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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – “A night to remember” Teaser Video Debuted

The Witcher 3 PC PS4 Xbox ONE

The Windows PC version will launch on the same day as console versions and is available through GOG Galaxy or Steam. “A night to remember” Teaser of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is presented below in Full 1080P HD.

Genre(s): Action RPG
Platform(s): Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer(s): CD Projekt RED
Release Date (NA): May 19, 2015

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Devolver Digital’s Next Big #IndieGame Gets Extended Gameplay

Not A Hero - RealGamerNewz - Steam - Roll7 - Devolver Digital

Roll7 are now legends for their Olli Olli series which is something I regrettably completely forgot when I walked up to them at last year’s PAX East on the third day (when they were admittedly quite tired) but gave their game Not A Hero the same fair chance I’d give to any game. I sat down and got hands on of an early build that impressed me with its simplicity and focus on fun factor / gameplay design, something the indie scene is becoming well known for thankfully. They made a joke to me when I showed up at the Devolver Digital booth and let them know I’d already seen everything else there so I wanted to give their game a try. Roll7 told me (dripping with sarcasm) that all Devolver’s other projects had been cancelled, and that Not A Hero was taking over now.

In this game players take the role of a man hell bent on gaining votes for would-be mayor BunnyLord. The way these votes will be acquired is by the player taking control of character Steve, the campaign’s figurehead of BunnyLord’s run for office. But Steve doesn’t just ask politely for votes, nah that would never work, and BunnyLord probably isn’t dishing out billions from Afghanistan investors either. In this futuristic “2.25D” shoot-em-up votes are gained by stopping crime the bloody hard way. Shooting up the dirt bags of the city in the name of BunnyLord will gain the exposure needed to truly capture the voting public and become Mayor once and for all.

In addition to being Steve, there are also 9 more playable “non-heroes” with unique attacks and weapons. Each is to be played in a different style of gameplay. Missions take place on levels that look straight out of Elevator Action but with enhanced graphics and a way more fast-paced, diverse set of moves for players to carry out. Jumping through glass and smashing onto new floors like a James Bond action film, players make use of grenades, shotguns, fully automatics, swords, and more. Performing execution moves, tackling enemies, and snapping to cover in a very unique mix of 2D and 2.5D gameplay while facing every kind of enemy you can imagine, Not A Hero is best described by watching it in video.

Take a look below at Not A Hero being played by BunnyLord himself, but rest assured the feel of this game in your hands is something very tactile and interactive which is probably best not to miss out on when it releases for Steam on May 7, 2015 in 3 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes, and 32 seconds. Okay I might have made up the part about the seconds. It’s 30 now. Can’t wait!

HD Gameplay of Not A Hero:

Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries (Part 1) Now Available On Steam

RealGamerNewz - Woolfe The Red Hood Diaries on Steam 2

The Action / Adventure title from GRIN in which that old legend about little red riding hood gets turned upside down is now available on Steam. She’s not just a defenseless little girl anymore, she’s ready to drop bodies of her evil foes in pursuit of great combo attacks and the truth behind her father’s death. There’s word of puzzles being thrown in to slow down the little red devil, but then again she always knew leaving granny’s house wasn’t going to present her with an easy path. This is a first of two parts, so players can expect to get to know this game and perhaps be left wanting for more. With 3D Platformer elements and a bunch of positive Steam Reviews already up, written by actual gamers, this title is beckoning for you to experience it.

This game is also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE platforms.

Check out the trailer below for more visuals:

I, Zombie Steam Review

I Zombie Steam Review

Whether you plug in a controller or use the keyboard I, Zombie is a pretty interesting game that is pleasantly surprising in the way of how satisfying it feels to master. Each level is a mystery. Players are given just enough information to approach the puzzle-like strategy and tactical layout each scene offers. Essentials to the gameplay mechanics include eating humans which turns them into part of your zombie horde, controlling that horde and hanging back while they do the work, and attacking alongside them while attempting to use them as (undead) human shields.

Immediately this game feels fun. It’s almost too easy at first, but that is quickly replaced by slightly confusing and often frustrating levels that simply require patience and perfection to pass. The soundtrack is a major strength here, but ultimately gameplay design that is rewarding without trying too hard is its major strength. Some of the weaknesses in the game include the shortness of its overall campaign. There is some amount of replay ability thanks to the player’s performance being rated for each mission.

There are a lot of complaints with this game’s difficulty being largely based on trial and error, and while I personally see no problem with this I will say that this is more for the hardcore audience than casual gamers. It’s a breath of fresh air to play as a zombie for once and have an intellectual experience rather than just shoot zombies or smash things as a dumb zombie. This is by no means a huge production though, and the asking price should have given that away from afar to any potential buyers. There are glitches to be experienced and that’s a shame, marring what is otherwise an almost perfect little mini-release of a game with an original idea and fun-filled experience. We look forward to seeing more come from this developer.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7 / 10
RGN Rating: Bronze Game
Developer / Publisher: Awesome Games Studio

Available On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.