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Harley Quinn Enters the Ring in New Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Mods

Harley Quinn USF4

Take a look at Harley Quinn, sporting a bunch of various outfits. Inspired by the fans, the following mod has been made available for USF4 on PC. Gamers can now manually modify their game to play as Harley Quinn in Street Fighter. Check out the details on where to find this mod, who created it, and how to install it. As always, take caution while using mods and make sure to do your research first. It’s best to have a friend help out if possible.

Editor’s Note: Although this is not the first time we’ve reported on mods, we will now keep track of them in a new section. More Info Soon.

Deviant Art – http://siegfried129.deviantart.com/art/USF4-Harley-Quinn-color-pack-505121865

Direct Download Link*

*(Hosted on Deviant Art by the creator of this mod, use at your own risk if you know how to install mods)

Install instructions:

1. First create folder “chara” inside this folder “\Program Files\CAPCOM\Super Street Fighter IV – Arcade Edition\patch_ae2\battle” or “Steam\SteamApps\common\Super Street Fighter IV – Arcade Edition\patch_ae2″(depend on version you use)
2. Then create folder for respective character, eg: CDY, KEN, MKT, RYU, etc (even GKX, RYX, YAN and YUN can be placed here too).
3. And finally just extract or copy the mod into above folder.
4. Run the game to see the result.

NOTE1: also works with stage, sound, hud or other mods (at least on USF4).

List of some special character folder:

1/Abel :”JHA” (SSFIVAE,USFIV) and “ABL” (in SF X TEKKEN)
2/Rufus:”CHB” (SSFIVAE,USFIV) and “RFS” (in SF X TEKKEN)
3/C.Viper: “AGL”
4/El Fuerte : “RIC”
5/Seth : “BOS”
6/Evil Ryu : RYX
7/Oni: GKX
8/Akuma : GKI
9/M.Bison(Dictator) : VEG
10/Balrog(boxer) : BSN
11/Vega(Claw) : BLR

Watch Dogs Modding Community Bringing Back ‘Downgraded Features’

Watch Dogs Downgrade - The Worse Mod 2

So as it turns out, even though most games are simply given juiced-up trailers that don’t represent a final game – claims that Watch Dogs was ‘downgraded’ appear to have been completely true all along. The advanced side-software such as shader engines, bloom and lens flare effects, extra shadows, and more including the performance and stuttering improvements many fiend for.

Additionally, the mod is planned to add 3 new cameras to the game “Closer, Normal, and Further” viewing angles as well as high quality rain drops that “properly react to light” and work in progress civilian density alterations meant to give the game more of a realistic Chicago feel. At RealGamerNewz, most of the staff saw no problems with the final product released by Ubisoft on the PS4 / XO next-gen game consoles, which will NOT be able to make use of this mod. However, we are always excited to see what the modding community can do to bring the best out of a title via PC Gaming.

Let us know what you think below and if you’re offended Ubisoft didn’t include any of this at launch despite having the files in the final version, which is where the mod developers are sourcing their developments from. The screenshot below is from this work in progress experimental mod and if you want to download it when it’s ready you’ll have to head over to Guru3D the forums run by the creator of the mod.

Watch Dogs Downgrade - The Worse Mod

DayZ Alpha Makes Over $5 Million In 24 Hours

DayZ Standalone ARMA II Mod Gameplay

The Alpha offering (Alphas come before Betas) of DayZ Standalone has sold over 172,500 copies (netting $5.1 million in revenue in just the first 24 hours) so far according to ARMA series publisher Bohemia Interactive. Gamers have embraced DayZ ever since it was debuted as an ARMA II mod for free and are now willing to throw down money on Steam just to access the Standalone release which comes hot off the heals of ARMA III which took the series to the next level.

In the original mod players were sent to survive in a massive world each taking place on servers alongside various other players, some out for doing good and some out to betray players. Many more mods have released since attempting to recreate the success of DayZ but haven’t quite nailed it.

Bohemia Interactive saw the opportunity to work with the developers of the mod similar to the way that Valve worked with the Counter-Strike creators to make CS into a full fledged game (as well as Left 4 Dead) and now both of those are successful franchises. DayZ seeks to lift itself up to the mainstream level and gain a new fanbase while rewarding their dedicated and loyal fans with improved quality as well.

Rise of the Triad 1.2 Adds ‘Ludicrous Development Kit’ for Modding, Quicksaves, and More [HD Trailer]

Rise of the Triad HD 1p2 Update Discount Steam GoG

Rise of the Triad (our review here) has received its 1.2 version free upgrade which adds the ability to manage quick-saves as well as a number of modding tools through the ‘Ludicrous Development Kit’ created by developer Interceptor Entertainment. The game is also temporarily on sale for 50% off on both Steam and GoG digital distribution markets. For more information and a taste of this first person shooter’s visual assets, take a look at the following High Definition trailer below.

The Cast for Saints Row IV Has Been Revealed by Deep Silver + Volition

Saints Row IV Cast

Usually controversial and always love-able Aubrey Norris (Director of Marketing & PR over at Deep Silver) has dropped a bomb on us today with the entire cast being revealed for Saints Row IV. We are more than sure that the audience behind the gore responsible for bringing you more over-the-top action than you’ve ever seen before in open-world galore, has even more in store. But for now you’ll have to make due with this piece of new info.

