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Prepare to Relive Old Memories in The Evil Within’s Second DLC


Bethesda continues to provide The Evil Within fans, with more content for its next DLC. Over on Facebook, they have released yet another screenshot for ‘The Consequence’, the finale to Juli Kidman’s story. In the screen below, Kidman is seen inside of an office with the following caption:

“Relive the memories of the good ‘ole times in ‪#‎TheConsequence‬


Over on twitter, fans were treated to a brief clip of one of the game’s terrifying enemies. Apparently The Consequence “may cause nightmares”. It might even cause seizures, honestly.

The Evil Within: The Consequence will release on April 21, 2015 for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. It is included in the season pass for $19.99, but can also be purchased separately for $9.99. You can read our review of part-one, ‘The Assignment’, here.


Uncompressed High Quality Screenshot Feature Coming to Xbox One

ScreamRide Xbox ONE Screenshot Uncompressed

The Xbox ONE next-generation all-in-one multimedia / video games system will soon be getting a new Screenshot feature. Unlike the PlayStation 4’s similar feature, Xbox ONE’s interpretation of this is to allow users to do so without compression. This should, if all goes according to plan, allow for higher quality images and not mask the true quality of the games folks are uploading screenshots of.

An example is shown above of the upcoming title ScreamRide for Xbox ONE releasing March 3, 2015 (RGN Review hits a day before on March 2). This title was made by the original developers of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series and a trailer for it was released recently.

Click here to view that ScreamRide Xbox ONE Trailer now.

Northerlime of GeekEssentials explains the upcoming feature to the RealGamerNewz audience in the following video below.

Source: Microsoft

Cities XXL – The Real Man’s City Builder, Has Arrived On Steam…

Cities XXL RealGamerNewz

We recently let you know that Cities XXL was heading to Steam and even with a 50% discount pre-order campaign for existing Cities XL owners. Didn’t make that deal? Well that’s alright, you can still get the game with that discount if you’re a Cities XL owner and begin forming your own city with over 1000 buildings and structures, over 65 maps, and of course like the Cities franchise always brings to the table, lifelike graphics from a bird’s eye view (just take a gander at today’s trailer for more). Access to Steam Workshop mods community, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud functionality, and Steam Trading Cards are included in Cities XXL as well.

Note: Cities XXL is for Windows PC only, and does not support Mac OS X nor Linux at this time.

Plus I heard you can totally play this one without waiting a year for updates / fixes (cough, cough). Unlike that OTHER city-building game out there! I’m just saying…

Cities XXL – Now Available on Steam

Invisible, Inc. Hits Steam Early Access Before Summer’s End [Hi-Res Screenshots Released]

Invisible Inc

Klei Entertainment has announced their latest game to be a procedural, turn-based stealth game in which players steal, sneak, and hack their way to victory. Each mission contains a bit of flexibility in how it is completed. Dragging bodies to hide them as seen in many stealth action titles will also be a thing we’re told (necrophiliacs should be pleased).

There will be an Early Access program for this game on Steam kicking off August 19, 2014 and that’s when players will begin to take the role of a world class spy group responsible for some of the most clandestine operations known to man. During Early Access players can pick up the title for $15.99 instead of the final price of $19.99 which will hit when the full releases happens on Steam.

This spy group likely call themselves, Invisible, Inc. due to their ability to remain undetected even in the most hairy of missions. Each agent will be upgradable and feature their own abilities while award winning development studio Klei Entertainment attempt to tell a story-driven narrative and provide deep, engaging gameplay at the same time.

Check out the Official Screenshots of the upcoming Early Access release below:

invisible inc 2014-07-14 21-10-29-60 invisible inc 2014-07-14 21-12-35-92 invisible inc 2014-07-14 21-13-23-15 invisible inc 2014-07-14 21-14-06-23 invisible inc 2014-07-14 21-15-15-05

Crimsonland PS4 Review

Crimsonland Review

Crimsonland is another one of those amazingly fun, top-down survival shooter titles. It has a quest mode serving up 6 chapters across 3 difficulties, and each chapter has around 10 stages. There are also multiple interpretations of Survival mode including one that challenges players to win with no weapons at all as well as another in which each weapon only has one clip and spawns in random places on the map. Players can compete in online leader-boards across all stages of the game.

