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Are AAA digital game rentals coming soon or already here?


PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE will both soon be offering bigger and better ways to play their games on PC. Sony will use the Online Service PlayStation NOW originally introduced to run PS3 games on PS4 and PSVita.

The subscription service is hoped by many to eventually lead us to some sort of video game digital rental service. Rumors from before Xbox ONE DRM was cancelled still stand and in addition to the recently announced Xbox S/* Service we are shown the future. Microsoft even made a point to specify and reveal the unique ways in which they will partner to retailers like GameStop to sell these digital services through as many channels as gamers need making them easy to buy. Across the pond UK retailer GAME has also been considering premiering a monthly subscription service for video games. Gamefly’s attempts previously at penetrating the digital pc games goods market. GameStop’s new deal with Microsoft to sell their digital games signed in 2017.

Xbox’s original DRM which was announced at many gamers’ angst prompting both Xbox ONE and PS4 to rid themselves of DRM and even HDCP unless tagged by developer as protected content – which only seemed to happen to a handful of games so far mainly during cut-scenes.

Each disc was used as a key. Xbox’s original DRM would have allowed for digital game second hand market to survive in one way. The gamer could sell their game to a friend once but that game could not be sold a second time by the buyer of this used digital game key. In some cases that would mean the key could enter annoying states but this was Microsoft’s early attempts to appease both of the best worlds of physical content and digital content video games. Steam, PSNow, Xbox Games, PS Plus + Xbox LIVE, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox ONE, Xbox Scorpio, Pricing.

As time goes on, PlayStation brand has done very well by its players. We will wish to see, going forward, that our library will be as cross-compatible with future hardware as possible. The PS4 architecture leads us to believe this is possible. PS4 Pro is excellent machine many of us enjoy, and the PS4 Slim is great for players on a budget. Sony can expand PS Now and make it part of PS Plus. Sony may allow PS4 rentals, making sure to profit but providing the best potential solution for gamers and the PlayStation brand.

Emulators of old games are sometimes possible, PS4 Ultra specs (rumored) to out-perform Xbox Scorpio in 2019 and this brings back up the topic of the PlayStation Store because Sony may take great heed to the digital libraries gamers all cherish and invest so much in. The PlayStation 3 library didn’t go beyond its owners’ PS3 console – but now with PS4’s x64 architecture Sony can take us from PS4 to PS4 Pro, PS4 Ultra, and hopefully whatever is next for PS5’s generations as well – with a massive growing library eventually rivaling Steam’s.

PlayStation NOW Reaches Over 100 PS3 Games for Rental Streaming Service

How To Play PS3 Games on PS4 - PlayStation NOW

The following new games are being added to PlayStation NOW which allows users to broadcast PlayStation 3 games from Sony servers to their PS4 consoles and play them through there. The service remains controversial and not a particularly good deal, but if you got rid of your PS3 foolishly then you may want to take a look. Do note that a good internet connection is absolutely necessary for this to work and still might cause a delay for input latency. Beyond that, the trailer does not represent the quality of actually playing these games on PS NOW (the trailer admits this).

The quest for backwards compatibility isn’t a great thing when it comes at the cost of the experience itself, but if you must do the PS NOW then at least do your research first before jumping in. Here are the new games being added to the service for May 2015, me personally I still have a PS3 so I have no use for this. Call me when you start renting out PS4 games Sony.

PlayStation Now Release Date Leaked

PlayStation NOW Digital Rental

The folks over at Digital Foundry have claimed that they have a copy of what is a pretty legit looking slide out of the Sony PlayStation NOW internally documented slideshow pertaining to the release date of PS Now, the cloud service that will allow PS3 games to be streamed to Bravia TVs, PlayStation 4 consoles, PlayStation 3s, PS Vitas and Tablets. They have also reported that Custom PS3 models with “the equivalent of 8 PS3s on a single motherboard” are being used in Server Cases in order to power the PS Now digital service which will also include digital rentals in some capacity that is not yet entirely known.

PlayStation NOW

[Some Info Sourced: Digital Foundry via PSLS]

PlayStation Now Announced



PlayStation Now is an upcoming service that will use cloud technology powered by Gaikai. Stream games and see trophies across your devices, rent games streaming, etc. PS Now will roll out on PS4, then PS3, then the vita sometime this year. It will also offer live TV, video demand, and some DVR features. Not every game will available to stream and most likely it will require some form of subscription either through PS Plus or a new PS Now subscription.