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Destiny PS4 Alpha Testing Will Continue – Extended and Expanded – Announces Bungie

Destiny - RealGamerNewz - PAX East 2014

[Photo Credit: Jon Ireson at PAX East 2014]

Bungie took to the streets of the Internet to announce to the masses that the Destiny Alpha many have been enjoying on PlayStation 4 will be extended “for dangerous experiments” and let players know to “pardon the dust” signifying that what they will be introducing next is actually meant for the Beta and may be a bit more unpolished that what was seen in the first place.

The reason for this extension is related to the delay with which Activision experienced handing out access to the game. Users who had purchased a PS4 through Amazon or pre-ordered the PS4 copy of the game were given access, but many didn’t get the code until yesterday or last night. Since this was a weekend only thing, that would have left them with only a day or less of Alpha access.

I’ve already met people who have found the most powerful weapons and most defensive armor in the game, and will come back with reports on what Bungie threw in for those getting to experience the bonus Alpha phase hitting us this week. Bungie released no word yet on how long this will go for, so if you have time after work, before work, or shoot – if you just want to call in to work – then take the chance while you can.

And no, the invincible ??? mark enemies are not defeatable yet.