The enemies display good A.I. that doesn’t always just run towards you and instead sometimes takes thought out paths with strategic elements to them. Players have to grab power-ups (called Perks in the game) fast and have to decide rapidly in the moment which power-ups are most important as you often cant always get to every one of them. Some weapons are powerful but harder to use than others and many only play to a particular play-style meaning you must also choose wisely which weapons you pick up. Strangely, enemies seem to sometimes destroy power-ups before you get a chance to grab them but other times can walk right over them. This means they didn’t try to take a bite of it. One of the many, many perks available allows players to be the immune carrier of a virus that enemies will become infected with if they take a bite of you.

Often times the challenge in each level was very well thought out and relates to not just the mass amount of enemies you face but also the power-ups and weapons given to you with which to strategically defeat them. Crimsonland proves easy to get into but becomes difficult and before you know it enemies are multiplying, popping up invisible, spawning new hives, rapidly running enemies, and even laser blasting enemies that can produce a bullet hell situation causing players to tread carefully.

Crimsonland PS4 Review

Players will have to prioritize which enemies give them the most trouble according to their play-style and attempt to take those out first. Some of the most powerful weapons are spread weapons that require good aim since they spread very loosely over long distances. Worse still, the most viscous enemies run fast, and the best weapons often take a long amount of time to reload. For example, the plasma shotgun is one such weapon that I found to be a favorite due to its high damage and ability to take out hordes at once, but those shots had to be aimed well for quickly running enemies and couldn’t be wasted on easy to down enemies since the reload wait was a bit dangerous to toy with.

I’m not sure if this can become a problem or not for some players but enemies can walk off-screen. Killing them off-screen may or may not result in power-ups being dropped where the player can’t reach them. Luckily the game is very balanced overall so this is more of an expert note for those seeking to maximize their skills in the various survival modes offered.

There’s a great amount of weapons in the game that you unlock as you play through quest mode stages. Each time you start most stages though, you have to begin with the pistol again and work your way up based on what pops up. perks are also unlocked as you go and picked up randomly in the same manner. Other stages will be specifically designed for a specific weapon’s use and serve as a training and / or challenge for the player to master that weapon. Of course, this is easily avoided by grabbing something else that falls from enemies, but the game is not always easier to complete that way.

Crimsonland PS4 Review - RealGamerNewz

Sometimes enemies spawn from hives, a la Gauntlet style, and of course you’ll have a never ending amount of them until you destroy the hive. 4 player local co op is sweet but the absence of online co op in this day and age is pretty upsetting. It’s difficult to say how much this actually takes away from the title though, since it’s so badass – but a lot of people won’t even give it a chance after hearing this due to the inherent value proposition that’s missing without an online mode. Power-up perks include speed, nuking the screen, freezing enemies, setting off shots in all directions, slow motion, uranium filled bullets, and a ton more. Seriously, there’s tons of perks and a lot of them are very creative. The graphics play a major role in making this game feel very solid. paired with simple controls and reliable hit detection, there’s nothing to really complain about here. Sound design leaves nothing to complain about, and I take that as a huge plus because top-down shooters like this don’t usually have polished sound effects like Crimsonland does.

Final Verdict:

This is one of the more well polished indie games that obviously has been given a lot of play-testing and thought to its design. tons of fun, easy to jump in as well as come back to and yet still challenges you. It’s an excellent top-down shooter with excellent quality to it and a lot of thought put into it. Particular aspects that stand out include level design, fun factor, and replay value. Once Quest Mode is defeated in all difficulties (which will take you a good chunk of sessions), the endless survival modes are kept fresh by all of the perks and weapons you’ve unlocked. The only real down point of this game is that it doesn’t have online multiplayer, and even though it does have local co-op, that just feels like a slap in the face. But it’s a slap in the face you’ll gladly take once you discover how awesome this game is!

