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Matt Siegel Of Bit Mass LLC [Cards & Castles] – Killzown Interviews

CardsandCastles Logo 2


In this edition of Killzown Interviews I had a chance to speak with Matt Siegel from Bit Mass LLC, the creators of Cards & Castles. I talk to Matt about his background in gaming, how he help to create Cards & Castles, and more. Check out the interview below and be sure to check to back to realgamernewz.com for more Killzown Interviews.

First off Matt thank you for sitting down with me to conduct this interview with me. If you would please tell me a little bit about yourself and your company. 

Well I don’t like to talk about myself too much, but I guess I’m kind of a nerdy guy (surprise!) who really likes video games and strategy games. I have a background in spending thousands of dollars on MTG in high school and also, uh, programming computers. I’ve been making games since I was 12 and sometimes I go out and drink craft beer, and that’s about it! Our company consists of myself and two primary artists, and a handful of come and go contractors who we hire for odds and ends (sound, Q&A etc). So we’re a really lean operation, which is good starting out. This is our first game and we plan to support and keep working on it for a very long time!

When did you all come up with the idea for Cards and Castles and what was the inspiration behind this title?

It was about a year and a half ago, I’d been experimenting with web-based strategy games and I had something sort of in the Advance Wars vein, only with a random shuffle mechanic for your special abilities. At some point I figured out that the shuffle mechanic was sort of like a deck in a CCG, and if you could customize those decks it’d add a lot of depth and re-playability. So that’s when this thing really took off, that’s when I hired a team and really switched over to the core gameplay concept we have today.

How did the team create the battle system for the game?

Assuming you’re talking about the design, we went with pretty straightforward mechanics of attack and move for the core combat. Because we designed for mobile devices we focused on systems that would not involve a lot of menus or filtering through buttons. Everything you do takes 2 taps at most. Tap to select unit, tap again to act (move or attack). Drag a card to play it. And we did a ton of play-testing with friends and family to make sure the gameplay was smooth and could be picked up easily.

How did the team make the game-play so easily accessible to all games yet still offer challenge later in the game?

We kept the core of the gameplay really as simple as possible, and expanded on that through our card mechanics. The neat thing about a CCG is that cards can do ANYTHING. This is no less true in digital CCGs. So players will start with very simple cards, and we give them more complex cards at a steady rate.

Cards and Castles is such a great game and its free on both IOS and Android, what made you all decide to make the game free to play? 

We’re a completely unknown entity, this is our first game and no one has ever heard of us. Keeping that in mind, we went with free to play so that as many people as possible could try out our game. On a personal level I was also very inspired by the Riot Games business model, where they have this high quality free game and use very fair monetization practices to make their money. We were confident that we could make a free game that didn’t stoop to some of the dirtier practices of monetizing, and I think we’ve succeeded in making a game that is very fair to free players and paying players alike.

What was your favorite moment while working on Cards and Castles?

I think my favorite thing was meeting new players at PAX East last spring, it is really great to know how much your work is appreciated.

What new cards and features will we see in the near future for the game?

It’s a secret to everybody! Actually, I can tell you the very next thing that’s coming out is our Halloween costumes! I’d look for those to come out sometime in mid-November. Kidding there, we will have Halloween costumes very soon and we’re going to start releasing new standalone characters very soon, and a full expansion set sometime in the future. There’s a peasant riding a pig which a few people might have noticed has made its way into the tutorial, there may or may not be a spirit panda on its way and a bunch of other new characters and mechanics. We’re going to start playing with debuff buildings as well, buildings that weaken the enemy’s units, which should open up a new dimension of play for tempo decks. We do art previews fairly often on our twitter @CardsandCastles if you want to see the latest stuff!

Will Cards and Castle come to the Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, or any of the Home consoles?

Our first priority is actually a PC and Mac release. Expect to see that early next year! We actually don’t know a whole lot about console development, so while a 3DS port sounds great in theory I have no idea whether that will ever actually happen. I imagine that depends on how successful we are with our current versions.

Thank you for your time Matt and I wish your team further success with Cards and Castles as well as all of your future titles.

Cards and Castles Trailer




Source – djkillzownjones.com 


Angry Birds: Transformers Will Roll Out On October 15 For Mobile Devices

Angry Birds Transformers logo


Rovio has teamed up with Hasbro to create “Angry Birds: Transformers” for the IOS, Android, Nook, and Blackberry platforms. In this new game The Birds take the roll of Autobots and The Piggies take the roll of the Decepticons which each bird type filling the rolling of specific characters from the show in each level. Check out the trailer’s below and be sure to pick up Angry Birds Transformers when it is released next month.

Angry Birds Transformers Comic-Con Trailer

Angry Birds Transformers: Cinematic Trailer (VHS-Rip)

Hitman Go – Review

Hitman Go Screenshot 2

Hitman Go is a strategy/puzzle game set in the Hitman Universe from Eidos Montreal and Square Enix. The game takes our favorite anti-hero Agent 47 and places him into levels that are board games with each level being inspired by a mission from the main Hitman series. The game’s introductory levels show you the ropes to Hitman Go’s control scheme and game mechanics. The player must guide Agent 47 from the beginning of the each game board to the end all the while dodging guards and other enemies who when they see him will end the game.