There’s one other thing, if you happen to be around the San Diego Comic Con you’ll want to definitely check out the panel aforementioned PR & Marketing guru A. Norris will be hosting at room 7AB on Saturday, July 20, 2013 starting at 6:30pm (obviously in SDCC’s time zone for those that are really in need of a global clock). Without further delay, we present to you the Saints Row IV Cast of Characters and Actors/Actresses who will bring them to life in one of the most highly anticipated open-world video games of all time releasing this August 20, 2013 in the United States (and August 23, 2013 for Europe) on Windows PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Stay Tuned for more Saints Row IV news as we approach the release date, we have a lot in store for you all.

The Cast:

  • Keith David As himself
  • Danielle Nicolet As Shaundi
  • Jennifer Jules Hart As Shaundi #2
  • Natalie Lander As Kinzie Kensington
  • Terry Crews As Benjamin King
  • JB Blanc As Zinyak/Phillipe Loren
  • Michael Dorn As Maero
  • Neil Patrick Harris As DJ Veteran Child
  • Yuri Lowenthal As Matt Miller
  • Arif Kinchen As Pierce Washington
  • Tim Thomerson As Cyrus Temple
  • Mike Carlucci As Zach
  • Rob Van Dam As Bobby
  • Rebecca Riedy As Asha Odekar
  • Andrew Bowen As Josh Birk/NyteBlayde
  • Michael Yurchak As CID
  • TC Carson As Big Tony
  • Ursula Taherian As Tanya
  • Ogie Banks As Warren Williams

The President:

  • Nolan North As The Player
  • Troy Baker As The Player
  • Laura Bailey As The Player
  • Robin Atkin Downes As The Player
  • Diane Michelle As The Player
  • Kenn Michael As The Player
  • Sumalee Montano As The Player

RGN Daily News #19 – GTA IV Modding, RGN Steam Code Giveaway, and Fallout 4 Vehicles

On today’s RealGamerNewz RGN Daily News myself Wilson S. of RealGamerNewz.com (also known as Red Death Captain of $K!L Clan and PSN killer all around) and  Hitman captain of $K!L Clan on PS3/360/PC (also known as Jon I. Editor-In-Chief of RealGamerNewz.com) discuss the latest GTA IV mods on PC as well as our ongoing RGN Steam Code Giveaway, upcoming Metro: Last Light reviews, and more. Other topics discussed include:

: Latest Grand Theft Auto IV PC Mods Released Today

: Fallout 4 Potential Vehicles

: Ongoing Modding and PC Development

: Xbox 720 to go Head On with iTunes?

: RealGamerNewz giving away Steam Codes on Twitter

Microsoft’s Secret Weapon: State of Decay Xbox 360 Console Exclusive Zombies Gameplay Trailer Released

CryEngine 3 open-world survival game State of Decay for Xbox 360 (console exclusive) and PC is featured in the following gameplay trailer released today by Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios. Although many may be sleeping on this title and possibly haven’t even heard of it yet, we have seen an explosive stream of innovation and consumer demand from the Zombie subculture and game genre and this title is poised to make an impact on Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 this June 2013.

The game itself looks to combine open world aspects of hugely popular ArmA 2 mod, Day Z which also sets players on a huge map finding their way around surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and yet there is also influence seen from the Dead Rising series in the way that comedy is thrown into the mix for a passion-filled bloodthirsty gameplay formula. State of Decay from Dead Labs will serve as Microsoft’s Secret Weapon since it will not be available on PlayStation consoles and will force those who love the new zombies gaming trend, as most gamers do, to get down with Microsoft either on 360 or PC.

Dead Shark Triplepunch Wins Unreal Engine 4 License and Make Something Unreal Live 2013

The free edition of the Unreal Engine 3 (UDK – Unreal Developer Kit) is a challenging yet masterful development tool which many teams passionately proved is worthy of developer attention. The team Dead Shark Triplepunch from Sweden not the least of which as their title went on to the very last day of the competition finally enduring it all becoming number one.

The Make Something Unreal Live 2013 event was held for six days during which attendees of the Gadget Show Live event were putting contestants’ titles through their paces testing for everything from replay value and art direction to overall marketability and enjoyment.

Epigenesis, Dead Shark Triplepunch’s winning title was even worked on, improved, and developed further during the event. Industry experts even consulted Dead Shark Triplepunch throughout this event and they managed to make vast improvements to the title while presenting a polished, final version at the end of the show! The Wellcome Trust played a hand in making this possible as well.

Polymorph placed 2nd and as runner-up was unexpectedly rewarded an Unreal Engine 3 license allowing them to bring their game to the mainstream market. Dead Shark Triplepunch received the Unreal Engine 4 license, Unreal Engine 3 license, and a hardware package as well for their grand prize winnings.

Epic Games has announced that they expect most of the games shown at this year’s Make Something Unreal Live 2013 event would have the potential to compete with the big boys if their creators remained dedicated to pursuing their visions with the Unreal development technology and gaming community.

“From the first couple of days at the show, we’ve said that all four finalist games have the potential to be released commercially. We believe that our top two placed teams should be able to realise that ambition and granting the Unreal Engine 3 licence gives them a clear route to market.” says Mike Gamble, European Territory Manager at Epic Games

Check out the slideshow below from the Make Something Unreal Live 2013 event and Dead Shark Triplepunch’s winning game Epigenesis.