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Metroid Samus Returns Legacy Edition for Europe Announced


As we all know, Nintendo shocked the world at this past E3 when they announced Metroid Prime 4, and Metroid Samus Returns. Metroid Samus Returns is easily my most ancipated game of the year by far. Now a Collectors Edition for Europe has been revealed, featuring a key chain, art book, soundtrack, a pin, the game, and the original Metroid II The Return of Samus. No word on pricing, or if this will come to states, but stay tuned, as we will update the article if more information comes out.

Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch are likely 2018 Games


In an interview with Venture Beat, Nintendo of America’s corporate communications Director, CHarlie Scibetta, stated that Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch are both coming in 2018. He stated that “Just as you get through a game and you’re starting to put your head up, put the periscope out to see what else is out there, hopefully we’l have something right her for you. We’ve announced a nice lineup through this year, and next year we have some big games coming with Metroid Prime 4. 2018 will be around Metroid, Kirby, Yoshi, new the Pokemon has been announced. We feel good about the lineup for this year and beyond.” I am sure there will be other announced games coming to 2018, but it’s clear Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon are the two most anticipated for the next year.


Metroid fans, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is


As we all know at this past E3 we got not one, but two new Metroid games. Both in the respective styles of the franchise. Classic 2D gameplay with Metroid Samus Returns. Then the first person view with the upcoming Metroid Prime 4. Metroid is a series me and other fans have been begging for a release for years, as Metroid Prime 3 came out in 2007 and Metroid Other M in 2010. Last year we did get a spin off called Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which flopped due to fans, including me boycotting it, making it clear to Nintendo what we wanted from the series.

Now it seems like we have gotten everything we wanted, a Metroid 2 remake, and the fourth title in the Prime series. But now it is up to us, Nintendo is making the game we just have to go out and buy them. Now if these games aren’t good maybe Metroid doesn’t deserve to be revived, but from what I’ve seen from Metroid Samus Returns, I highly doubt it’s going to suck. Metroid Prime 4 was in the top 5 most talked about games at E3 and all we got was a title and logo. So based on this buzz the sales of both of these titles should be high right?

Appealing to the fans of the series which are in the millions, and even a newer audience. So it’s time to go out and support this franchise, and show Nintendo what we want. They faced a similar situation with Fire Emblem back in 2013, if Awakening did not sell, that would have been the final game. Us fans and new people went out and bought it, now Nintendo considers it a core series. Let’s make the same thing happen with Metroid.

Nintendo Plans on Supporting 3ds beyond 2018


Nintendo has made the statement they plan on supporting their 3ds family systems beyond 2018. This does make sense, as the install base for the 3ds is huge. Reggie states “We’re going to continue to bring new content, and that’s what’s going to keep this device vibrant and keep it going well into 2018 and beyond.” I think this is a great thing for gamers that own the system, they won’t be abandoed. With games like Metroid Samus Returns, maybe the best on 3ds is still ahead of us.

Sammus – Another M: Album Review

sammus rgb

Sammus is a New York Nerdcore FemCee that has been making the rounds in the geek community and with her new project “Another M” she taking her place alongside artist such as MegaRan, MC Frontalot, HipHopGamer, K-Murdock and others. Sammus’ moniker is an ode to Sammus Aran who is the lead character in the Nintendo video game franchise Metroid and “Another M” is a play on “Metroid: The Other M” a game on the Nintendo Wii Console. Sammus tells her story while telling the story of her video game counterpart and does so with magnificent flows, song selection and storying telling. The songs on “Another M” kick off with the original music from the Metroid games and then transitions straight into the beat in which Sammus’ spits on, sometimes with little game esque intros where Sammus narrates as scene from the game or creates her Metroid inspired skit.

Sammus Kicks things off with Cybernetic Armor telling the story of the femme fatale bounty hunter and her relationship with her long lost parents. The song is very deep and emotional and listeners may even think she shares similar circumstances with the amount of emotion she brings to the track. Mae Jemison is more of an inspirational track referencing the real life Doctor who was the first African American woman to go to space and is more an inspirational track for the ladies to listen to but still smooth for all to enjoy. The album then gets back its Metroid theme on Brinstar which talks about what she sees when playing through the area in the Metroid Games. This song was ok but it didn’t have the spark the first two tracks did as well as the message but its kind of cool to see the emotions a female gamer sees playing a female gaming character.


Power Ups, the fourth song on this EP, is more of a party type track where Sammus spits about her VG counterparts power ups and suit upgrades thru the game as well as a cold bar that reference to the Morph Ball which Sammus is in the games used to get around certain areas in the game as well as to attack enemies with its bombs. “Crown” our next track is another party track aimed for the ladies in which Sammus flexes confidently while making metaphors to Sammus defeat of Mother Brain. The song has killer production and the breakbeats are amazing but this is another one aimed square at the ladies and can go nicely after Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” at a dance party.

The next track Smash Bruhs shows Sammus taking aim at her competition and this is a hard hitting track akin to 50 Cent’s “I’ll Whip Ya Head” where we hear a much more angrier and aggressive Sammus than we have heard on this entire project. I think some people who like this track, some people who hate it and some who think its out of place on this project iust do to the volatile nature of the lyrics. Sammus ends the album with “That Feeling (Beating The Game)” where she rhymes about an event that all gamers have came to at some point or another as well as the ending her take on the story of Metroid. Sammus Aran even though she is a female character doesn’t have to be sexy or sultry to be loved and respected by gamers and Sammus the rapper does the same in her music.