The game is very easy at first but ramps up in difficulty and challenge as you will have to dodge multiple guards, use objects in the game world to distract or avoid them all the while watching the number of moves you us as well as obtain briefcases which will help you unlock more levels. When the player ends each level they are rewarded with coins that are engraved with the Agent 47’s seal. The more the player earns the more boards they can unlock. The only thing that may aggravate some players is that when they do finally unlock all of the levels in the game there are DLC game boards to purchase and the game is already $4.99 on the iOS and Google Play Store.

HitmanGo Screenshot 1

The smooth touch screen controls will keep the player in control of the Hitman’s movements on the board with no lag or accidental movements as your screen is locked during play. When the players find items they can use on the board to distract enemies they will prompted to use the item immediately within a certain area before making his next move. There are even areas on the board that will allow the Hitman to change his outfit to blend in with the characters on the board, transport himself across the board via a trapdoor and other signature movements from the series to spice up the game play.

Enemies will have different patrol routes in which they move and some will stay on their post. The player must make sure he does not move into the enemies’ line of sight or the player will lose the level. The game gives players enough challenge and will keep them playing to use less moves and complete the challenges to keep unlocking the levels in each game board. Hitman Go is very fun to play in short burst or long playthroughs and it’s very addictive; gamers may clear an entire board before realizing hours have flown by in the process.

There are puzzle and strategy games out there that will show you how to clear their levels/stages, or in some cases even do it for you and Hitman Go isn’t one of those and doesn’t. Hitman Go requires the player to think on their feet to advance to the next level. The omission of those hint type features makes Hitman Go stand out because it believes in its player and doesn’t want to hold their hand to beat any of the levels in the game, which is a bold move by the team at Eidos Montreal.

Hitman Go Screenshot 3

The graphics in Hitman Go are very clean yet sleek, gamers will feel the entire scope of Agent 47’s world all around them in each game board. The music and sound effects add an atmospheric effect to the puzzle action and will even hype players up at certain moments while clearing a board. The simplicity in the character and level design makes each level feel like part of a bigger, overarching world as they are in Hitman proper. If you are looking for a puzzle title that is great to play and embodies everything about Hitman this is the game for you. Hitman Go also has maintained if not surpassed the quality of the version of the game that we here at RGN demoed at Pax East this past April and truly lives up to the Hitman Legacy.  The game is polished and one of the best mobile games that have came out this year and is truly worth its price tag.

Final Verdict

Hitman Go is one of the best puzzle games that has ever been released and that is saying something coming from a licensed game. This title takes everything fans loved about the Hitman series and has fully translated it into a fresh and riveting experience from start to finish. The only strike against this game is the fact that there are in-app purchases for more game boards, but at the same time players still get a full gaming experience when they initially purchase the game for $5. Hitman Go is still a stellar title; a truly great game for puzzle fans and fans of the Hitman series alike.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

RGN Rating : Gold Game

Developer Edios Montreal

Publisher: Square Enix

Available On: IOS | Android

Played On: Android

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

Epiphany Games Annonces New RPG Thriller Majestic Nights


Epiphany Games, the minds behind Runic Rumble and Frozen Hearth, have just announced their next game called Majestic Nights. The annoncment was made today and the game sounds pretty intriguing and is one to watch out for. The game is described as being an RPG thriller set in an alternate 1980’s where all conspiracy theories, both past and present, are a reality. Majestic Nights will be released in six episodes beginning in September of this year with a free prologue story that takes place before the six main episodes titled Chapter Zero.  A new episode will be released each month until the finale is released on April 2015. Each episode is described as being one part of a complete story or each epoisde can be enjoyed as a standalone experience. Each episode can be purchased individually or all together within a season pass bundle, prices for either option have not yet been revealed. Majestic Nights is being referred to as season one, so if the game sells well, it seems that it could potentially become a brand new episodic franchise.  Here is the official synopsis of the game that was revealed in the announcement for Majestic Nights:

“It’s the bright and brash 1980s… a world crammed with hidden intrigue and sinister plots, government cover-ups and alien sightings, CIA experiments and a truth that definitely is out there… a world which needs a fast-talking loose cannon right about now…You play as Cardholder: an intelligence operative who may or may not have been present at or even responsible for many of the biggest conspiracy events in history; and Cal, a humble Private Investigator whose own past is shrouded in secrets unknown even to herself. With fast, light mechanics, the game has been developed to engross players in a shadowy world of conspiracy with an over-the-top 1980s aesthetic. Players will use wits, stealth and sometimes even a little force to investigate, explore, and acquire ever more clues for their big string-covered wall of conspiracies.”

