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RGN Reader’s Choice Game of the Year Awards

RealGamerNewz Reader Choice 2014

The votes are all counted and the winners are all named, this is the first of many to come RealGamerNewz Reader’s Choice Awards and these are your picks as winners for Game of the Year as well as other honors bestowed upon the video games industry by one of the most discerning audiences in the underground gaming world.

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final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best Overall Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

Super Smash Bros. Wii U

PC final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best PC Game of 2014:

Runners Up:

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Mobile final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best Mobile Game of 2014:

PS4 final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best PS4 Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


xbox ONE final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best Xbox ONE Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


xbox 360 final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best 360 Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

South Park: The Stick of Truth


PS3 final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best PS3 Game of 2014:

Runners Up:

Dark Souls 2, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax & The Walking Dead Season 2


Vita final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best PS Vita Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

Velocity 2x


3ds final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best 3DS Game of 2014:

  • Bravely Default (Post-Mortem Review Coming SOON)

Runner Up:

Fantasy Life

wii u final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best Wii U Game of 2014:

  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Post-Mortem Review Coming SOON)

Runner Up:

Bayonetta 2

Halloween PS4 and Xbox ONE Livestream w/ Giveaway by @RealGamerNewz + @MegaRan

RealGamerNewz Sun

Update: Congratulations to RottenRenegade who won for PS4 on the + .com HALLOWEEN STREAM 2014  

RealGamerNewz and Nerdcore Musician, MegaRan are teaming up once again to bring you another action packed stream this Halloween. This time around we’ll be streaming not one but two titles, as well as giving away a free game to one lucky winner.

So what are the two games? Well in the spirit of Halloween, we’ll be streaming zombie themed games. They’re none other than Insomniac Game’s insane Xbox One exclusive third-person shooter, Sunset Overdrive  and #killallzombies, the timed PS4 exclusive, third-person action shooter from Beatshapers.


Watch live video from Mega_Ran on Twitch

Going into Overdrive in Sunset City.


Watch live video from Mega_Ran on Twitch

Killing all them damn zombies!

One lucky viewer will win themselves a free digital code of #killallzombies to download on their PlayStation 4.

To take part in the live stream and giveaway, follow RealGamerNewz on twitter and subscribe to MegaRan on Twitch.tv. Stream will go live at 10 pm EST tonight.

Happy Halloween from everyone at RGN.

Hyped games blinding gamers?

Image Credit to Kuhvet.com
Image Credit to Kuhvet.com

There are so many great games that have released and are set to release this year on both PS4 and Xbox ONE but as new IPs emerge from underneath older IPs some of these games slip into the back of the gamer’s minds by the time they are set to release. Game franchise IPs such as COD are currently overshadowing a game that, in my opinion, looks fantastic and that is Sunset Overdrive. The current game set to release in the COD franchise “Advanced Warfare” has taken away a majority of the excitement that people should be getting for Sunset Overdrive, the Xbox ONE exclusive. Is Sunset Overdrive going to be an exceptional game? Only time will tell.

For now, check out our Reviewer’s thoughts here or our new Sunset Overdrive 1080P Gameplay Playlist. However, the lack of attention and marketing that it has received thus far is ridiculous. This game is set to release tomorrow October, 28th and maybe a handful of commercials have been aired. Has this game been overshadowed and overlooked?

We always hear about the COD’s, Assassin’s Creeds, NBA 2K’s, or Madden’s. But, what about the games that have quietly released and turned out to be fantastic? Games such as Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, and Rayman Legends came out with little hype and were well overshadowed by the likes of the next gen ports and familiar IPs. It’s a constant battle for new games to make a name for themselves or a place in a gamer’s collection when they are being shutout.

Another game that received a bunch of hype from the time of its announcement, and overshadowed a great game in the same month it was released, was Destiny. Much like most gamers, I was very excited to see what this game had to offer. Waiting for over a year, watching gameplay trailers, playing both the alpha and the beta, I loved all the hype.

The overhype helped Destiny reach an amazing sales feat only to have a mediocre reception from gamers. Although, it’s a new IP, Destiny was much more anticipated than another new IP, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. And although Destiny did sell exceptionally well, it eventually showed its true colors that it was a simple shooter with repetitive and bland missions. Shadow of Mordor, while drawing comparisons to Assassin’s Creed and Batman, was a new refreshing take on the action genre. While, its story too was a bit lacking it has become a very well-liked and talked about game.