Sammus is a dope female lyricist as well as a dope producer, she is the epitome of what all artist should be. This album even though it may be rough around the edges for some listeners is still one of the best I’ve heard this year and that aren’t that many ladies in the music industry that impress me as of late.” Another M” is an album that requires more than one playthrough because of how deep the message is and how she is able to switch between the story of Metroid’s heroine and her own so fluidly as well as all the easter eggs and lore she drops on each track. If you love Video Games and Hip-Hop Sammus is the full package and you can stream it below but be sure to go support her by buying this LP on iTunes or Bandcamp.

Sammus - ANOTHER M - Back Cover

Final Verdict:

Sammus “Another M” is a solid album that has amazing songs comprised of great lyricism, and quality production that stays true to the both the artist and the video game that she is inspired by. There are certain songs that may not jive with everyone or reach everyone but still Sammus shines on every song and is both a true gamer and Emcee through and through.

Artist – Sammus

Album Title – Another M

Album Score 8 / 10

RGN Rating : Sliver Album

Label – NuBlack Music Group

Year: 2014

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this album was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.



Nintendo Confirms Two Metroid Titles are in Development


Capping off an awesome showing at this year’s E3, Nintendo’s own Shinya Takahashi confirmed via Kotaku that not one but two Metroid titles are in development. Restoring hope to fans who were worried that this series could possibly be dormant.

As quoted from the article itself:

Takahashi: So it has been a while since we released the last one and we’re having discussions internally about what we can do next. So at this point we have two different types of Metroid games. We have the Prime style of Metroid game and we have the more traditional style of Metroid game. We feel that we do need to take care of both of these styles of play. And the hope is that at some point in the near future we’ll be able to share something about them.”

Sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? This plays into two possibilities. One is a revival of Metroid Dread (a game that was once in development for the DS) and two is also Metroid Prime 4. What system these games will appear on is anyone’s guess, and whether or not they’d be called by these respective titles is anyone’s guess.

Shigeru Miyamoto and Mr. Takahashi have confirmed they love both styles of gameplay, as again taken from the article itself:

Takahashi: I like them both. They both have a different style of appeal.

Miyamoto: I have the New Super Mario Bros. series [for 2D], so I like Prime. I think there’s still a lot of new things that could be done with the Prime series.

Now what the “near future” means is anyone’s guess, but either way, this is very promising for those of us whom have been clamoring for another game in the Metroid franchise. We will certainly be keeping an eye out for any future updates on both of these projects for sure.

Teslagrad Review


Teslagrad is an indie title that melds a variety of items to solve puzzles in a Metroid-style map and a steam-punk universe. The game just released under a week ago for Steam and will also appear on the Wii U.


The gameplay is based around magnetism where with the help of a glove that changes polarities of objects as well as a wide variety of other tools, you solve puzzles and destroy monsters. The use of magnetism to create bridges, stairs, and even as a weapon creates a very unique spin on gravity. The exploration of the game feels like a Metroid or Castlevania title, where you are given a large map but are forced to collect new abilities to pass through previous un-explorable areas created a nostalgic feel for me. For a puzzle game, Teslagrad has a very fun (yet frustrating) way to combat with bosses. Since your character can die unlimited amounts of times, each death means repeat the boss. The first boss had me confused until I realized to follow his patterns. The focus on magnetism in the combat never breaks the game’s flow while also adding urgency in your actions due to how death works.



The steam-punk presentation with the retro-styled graphics mix well. The colors are both bright and vibrant or dark and bleak, to always fit the situation. The light created by magnets and electricity match the “glow” look that they are supposed to be. The music, like the lighting always fits the situation and never felt either too quiet or too loud. The game is presented well as a steam-punk title as you can hear the steam and gears, the electric currents and the crackle of lights. You see the dreary darkness of the Tesla Tower, the locale of this title. You listen to a well put together soundtrack. And you feel like you are in a Steam-punk universe.



The game features innovative gameplay that can stump the best of us and its exploration aspects create a sense of depth. This title would be a title you complete and then wish to replay to beat your past time or score, similar to that of the Metroid and Castlevania series that this title seems to draw influence from.

teslagrad gp3

Final Verdict:

From the time I’ve spent with Teslagrad, I’m very impressed and despite its difficulty at times, I don’t have a hard time continuing it because the exploration and gameplay are great and I feel immersed in the game. I highly recommend this game to fans of games like Metroid for the exploration and games like Portal, AntiChamber and even the classic Prince of Persia for its fun puzzles and occasional frustrating yet redeeming progression. This game seems more for the hardcore gamers, but I think anyone can get a good experience from this game. A good game with good potential, can’t say its shocking to give it a Silver Game rating.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer / Publisher: Rain Games

Available On: PC | Linux | Mac OS X

Console / Handheld Versions: Wii U (Spring 2014) | PS3 (Spring 2014) | Vita (Summer 2014)

Played On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

(Bonus: Score Breakdown)

  • Gameplay- 25/30
  • Graphics- 4/5
  • Online Capabilities – not applicable
  • Replay Value- 7/10
  • Overall- 36/45, an 80%.


AN[OTHER M]: A Metroid Inspired EP Nearly Reaches Goal In 4 Days [Video Game Hip Hop Music]

Metroid Another M Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop performer and producer Sammus, who you may remember played a hand in the creation of MegaRan’s Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata, is making a video game-inspired hip hop album called AN[OTHER] M which will see the artist taking the role of Sammus over high quality beats to innovate and immerse the hip hop industry in a new flavor of sound. Take a look at the video below and visit the Kickstarter Here which has already come close to reaching its goal in the short few days it’s been online.