode putting a test to your ultimate “NOT IT” skills, and all with multiplayer support. Players can jump, rotate, and fly while avoiding obstacles. Currently the game is in Early Beta for the PlayStation 4 and is available on purchase through the official development studio’s link below on PC.

Take a look below at the footage released over the past months as an official PS4 release is awaited.

Genre: Survival, Racing
Developer: Refract Studios
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux

Purchase DRM Free / Steam

PlayStation 4 Announcement Trailer (December 2014)

Distance Early Access Trailer (November 2014)

Distance: The Past, Present, and Future (November 2014)

Distance Beta 3153 Quick Recap (October 2014)

Distance Beta Gameplay Trailer (August 2014)

Distance Alpha Gameplay Experiments (January 2014)

Offworld Trading Company – New RTS Hits Steam Early Access [HD Trailer]

Offworld Trading Company RealGamerNewz Steam 22

Reveal Trailer of Offworld Trading Company which released today for Steam Early Access.

Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy
Platform(s): Windows PC, Mac OS X
Developer(s): Mohawk Games
Publisher(s): Stardock Entertainment

Now Available on Steam Early Access

RealGamerNewz.com Review of Offworld Trading Company Coming Soon

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today – A New Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Coming Soon

Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today

When the game starts, you have no idea who you are or what happened to you to bring about the turn of events you are now faced with. A Great Wave of natural disasters paired with a scientific paradox turning all living beings to dust, flesh, and blood is what you’re up against… but is there time for both finding out your own identity as well as stopping the hands of time?

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is the name of a brand new game hitting the scene in the near future from development studio Fictiorama Studios and publishing house Daedalic Entertainment. On April 10, 2015 players will get their hands on Dead Synchronicity for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac OS X through Steam or other means of digital distribution online.

Check out the Official Screenshots for the game below and be on the lookout for a Full RealGamerNewz Hands-On Preview & eventually Review of the final build:

Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today 2






Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today

Activision’s White Night (PS4 / XO / PC) Gameplay Trailer + #IndieGame #GameDev Info

White Night Concept Art RealGamerNewz Indie Games OSome Studios

Indie development team OSome Studios have partnered with Activision to present White Night for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. The title will become available March 3, 2015 and centers around Puzzles, Action, and Exploration. These themes merge as one encompassing the setting of the 1930’s period in history with noir elements and aspects dominating the design influence of the title. The game will be available exclusively through digital distribution.

Excerpt from the Official Press Release:

“As players investigate a shadowy mansion in the dead of night after a near-fatal car crash, what started as a search for aid will become a desperate quest to unearth the secrets behind the manor’s tortured past.

White Night’s stylish black-and-white art direction plays pivotally into its underlying mechanics. Light cuts through the darkness to reveal hidden paths and clues, providing a sanctuary against the terrors lurking the estate–but it’s a resource that must be managed carefully.”

Check out the following Gameplay Trailer Below: