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Besiege Hands-On Steam PC Gamer Preview !

Besieged Game

Ever wanted to design and create a medieval siege weapon? Well now you can with the new game Besiege from Spiderling Studios. In this game you don’t control a weapon given to you, you create it. In order to create the weapon you have always desired you are to pick from a certain amount of items to build it and set it off into victory. Players can build everything from a catapult to a giant wall of cannons. When you first start the game you are given 1 of 15 scenarios. In the first one you are to destroy a simple house using any means necessary to destroy it although the game will recommend and explain how to use the wheels in order to ram your weapon into the house. So in the beginning there’s pretty basic mechanics. Besiege on Steam Early Access won’t just give you the same scenario every time. Sometimes players will have to destroy a structure, kill all enemies (or most enemies), and even move a certain object(s) from one location to another.

How are you going to complete these missions? Build your own siege weapon of course. Since this game is in early access it only offers the first 15 levels, a sandbox (still being developed but still playable), 33 items to use to build your weapons of choice and some include flying tools to utilize flight. There is an infinite amount of things you can build if you put your mind to it.

It does take time to build these siege tools although for me it was not too bad. For others though it may be a bit tiring. My opinion would be once you have this game updated more and more, allow steam workshop to be set in place so people can share ideas and test one anther’s siege weapons out. Because some people love games like this, but sometimes just not the building part.

Building mechanics are not the only thing this game has going for it. The graphics, UI, and the atmosphere of the game are amazing as well. The graphics are sleek and smooth to look at goes great with the UI of the game which is also sleek itself and easy to navigates. The atmosphere in the game has its own place in this game because it’s just the atmosphere I would expect from a sandbox builder, calm and peaceful. Music isn’t anything too special although some does play, so it doesn’t seem too quiet while your building your weapon of doom. Overall as an early access game I have had more fun with it than I thought I would, with all you can build and destroy it was an amazing experience. Check out my game play for Besiege down below and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on this great game.

Full 1080P 60 Frames Per Second RGN Video Preview:

Now Available on Steam Early Access

Preview Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

POP Methodology Experiment One Review

POP Methodology Experiment One 2

Have you ever wanted to know the meaning of life in a very peaceful and meaningful video game? Well this is not that game. This game takes flashing colors, disco music, and random mini-games to the next level. There is literally no plot, no story, nor even a reason to play it, unless you already know what’s in store for you. Then why did I? Because I was extremely curious about how this game would play out. And it pretty much did how I thought it would, as an Epic Mind Trip.

When you start this game it gives you an epilepsy warning, and I can see why, the flashing colors and lights are the most insane part of this game. But after the warning of doom you are brought to the main menu (of course) and you are to pick from starting the game, extra options (which makes this game even more insane) and other goody goods to turn your flashing lights into an insane jumbo of excitement (I picked the random option so I would play the Mini-Games in a random order).

POP Methodology Experiment One

Well once you start the game you are given a random video or t.v. clip from the dark ages (1900’s-1990’s) and then it throws you into a mini-game. Ill talk about only a few so not to spoil the game…. haha.. The first one I played put me in what I assumed was a chopper gunner seat in front of what I assumed to be a .50 CAL machine gun, well my objective was to kill all of the people below the chopper, or liberate their lives so to speak.

The next game pits you inside of a boat in what I’m assuming is the middle of the ocean. Your objective in this one is to keep the boat balanced and not fall off to the sides. Upon doing so the mini-game will end and you will be brought to another random 1950’s cut scene from some random movie or television show. At that is all I can really say for this game.

Final Verdict:

Overall I don’t really know what else to say about it, I have definitely never EVER played a game like this in my entire life. So if you have the balls to check it out, take a look at the trailers below and check out POP Methodology Experiment One at the official site.

POP Methodology Experiment One 6

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Rob Lach

Publisher: Rob Lach Games

Available On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game’s downloadable content was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Song of Myrne: What Lies Beneath Review


Ever wanted to play a rip of Terraria with the Music Track from Brutal Legends, well here is your game. What Lies Beneath is a single player action-RPG with some local only multiplayer  in which you’ll explore the island of Namok and its deadly dungeon in hope to find your wife’s killer.. Yeah.. Your Wife.. Since this is a simple indie title I will start by talking a bit about what I am assuming is the story. This game starts you off in a farm, which I assume is your farm since after going upstairs you find a dead bunny who the main character (Insert Name Here) claims is his dead wife.