Overall, it seems that familiar IPs are getting much more talk and hype than any of the new IPs. Why is that? Why aren’t developers pushing these new IPs? It’s a question that lingers in the mind of many hardcore gamers alike. It’s a question that will continue to wreak havoc on the gaming industry and unfortunately, lead to gamers missing out on those hidden gems.

Sunset Overdrive Review

Sunset Overdrive Review - Xbox ONE

It’s hard to describe this game as a whole, it’s as if Insomniac Games decided to mix several awesome games together and make an even ‘awesomer’ game. Welcome to the Awesomepocalypse, where we make up words and life isn’t nearly as boring. Sunset City has been taken over by some of the weirdest mutants of all time and the culprit behind it all? An energy drink. Sunset Overdrive combines some awesome gameplay mechanics, with an entertaining story, interesting art, and some awesome customization. It’s a game that takes away from other games, but still manages to hold it’s own and it stands tall.

The gameplay is such an odd mix, at first it looked as if Sunset Overdrive might get old after a while, but during my stay in Sunset City I am surprised to say that I have not been bored once. I some times just grind around and about for fun, because it’s awesome. The gameplay throws hordes and hordes of enemies at you and the more diverse your play-style, the better you become. As your style level unlocks some interesting perks and you unlock more by doing this. The game sets you up with a variety of interesting weapons, amps for those weapons, and traps.

Sunset Overdrive Review - Boxman

Its alternate modes, challenges, and story set up an interesting game that doesn’t have a dull moment. One of the most interesting things you won’t see mentioned elsewhere is the respawn system. As it kicks you back in with style. I’ve seen my guy come out of a coffin all Dracula style, come down from a rope (assuming it’s from a helicopter or something), some futuristic portal type deal, Star Trek teleportation style, Portal, and a couple of others. The online during E3 was rather basic, but during it’s final release they improved upon it drastically. Originally it was only the defense, but now you build up the Chaos meter by completing multiple missions. The Chaos meter determines the difficulty of the defense.

For example, my first run was about 90%, we had meh hordes rushing towards us, 3 Herkers, and it wasn’t exactly difficult. Our 2nd run however, was much different with the Chaos running at 160%. We were introduced to about 6-10 Herkers, overwhelming Hordes, and a more intense experience. The mode wasn’t difficult, but we were in the first district and even then it’s rather rewarding, as my level 1 gun jumped to level 3 in round.

The story is something to be interested in as well. It feels somewhat like Borderlands, with some ridiculously hilarious moments, but there are also some serious moments as well. It’s the type of story that reels you in to the characters through comedy and then gives you a deeper understanding of them by switching out to a more serious tone.

Sunset Overdrive TNT Teddy

While the serious tone doesn’t happen often, it’s still present in the game and it gives you that deeper look and connection. The story can’t help but be ridiculous and it’s truthfully a relief. As games go for the more serious tone it’s always refreshing to see one that doesn’t want to follow the crowd. While Borderlands has done this, it’s a genre that has plenty of room to grow. The game is always breaking the 4th wall and is doing or saying something ridiculous. Even the tutorials are rather ridiculous as they break the 4th wall throughout. The game’s story is also complimented by it’s ridiculous customization and awesome art style though. It has a ridiculously satisfying ending as well, it’s awesome from start to finish.

The art is similar to the story really, as games are always attempting to tackle more realistic visuals. These aren’t the most realistic, they aren’t the most detailed, but they do the job and they do it right. The art in the game is something else refreshing though and I love it. It fits the story and compliments the game in every way. It’s really the perfect style for the game. The graphics for this style are the best I’ve seen, but they aren’t used very often. The character models are very well done and the OD look extremely interesting.

Sunset Overdrive - Train Shocker

The variants of the OD are always creepy and interesting to look at as well. The game offers 3 factions for you to get murdered by the OD, Fizzco, and Dicksmokes (Actually Scabs, but Insomniac’s Senior Community Manager has an interesting nickname for them). The game just has this beautiful look to it with the art style done oh so perfectly. It’s ridiculous art is only furthered by it’s ridiculous customization.

What naturally makes Sunset Overdrive a much more enjoyable experience is it’s customization. During my stay I played as a big man with a lumberjack beard, track shorts, a cape, goggles, and elf ears. While he didn’t look normal, he was the perfect video game version of me that ever was. While you can’t do much in terms of your body type you can do a ton of things for your clothing.

Sunset Overdrive Review - RealGamerNewz

They give you a wide variety of things to choose from. You can be serious, whacky, or seriously whacky. What’s fun is that no matter what you decide, you will always be insulted by the shop keeper! While you can only select from presets on your face and body type, it does rather well with the clothing. The odd thing is that they decided to preset the voice actors as well, I would have loved to choose a different one, while mine does his work, it would have been nice to have the option.

