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First Of Its Kind GDC 2014 Fan Art Gallery Being Hosted By Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital Fork Parker

Fan Art is something incredible that has grown over decades from a rare breed of contemporary art into a full fledged genre of multimedia content which some companies are doing well to openly embrace. Fan Art is typically created for the thanks and love towards a franchise or product / brand that is very beloved. For example, when Devolver Digital published Hotline Miami it inspired a great amount of Hotline Miami-Fan Art and the community for this type of work done out of love has just grown and grown.

Devolver Digital has decided to recognize this achievement of the video games community to maintain the right to Fan Art by hosting the first of its kind GDC Fan Art Gallery at this year’s GDC 2014. Game Developers Conference is a yearly industry trade event where professionals in the video games business attend panels on specific game-dev topics as well as connect with each other in a peer environment. In recent years Games Press / Media have been increasingly present at the GDC events and game publishers have increased their use of the event as a launchpad for major announcements regarding top franchises and / or important investments.

CLICK HERE to visit the digital version of this newly established tradition from Devolver Digital.

If you’re one of the thousands attending the Game Developers Conference 2014 be sure to stop by, the address is below. The good news is you can probably get in without a GDC badge if you live near the area and are really into gaming, though it wouldn’t hurt to have one either.

  • Book Club
  • 543 Howard St.
  • Lower Level, Main Gallery
  • “Open to all GDC badge holders
    and gamers of discerning tastes”
  • Wed., March 19 through Fri., March 21
  • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Below are examples of some of the Fan Art gamers can expect to see there.

Gods Will Be Watching Hotline Miami luftrausers_max.psd

**GAMES ADDED** Holiday 2013 Steam Giveaway: Win 1 Of 22 Different Games {Sponsored by RealGamerNewz}

RealGamerNewz - STEAM Giveaway 2013

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See the games in action below:

Get Serious Sam Complete Pack 80% Off

You can now get the Serious Sam Complete Pack for 80% off on Steam. Be sure to check out this shooter that brings everything from huge enemies, enemy swarms and hordes, to high fidelity collision detection and bullet tracking all in one complete and beautiful package.

Editor’s Note: This game receives a high recommendation from us at RealGamerNewz. All shooter fans should experience it, especially if they’ve never played a Serious Sam title.

PAX East 11: Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack Developer Interview

Hey everybody, check out and enjoy my first ever in-person live interview. Though I have conducted interviews with Indie and larger devs before this was my first up-close-and-personal and I think it turned out pretty well. The Boston Convention Center was extremely loud and rocking at PAX East 2011 in Boston so listen close as me and Brad Johnson from Be-Rad Entertainment break down the ins and the outs of the demo build of Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack shown off at the event.

You will even catch a glimpse of some epic gameplay footage!


“Serious Sam 3 is on its way and to celebrate that Devolver Digital recently announced their Serious Sam indie series! Hitting the Android and iOS store as part of this deployment is Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack from Be-Rad Entertainment. In this game the roles are reversed as you take upon yourself the goal of the enemy. Check out my interview with the Founder of Be-Rad Entertainment and the mind behind Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, with off-screen gameplay footage included!”

Be on the lookout for my follow-up interview with Brad coming soon!