Yes, you just read that. Afterwards your character states ‘I will avenge thee and move on’. After checking all the containers for loot and making sure you got all you can hold, you move on either North or East, afterwards picking a route the game throws enemies straight at you in hopes you know how to slay some snakes and what I am assuming is Bandits or Kids in Peter Pan outfits trailing about. Now you can either fight them or walk away, and I mean literally walk, there is no running… like at all.. But enough of that, after your first couple encounters with some enemies, camps, and eventually a trapdoor or 5, you should finally find yourself at a town full of people who your character can’t wait to help…


 Well after traipsing around Steali.. I mean finding loot in all these “abandoned containers” and obtaining what I am assuming were side quests you are left to wander around trying to figure out where to go next. Now personally I didn’t get very far, the game is a pretty okay RPG but with many elements mixed in it was very confusing to actually grasp, and with little to no explanation of what to do it left you completely helpless at some points. The concept is there just no explanation. In terms of game-play the combat is pretty straightforward, equip a good weapon, swipe at some enemies and get some exp. Now the leveling system is where it actually gets kind of cool, once you level up you can place your skill points in 6 different attributes (note in the Photo above) and upon doing so making your character ever more powerful.The skill system is pretty weird and I didn’t understand how it worked, but once understood I think might have been really cool. Now there were some things that irked me within this game, the bugs and the music. Now the bugs were game-play hindrances.


In an attempt to play the game in full screen I would get stuck in the loading screen, able to hear my character and attacks, but could not see anything except the loading screen. The other major bug was the black screen of death, literally, my character was stuck in a black screen after death and I could not do a single thing to fix it, and thus making myself start the game over.. yay.. Now the music, I did not hate it! In fact the music was quite unique, but none of it fit anywhere in the game especially since from what i keep hearing, the game is suppose to be humorous. But most of the time the music was an upbeat loudly tune that repeated itself over and over and seemed more serious than more of a joke. At first it was actually enjoyable, but as I continued into the game I started to notice the annoyance more and more, it just didn’t fit into the game.

Final Verdict:

Song of Myrne: What Lies Beneath has a lot going for it, but unfortunately not enough to be labeled an “Amazing” game. With a lack of instruction it was hard to get into some of the elements it brought to the table, and it showed up with some humorous elements but with the serious music constantly playing it was hard to tell what was literal and what was a joke.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 5.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developer: Beldarak Games

Publisher: Beldarak Games

Available On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

CoolRom.com Forced Removal of Nintendo Roms due to Copyrights


If you grew up around the 90’s then you have definitely either heard of or played a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, or the Nintendo Entertainment System ( NES for short). Well, we all know that these were some of the best consoles of our youth but after some years production was ceased and being able to play these great consoles became harder and harder. With the evolution of the PC came the creation of the emulator, and for those of you who have never heard of an emulator, it’s a downloadable PC program which lets players interact with many video games for retro consoles on their PC. Yes that is correct, emulators allow you to do just that on your PC, and not just that anymore, now emulators are moving to mobile phones and tablets. But then why the post headline?

One of the most popular Emulation and Rom sites Coolrom.com which has been hosting ROM and Emulator downloads for years has just recently been forced to remove all Nintendo ROMs from their website due to Copyright violation. Assuming this is Nintendo’s doing, Coolrom.com will no longer have Nintendo ROMs available. Although Coolrom.com is one of the first websites (from my knowledge) to be struck with a copyright violation at least in recent years, other sites may have similar experiences soon follow. What does it all mean though? Is Nintendo actually going to start cracking down on ROM hosting sites for no apparent reason or do they have bigger plans?

Could the New 3DS XL end up making way for Nintendo to sell their own retro games again which are currently unavailable thanks to 1st party emulation behind the curtain? Will Nintendo make use of their new patent for streaming emulated retro games from their copyright library and sell some of those on smartphones soon?

For now we can only wonder. Comment below on what you think of this. Are you glad this is being done or enraged as a retro gamer?

Super Nintendo Poof

Mortal Kombat X – Making the Kollector’s Edition Trailer


Check out this Trailer in the making of the Kollector’s Edition of Mortal Kombat X. The Mortal Kombat Kollector’s Edition will feature an exclusive Scorpion figurine with a certificate of authenticity designed by Coarse, an In-Game Gold skin for the playable character Scorpion, the Kombat Pack which gives you access to 4 DLC playable characters from newer to older Mortal Kombat characters. The Approximate retail price for the Kollector’s Edition is $149.99 and will only be available for Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4. Mortal Kombat X will be released April 14, 2015.