While Sunset Overdrive isn’t awesome it does manage to be something completely different, in the spirit of making up words, Sunset Overdrive is FUAWESOME, F*cking Awesome. It’s legitimately the best IP this generation. It has a whacky story, great customization options, and it basically sets up a rather high expectation for new IPs to come. While most games won’t follow Sunset Overdrive’s footsteps, it’s a rather impressive step forward and it remains enjoyable throughout the entire game.

Sunset Overdrive Review - Twist Of Fate - RealGamerNewz

The only complaints I have are the story, while fun & awesome, is seemingly all over the place and it’s music doesn’t fit at times. It’s online at times can be rather easy and chaotic as well, but with the right group I can see it being rather enjoyable. It’s a game I can grind on for hours and have.

Final Verdict:

To the people calling it Sunset Overhype, I implore you to give the game an actual chance, as it turns out to be Funset Over… drive. Anyway, what Sunset Overdrive has done is given the Xbox One an interesting and unique game in the AAA season. While it is a blend of some other games, it still manages to hold it’s own and it does it properly. From the looks of it, Sunset Overdrive could spawn one of the more interesting series in recent years.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Available On: Xbox ONE Exclusively

Review Copy Info: The author of this article received a digital copy of this game from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

#SunsetOverdrive : Sunset TV In-Game Message to Reviewers Leaked

Sunset Overdrive Xbox ONE Bundle RealGamerNewz

The following message was leaked by a video game reviewer playing Sunset Overdrive for Xbox ONE and developed by Insomniac Games. The video features a funny and calm explanation to reviewers of how to play the game and some of the future content planned out by Insomniac for consumers when they get their chance to have hands on with the game as well on the Sunset Overdrive Xbox ONE bundle’s release day October 28, 2014. However, the very first statement may be taken more seriously by some and could lead to debate Do you feel this type of video is a problem or just playful banter between reviewer and reviewee?

Vans is Giving Away an Xbox One, a Copy of Sunset Overdrive and More


In celebration of having their shoes featured in Insomniac Games’ soon to be released third-person shooter Sunset Overdrive, Vans will be giving away five nifty prizes. Folks have to ways of registering; they can grab their cellphones and text XBOX to VANS66 (826766) or by going to the website’s sweepstakes page.

The prizes to be given away are:

  • Xbox One
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Pair of Vans Classic Slip-on shoes which are featured in the game
  • Size 66 OLD SKOOL




It is fortunate I caught wind of this giveaway, which has been going on since October 1st and will conclude in two days on October 15, 2014. Spread the news as quickly as possible while their is still time.

Sunset Overdrive releases on October 28, 2014 exclusively for Xbox One.

Via: Vans.com

2014 : The Return Of Limited Edition Consoles

2014 The Return of Limited Edition

<p>If you talked to any gamer last gen the biggest complaint from gamers was that there were  hardly any collector’s edition consoles and one’s that are came out in the middle or at the end of the generation. When this generation began the big three began to listen to their fans bases and began to develop Limited or Collector’s Edition Consoles for their biggest games. Microsoft has two Xbox One Bundles coming out, Sony has a Destiny PS4 Bundle and Nintendo has already released a limited edition Wii U console; it may be safe to say this trend is here to stay. </p>


Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Console

Sunset Overdrive will have a 500GB limited edition all white  Xbox One Console and Controller with a download code for the game.

Call Of Duty LMTED Xbox One


 Call of Duty Advance Warfare will have a limited edition 1TB Xbox One and Controller along with a download code for the game as well as the Seasons Pass.  If you would like more information on this console bundle check out our Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare news update. 

Destiny PS4 Bundle

Destiny will have its very own 500GB all white limited edition PS4 Console and Controller a copy of Destiny and 30 days of Playstation Plus. If you didn’t know we are holding a giveaway for this bundle right here on RGN, click here for more information.




Zelda wii U


Nintendo has sold out of this limited edition Zelda Wii U bundle not once but twice. This Limited Edition Wii U Bundle came with a copy of The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker HD, a Limited Edition Zelda Wii U Gamepad, a digital copy of The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia and the 32 GB Wii U Deluxe Console.

These are just a few of the Limited Edition Consoles that have been released but there is no denying that they have returned to U.S/E.U. shores and are here to stay.  If you own one these consoles or plan on purchasing one leave us a comment below also if you have a Limited Edition Console we should be aware of or should add to this list, leave a comment below.