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This Is How #XboxOne Dashboard User Interface Will Look Soon… pt 2 [HD 1080P Video Preview]

Xbox ONE Dashboard Update - February 2015 - 1080P Trailer pt2

Last month, Microsoft gave us a taste of what our Xbox One update would look like visually to the main operating system. Today we got a better look at that visual face-lift and functionality upgrade. Here’s a replay of the teaser from last month in case you missed it. Preview for the February Update Overview of Xbox One’s operating system / dashboard user interface.

BioShock Infinite Now Available for Mac OS X

BioShock Infinite Now Available on Mac

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our review for BioShock Infinite you can read it here. You probably already know by now this game is one you don’t want to miss out on if you like entertaining story-lines that give you something to think about or if you just like highly polished shooters. Now you can get that same Unreal Engine experience on the Apple Mac OS X platform for desktops and MacBook / MacBook Pro laptops alike.

BioShock Infinite for Mac is available now on Steam and the Mac Apple Store thanks to 2K Games reaching out for partnership in this deal with Aspyr who also offers a Mac benchmarking service that will tell you if your Mac can handle this game at GameAgent.com.

NeoGAF Does It Again, Fake Rumors Trolling the Press; Console is Smoother Than PC With Less RAM

Fake Rumor Xbox RAM

NeoGAF Does It Again, Fake Rumors Trolling the Press

In case you haven’t realized yet, NeoGAF is a community of gaming’s least elite. One of their favorite pass-times is to make themselves feel “elite” though, by trolling the press with false rumors. The latest of which includes a rumor by NeoGAF user who took some Microsoft employee quotes out of context, out of the ballpark, and out of the Milky Way Galaxy by claiming that the Xbox ONE would receive 12GB of RAM instead of the confirmed 8GB. First of all, let me just clear something up right now.

Console is Smoother Than PC With Less RAM

Not only is that not happening, it’s not necessary for games to run great. Consoles use dedicated memory. While the Operating systems are more bulky this time around with resource-usage, they are nowhere near as inefficient as a Windows or Mac computer is with its resources. Why you might ask? Let’s start off with the obvious.

The operating systems on Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 are specialized, gaming-centered operating systems that run on machines that do not have virus scanners, do not have malware, do not have half-useless secondary apps such as “graphics utility toolbars”, always-on security services, web services, the list goes on. Computers fail to kill a process more often than not, leaving it taking up space in your RAM as well. Want to know why you have a better graphics card than PS3 but you still drop frames in your favorite PC games, even at the medium settings? Because your PC is running a million programs at once, most of which have garbage code that hasn’t gone through nearly half as much standardization as console applications.

What many of you fail to realize is that there isn’t many (if any) PC games out there that are going to actually take up a full chunk of 6+ GB of RAM AT ONCE. Most PC gamers are recommending 16GB of RAM and that’s including all the applications I mentioned above, operating system, the game, and extra space for you to leave an empty buffer, run Steam, your favorite IM client, your Facebook, and god knows what else. So no, I’m sorry to inform you that you won’t be getting 12GB on your Xbox ONE but I’m also glad to inform you that there’s no way you would ever need it in the first place other than to run extremely sloppy and inefficient code.

Here’s the tweet confirming the Xbox ONE RAM Rumor as Fake:

(as tweeted by Microsoft’s product planning manager Albert Penello)


Apple Outsells Microsoft For First Time Ever

Apple produces the extremely popular Mac computer product line including MacBook Pro laptops and is also the creator of the massively popular iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (in addition to the two different Apple TV devices). Microsoft makes the traditional industry standard for computer desktop and laptop operating systems Windows (which has many different versions) as well as the phone and tablet operating system versions of Windows 8 as well as their Xbox brand, SmartGlass, and Slate projects. For the first time ever 2013 will be the year that Apple’s products will actually outsell Microsoft’s Windows Operating System including all versions of Windows Vista/7/8 on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

[Source: The Financial Times]