Video Review:

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.25 / 10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: 10tons

Available On: PS4 | PC

Handheld Version: Vita (Coming Soon in August)

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

Endless Legend – Steam Beta, New Trailers, and Hi-Res Screenshots Released by Iceberg Interactive

Endless Legend - Steam Beta

Publisher Iceberg Interactive let the news out today that they will be publishing the Endless Legend Beta on Steam now as well as pushed out two new trailers for gamers to check out for the upcoming Strategy game on PC. If you’re looking for gameplay details check out the following screenshots and Press Release Info below.

Ardent Mages vs Roving Clans_Battle Screenshot Ardent Mages_City Screenshot Roving Clans MarketPlace Screenshot Roving Clans_City Screenshot The Ardent Mages The Roving Clans

Excerpt from the Official Press Release:

“Check out the full list of new Beta features:

  • Introducing two new playable major factions: the Ardent Mages and the Roving Clans
  • Full Multiplayer mode with up to six players out of eight in the final game
  • Enhanced Battle system (Battle Pace / City Militia / Moral Boost / Upgraded Deployment)
  • Ships and Harbors: you can now go explore and colonize the world beyond the ocean!
  • Addition of Roads and Trade Routes
  • Improved Diplomacy: new Diplomatic Treaties, AI diplomatic behavior, Counter Proposal option
  • Addition of Privateers: Mercenaries bought in the marketplace who can attack anyone without revealing exactly whose side they are on…”

Zelda – Hyrule Warriors (Wii U Exclusive) New Screenshots + Concept Art Released By Nintendo [Official]

Zelda - Hyrule Warriors

Hype, anticipation, confusion, curiosity, doubt, belief, hope; these are some of the emotions that can be attributed to Nintendo Wii U gamers right now who prefer to pursue a seal of Nintendo approved exclusive title such as Hyrule Warriors. This title may end up getting its name changed before the final build is shipped to the public, and Nintendo commissioned Omega Force / Tecmo Koei in order to get it done. Nonetheless this is a great chance for fans of Link to experience something different while waiting for the project currently codenamed as ‘Zelda U’ or ‘Zelda Wii U’ by conspiracy watchers.

The following Official screenshots were released by Nintendo for Hyrule Warriors the Nintendo Wii U Exclusive announced late last year. These snapshots were taken from “the good angles” using in-game rendering. In addition to showing off some semblance of what the final product’s gameplay may end up being like, these screens also reveal a few landscapes Hyrule Warriors will feature and showcase the newly envisioned graphical presentation of well-known characters Link, Impa, Wizro, Valga, Shia, and The Black Witch.

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 26 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 00000 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 0000 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 000 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 00 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 0 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 1 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 2 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 3 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 4 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 5 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 6 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 7 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 8 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 9 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 10 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 11 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 12 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 13 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 14 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 15 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 16 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 17 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 18 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 19 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 20 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 21 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 22 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 23 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 24 Hyrule Warriors Screenshot - Wii U Exclusive Gameplay 25

Nintendo also released the following Concept Art images for Zelda – Hyrule Warriors. These images include enemies and potentially playable characters. Concept Art is created for use during development of the game and usually respresents the way characters will be represented in the final product, but may vary as they are something of a blueprint for developers to run off of.

Zelda Wii U - Link Concept Art 1 Zelda Wii U - Link Concept Art 2 Zelda Wii U - Link Concept Art 3 Zelda Wii U - Link Concept Art 4 Zelda Wii U - Link Concept Art 5 Zelda Wii U - Link Concept Art

So far, it’s unclear what the final name of Zelda – Hyrule Warriors will be or how the retail game will differ from the preview material we are being shown. If Nintendo’s track record is any indication though, extensive QA testing is hopefully on the horizon for this title’s development cycle. Hyrule Warriors is currently expected to release in Japan on August 28, 2014 and has not been given a release date for Europe / Australia / North America regions just yet. Also, in case anybody missed it, below is a convenient replay of the Hyrule Warriors 2013 Announcement Trailer released by Nintendo in December.


A Ton of New Destiny Screens Surface Online


Bungie has released a bunch of new screenshots for their highly anticipated action role-playing first-person shooter, Destiny. Check them out below.



















In cased you missed Bungie released a new trailer today.

