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Virtual Reality Game Ether One Confirmed for PS4 Morpheus, Being Developed in Unreal Engine 4

Ether One

Ether One is all about being John Malkovich, well sort of. Players enter the minds of the deranged and attempt to fix their outlook on reality, heal their mental conditions, and restore peace by experiencing the storm of their mind’s eye in a first person encounter representing this metaphysical space.

Once again Unreal Engine 4 makes it possible for games to more easily bring their titles to next-gen. The Oculus Rift / PC Game Ether One was announced to be in development for PlayStation 4 today via the official development studio behind the game who said that this title will “not be on all of them”  meaning there are currently no plans to make this a 5 console game like Battlefield for example (which doesn’t always go well dev-wise).

The PlayStation Morpheus device is a virtual reality headset formally announced by Sony a few times here and there including at E3 2014. For now it seems the focus of Morpheus is to gather developers and prepare releases, with a full blown sales campaign being pushed to a later date when the public is ready see the products that will drive next-gen users into the Virtual Reality (VR Gaming) spectrum.

Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Bundle

@Beatshapers Teases Unannounced Project Morpheus Title w/ Concept Art

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers

Development studio Beatshapers has released Concept Art for an unannounced project they are apparently creating for Sony’s Project Morpheus (virtual reality headset debuted at GDC 2014 for Sony PlayStation 4). More information will be made available for this project as it surfaces, for now feel free to tweet your thoughts and feedback directly to the developer.

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers


April Fools Debunked: Sony Posts Joke Ad For 4K Virtual Reality Headset

4K Virtual Reality - Sony April Fools RealGamerNewz

Sony has posted the following joke ad onto their SonyUK Twitter account in honor of the April Fools Joke ceremonies which will be taking place today across the Internet (especially on gaming news sites, since we are the fun industry)! Take a look below at some of the responses this has received so far.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/SonyUK/status/450922025012699136/photo/1


Rumor: PS4 Will Soon Play PS1/PS2 Games At 1080P HD Resolution


A trusted industry source which has been responsible for some recent leaks that proved to stand true by the name of Ahsan Rasheed (feel free to Google his track record) has delivered some new info today about Sony’s plans for adding backwards-compatible support to the PlayStation 4 through PS Now as well as local support for 1080P High Definition rendering “for select titles”.

The Virtual Reality headset that PS4 that we spoke about live on the air with our source from the development community broadcasting with us on the RGN Podcast back in December 2013 (which was later officially announced by Sony at GDC 2014 (HD Presentation recently released by Sony here for those who didn’t attend). This device is called Project Morpheus at this moment in time (though that could change later) and Ahsan Rasheed also states that developers believe this is the device that will finally bring Virtual Reality Gaming to the forefront of the video games industry, with time of course.

Developers are very much interested in this device and companies are likely getting involved in deals now to showcase the hardware in-store for consumers in the near future. The device will definitely be getting a lot more hands-on demo access at future Press Events such as E3 as well.

PS4 Virtual Reality Morpheus PlayStation Headset

This all of course is a no-brainer after Facebook bought Oculus Rift causing Developer Distrust in the device from Minecraft Creator Notch.

Perhaps most shocking is that PS1 games and PS2 games will work on PS4 with 1080P HD for select titles as mentioned above, but the overall viewpoint of the company can be seen now with PS Now being launched sooner rather than later (hopefully) and a huge focus on customer feedback being at the top of Sony’s strategy this generation. They appear to want to give gamers exactly what they want, if at all possible, and hopefully will be able to announce some very rare and unexpected exclusive games for the PS4 console that gamers never thought would ever become possible or happen in their lifetime. Of course this refers to the PlayStation team’s list of essential fantasy games that fans have been compiling including projects like Shenmue III.

PlayStation Plus will also be receiving a new exclusive feature soon.

PlayStation Plus PS4

In addition to all of this leaked information, likely to be officially confirmed soon – Blu Ray and Media support will be increased for the PS4 soon beyond the already known about MP3 support which is incoming for in-game use. There will also be game content for popular mainstream titles that will only appear on the PS4 versions of games (exactly which titles and content has not yet been revealed by this source).

Stay tuned to RealGamerNewz as we attempt to keep up with this incredibly fast paced industry and all of its mysteries. As always, feel free to ask questions by contacting us or hitting the comments section below and we’ll do our best to factor in your input for further statements.

GDC 2014: Sony’s Virtual Reality Project Morpheus Revealed


Last night at GDC some big news hit. Sony has finally announced their Virtual Reality Headset and showed off their prototype. The project is titled Project Morpheus and Sony’s head of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida stated “Virtual reality is the next innovation from PlayStation,” and went on to talk about the prototyping. Yoshida presented a video of the headset in a modified version of God of War III that allowed First Person.

The headset was apparently a prototype which used Sony’s very own HMz Headset with Playstation’s Move controller attached to it in order to detect the movement of your head. While the demo was short it still showed some love and featured Kratos doing what Kratos does best, but in a first person perspective. Yoshida stated that while the current model has been around for 3 years now, that the state it is in no way a final representation of the headset and went on to say the headset is available at the GDC to attendees. Sony is currently working on sending out the tools for developers like Crytrek, Unity, Silicon, Studio, Criware, and Epic Games to begin development on the headset and make it easier overall.

After Yoshida was done Richard Marks took up to the podium. Richard Marks the senior director from Sony Computer Entertainment America R&D. During his speaking time he talked about the main features the headset needs to present. Those being sight, ease of use, content, sound tracking, control, and awareness overall. During Marks’ time he also mentioned that the current prototype has a light on it, similar to the controller, so the camera can better track it. Up after Marks was Sony’s Anton Mikhlov who helped design PlayStation’s controller and spoke about the design process of VR games. He spoke on points of motion sickness, arm placement issues, and how to overall achieve the presence in the environment of a virtual reality game. He listed off the following tips:

  • Keep latency low
  • Keep framerate high
  • Calibrate well
  • Render clear images
  • 3D audio will seal the deal

He went on to give a couple examples. The first being about racing games. He talked about how the wheel of the car is not all they need and in order to increase presence they would need to add pedals and the seat itself. Next he touched upon shooters and stated that a gun attachment peripheral would add presence, but would need to match the controller with what the VR avatar sees in game. His next example was on Online Multiplayer gaming. He stated that the VR could be sued to convey emotion and body language. He warned developers as well stating that the presence amplifies the users emotion. and that the VR can create a sense of vertigo, claustrophobia, and even achluophobia (Fear of the dark) Mikhlov went on to talk about the development prototype kit.

The devkit has a processing unit that streams what is on the headset onto a screen. He also stated that people can wear the headset with glasses. It also supports 1080p and a 90+ degree field of view with 15 mm eye relief. He went on to talk about the sound. The headset  currently has true spatial sound and binaural audio. It renders sound the same way visuals are rendered, and the ergonomics are highly adjustable, and support for custom headphones is available. He went on to talk about the weight of the headset and how it is placed mostly on the head to make it more comfortable. .

 After Mikhlov’s presentation, the panel hosted a Q&A session. Currently, the headset is wired (5 meters or 16 feet) and is not cross-platform with the Oculus Rift. Sony did not discuss whether or not the headset would work with PCs or with mobile devices, but did state that a PlayStation 4 can use one VR helmet.

Via: Siliconera