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Pixels – A 2015 Film About Video Games Threatening Mankind Starring Adam Sandler

RealGamerNewz - GameFlixx - Sony Pictures - Pixels Movie

In what is surely to be taken the wrong way, video games are invading the Earth and out to kill everything held sacred. What was intended to be a message of peace has now come back to bite humanity in the, well you know. An alien life force imitating video games as real life weapons against the species. Superstar talent like Adam Sandler, Kevin James (who frankly should have been listed higher on the film’s IMDB page), and a bunch of other Hollywood people you’ve probably never heard of but find strangely familiar face-wise fill out the cast.

Sony Pictures is putting this film out which will debut in theaters on July 24, 2015 in North America, August 12, 2015 in the United Kingdom, and kicks off their long line of films based on video games coming this year and over the next few. The creator of Pac-Man even gets a time to shine, somebody who I have met personally during an E3 open bar and certainly knows how to have a good time I might add!

@MegaRan and Richie Branson Announce New Hip Hop / Video Game Album Ghouls ‘N Ghosts 2

Mega Ran Ghouls N Ghosts 2

It’s official Video Game / Hip Hop lovers, Mega Ran and Richie Branson will be doing a sequel to their highly beloved Ghouls ‘N Ghosts EP which was originally sold hand to hand on tour and is now available on Bandcamp. That pixelation isn’t by accident, this is some retro gaming-inspired music which is truly one of a kind.

Take a listen to some of these tracks below and find out why this is one release you’ll want to take note of. For those who don’t know about Random AKA MegaRan yet, take a look at our In-Depth RGN Interview of MegaRan and stand up for some real hip hop and video game culture by letting a friend know.