Destiny will launch on September 9th, for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Foul Play By Mediatonic Coming Soon To PlayStation 4 + PS Vita [Details + HD 1080P Trailer]

Foul Play PS4 Vita

The EU PlayStation blog has announced that Developer Mediatonic, creator of the PS Mini title “Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!” will be bringing the indie action adventure title Foul Play to the PS4 and PS Vita in the near future.

Foul Play is a theatre based beat ‘em up where Victorian Daemonologist, Baron Dashforth, recreates his adventures for the stage. The game features a unique “Mood-O-Meter” which must be filled with audience pleasing actions otherwise the player will be booed off the stage.

Foul Play was originally released for the PC and XBOX back in September and this will be their first game designed specifically for Sony’s two newest game systems. The game will feature Cross Buy and be optimized for the PS Vita and PS4 running at 1080p and 60fps.

Want to know more about Foul Play? Visit the Foul Play website for more details.

Mediatonic has no specific release date yet for Europe and it is unclear if or when it will come to North America but keep your eyes on RGN for updates for this and other exciting games.

The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode Two Recieves 1st Screenshot


Telltale Games has released the first screenshot for the next episode in their walking dead video game series. The picture seen below, features the main protagonist Clementine and fellow survivor Luke as the fight their way through a horde of zombies.

The Walking Dead Season Two

Clem and Luke, about to put the hurting on some walkers.

Telltale promises more details on “A House Divided” this week, so stay tuned. If you have played the first season but haven’t decided on the new season, read our review of “All That Remains” here.

Destiny Concept Art Shows Work In Progress Vehicle

Destiny Bungie Activision Release Date

Destiny is an upcoming game from the makers of the Halo franchise and published by Activision. Below are a few snapshots of Concept Art for the work in progress game which will feature multiplayer, co-operative, competitive, and single player experiences all merged into one. These concept arts show off a particular vehicle that Bungie is working on to put in the game, but of course this is pre-Beta content that should be qualified by that pretext.

For more info and videos about Destiny, stay tuned to our dedicated Destiny Section here.

Destiny Concept Art 1 Destiny Concept Art 2 Destiny Concept Art 3

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset – Specs, Price, Release Date Questions Answered

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

With fans ready to gear up for the PS4 with Sony’s new PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, questions naturally have arisen to the recently announced peripheral seen in video format below.


As for the price, Sony has confirmed the device will have a recommended tag of $99.99 in North America. It is compatible with the Sony PS3, Vita, PlayStation 4, and with Windows PC / Mac OS X operating systems. The lead platform the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is being designed for is PlayStation 4.


The full specs have not been released yet but we do know the device is capable of Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound to certain formats of programming (and does Stereo on others) and is capable of using exclusive audio tuning features with PlayStation 4 software including games and film. We also know that Sony has claimed to obtain 8 hours of “straight gameplay” for battery life vastly improving over previous models and even outlasting the DualShock 4 itself (which is rumored to be due for an optimization on battery power soon). PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset works the same way as its predecessor when it comes to PS4 and PS3 connectivity. A USB chip is plugged into the game system and communicates the sound as well as other information to the game system.

If players are using a VITA then an audio cable (which is supplied with the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset) is plugged into the VITA and the headset. The microphone quality is expected to be good based on previous models, with new technology for canceling background noise even better than before. The audio cancellation of others is also useful as players can manually adjust the volume of the player chat versus the gameplay in previous models and this is expected to remain as a feature in the new PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset.

In some cases, developers can literally create their own virtual surround sound tuning settings for the device to be used automatically such as in the PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son for the most innovative and adjusted experience possible. This news comes alongside the firmware update 1.60 for PS4 that allows old Pulse Elites and Wireless Headsets to work with the PS4 which originally did not. So this is thereby a luxury item for those looking for a new peripheral and not being forced on the public PS4 user-base as they can just as easily use existing Turtle Beach, SteelSeries, Gioteck, or Sony headsets that they’ve used all along on the PS3 now that the firmware has been updated on the PS4.

PlayStation 4 Gold Wireless Headset

Release Date:

As to when we can expect a release date for this device, announcements should be incoming during the next week or two. The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is expected to release February 2014 (this month). Stay tuned to the RealGamerNewz.com Tech Section for more info on upcoming devices and gadgets of all sizes and sorts.