Here is what Majestic Nights promises to deliver:

  • Isometric RPG gameplay
  • Real-time stealth and combat mechanics
  • Big hair!
  • Investigate and collect evidence to reveal the Truth
  • A vibrant alternative 1980s setting
  • A world full of conspiracy theories and government plots where everything you know is wrong
  • Nazi aliens!
  • Controller support for platforms including PC, Mac, iOS and Android
  • A gripping, six episode story
  • Puzzles, minigames and more!
  • Alternate story paths to explore
  • Kick-ass original 1980s soundtrack
  • ‘Chapter Zero’, a prologue to the core season, will be available free before launch
  • More Truth than any other game!
  • Season Pass will be available on all platforms (and comes with the soundtrack!)
  • Steam Achievements
  • Keytars

Sounds like a pretty neat and bold idea and I am excited to see where Majestic Nights will take us and what conspiracy theories will be incorporated into the series. As always, stay tuned to RealGamerNewz for any updates on Majestic Nights as they become available. Until then, check out the teaser trailer for Majestic Nights below.


Assassin’s Creed: Memories – TouchGameplay Preview [HD]

Assassin's Creed Memories logo

Ubisoft quietly announced this week that Assassin’s Creed Memories a new card battle/ adventure game hybrid will be coming soon to IOS and Android mobile platforms. The Touch Gameplay Mobile Gaming network recently posted an exclusive gameplay preview of AC:M to their Youtube channel to raise awareness and build hype for the game. In the preview gamers will be able to check out the game’s battle system, how to acquire new Assassin cards and more. Check out the AC:M gameplay preview below and be sure to check back RGN for all of your Assassin’s Creed news.


Dungeon Hearts Blitz – Launch Trailer

Dungeon Heart Blitz logo

Last year Devovler Digital released their Action Puzzle RPG Dugeon Heart for the PC, MAC and IOS devices and today the company has released its sequel “Dungeon Heart Blitz” for the IOS and Android platforms. DHB includes over 160 dungeons, tons of runes that give the player new skills and abilities during gameplay and much much more. Check out the trailer below and be sure to check back to RGN for all of your Devolver Digital News.

Guardians Of The Galaxy – The Universal Weapon: Gameplay Preview [HD]

Guardains Of The Galaxy The Univeral Weapon

Today TouchGameplay posted  an exclusive gameplay preview of the official Guardians Of The Galaxy mobile game dubbed ” The Universal Weapon” coming soon for the IOS and Android. In the game players will be able to control all of the Guardians in a 2.5 style Beat’em up/RPG hybrid in which as they attempt to stop “The Universal Weapon” from falling into the wrong hands. Check out the gameplay below and check back to RGN for all your Marvel related news.

The Witcher: Battle Arena


CD Projekt Red and Fuero Games seemingly out of no where have released the trailer for “The Witcher :Battle Arena” a new Moba game set in The Witcher Universe. The game hasn’t not been given a released date but the game’s official site suggest that the game will be available soon for the IOS, Android and Windows phone platforms. Check out the trailer below and be sure to check back to RGN for all  “Witcher” News.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Universe in Peril: Launch Trailer

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Universe In Peril


The Lego’s Video Game releases usually make a big splash when they are released but a few days ago, Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Universe in Peril launched seemingly under the radar. The game sports an all new story with more heroes and more villains than ever before and it is the first mobile entry into the Lego Marvel Super Heroes series. Lego fans can download the game now on iOS and soon on Android and the Nintendo 3DS. Check out the trailer and give your thoughts on the Lego Marvel Super Heroes series in the comments section below.

Final Fantasy Agito Coming Soon To US Mobile Devices

Final Fantasy Agito

Square Enix recently a trailer for their long awaited mobile Final Fantasy title, Agito. The game was originally titled Final Fantasy Type – 0 was originally released on the PSP and then re-formatted and renamed for mobile devices. Final Fantasy Agito was recently released in Japan for IOS and Android platforms and now is on track for a US release. The game is free to download but will have additional in game content that will be available for purchase via the Itunes App Store and Google Play Store. Square Enix has yet to reveal the US released but for now check out the trailer below and be sure to check back to RGN for more Final Fantasy news.

Jungle Rumble Launches As The Third Best Music Game In Japan



This year during Pax East 2014 we had the pleasure of interviewing the team at Disco Pixel for their new game entitled “Jungle Rumble”. The game launched in the US May 1st at the top of the itunes Music Game charts and gaining momentum for their Japanese release on this past Wednesday. The game is currently #3 on the iTunes Music charts in Japan which is a huge feat in the region that is the home to so many successful music game franchises. We at RGN would like to congratulate Disco Pixel on their success with Jungle Rumble and we wish them even more success with their future releases of the game and their future titles.


Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past : Mobile Game Trailer [HD]

TheUnncannyXMenDaysOfFuturePast Game Logo

Today GlitchSoft and Marvel Studios released their new 2D side-scrolling action game “Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past”. The game is available now for IOS and will soon be available on the Google Play Store and Kindle App Store. Check out the game below and be sure to pick up Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past Today.

Some Information in this article was sourced from djkillzownjones.com and uncannyxmengame.glitchsoft.com/