Blizzard Entertainment is Holding an Officially Licensed Hearthstone Tournament with Good Gaming!


Hello everybody, if you are into HearthStone : Heroes of Warcraft you better check this out, apparently Good-Gaming has acquired the official license for a HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft amateur open tournament with Blizzard. The tournament consists of a series of Constructed Play Phases, each player in the tournament will be required to bring and declare constructed decks to be used throughout the single elimination. The tournament will take place in a best of five match style play tournament format. Tournament finals are scheduled to begin on Sunday, December 21st, 2014 and will be streamed live on Twitch via Good-Gaming’s official Twitch channel.

In addition, the tournament finals will be shoutcasted by renowned casters and eSports personalities Kevin Knocke and Ken Mitts. To enter the tournament prospective contestants must be a registered member of GOOD GAMING by Thursday, December 18th, 2014.  Limited Silver Memberships start at just $5 and include a Free Entry Ticket into the Tournament and 1,000 Good-Gaming Points that can be used to access premium content across the site. For more information on the tournament as well as eligibility requirements go check out www.Good-Gaming.com


Lizard Squad at it Again? But are They Really a Threat???


Yep, unfortunately Lizard Squad is at it again. Recently PSN Servers have been attacked, and from the symptoms of the PSN servers it is another DDos attack (Uncomfirmed),but the PSN is down in many areas of the world. Now Lizard Squad as been annoying since day one. All they do is make threats, go knocking down servers, pissing us off, pretty much taking our fun from video games. Why? Who knows. Are they a threat? Well if it is another DDoS attack then no. Now I bet your wondering how that isn’t a threat. Well let me bring a little info your way gamers, especially for those of you who have no clue what DDoS even means, hell my friend Roku thought he did but he was wrong and so was I. A DDoS attack or in laymen terms (or however you spell that lol) is a Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack. And what it means in computing terms is a means of making machine or network resource unavailable to the intended Consumers/Users. A DDoS attack is more than Usually carried out by more than one person A.K.A Lizard Squad.

Now what it does is targets a host primarily of a server otherwise known as PSN and sends a massive amount of data to it in order to overflow it due to all the data trying to be processed. It is one of many ways of a DDoS attack, but from the looks of it, it is the easiest because even Lizard Squad can do it. But is it truly hacking? Is sending a whole bunch of date to a server really dangerous? Well for the server yes, it can over heat, crash, or even shut down. But other than that, it’s just a finicky little exploit, a glitch some may say.


I mean we can all technically do what these Lizards can. I mean we do everyday, between sending emails, uploading a video, or downright just playing a game. No these guys are not special. They aren’t making a difference, they are just annoying. Awhile ago we heard that a popular Hacker known as Anonymous revealed Lizard Squads info. Unfortunately I don’t know if it is true but Anon seems to be doing more in this world then them. And in all honesty, I see Anon as more of a Hacker and a Saint than these Lizzy Fools because from the looks of it, he/she can do way more in terms of hacking, and being legit in terms of taking the fake ones down. So I do have my fingers crossed that Anon can bring these fools down and cut off there tails for good, because all in all, i’m sick of hearing about Lizard Squad. And don;t forget to leave your two cents down below. Do you think Lizard Squad is an elite hacking group? or just a bunch of children who got torn up is some Call of Duty?


GTA Censorship Is A Wake Up Call To Video Games Industry

GTA V RealGamerNewz

Everyday there is a new issue in the community, whether it be the in the gaming community, Youtube community, or even national community issues, they all tend to have a common set, Censorship. We all hate being censored, it’s true, but yet there is always someone or something that will shut out your censorship freedom. It’s been going on for awhile but gamers and video game developers everywhere are just now starting to take notice, why? Well if you read my resent post,  Targets in Australia removed GTA 5 from their shelves. But why? Who would vote to do this?

Well ironically it is the sites that publishers have been supporting, and the funny part is these sites are not supporting the games like they should be, in fact some of the sites like Gawker, Vox Media, and UBM TechWeb are some of the few in question, because they too in fact are pushing for stores to remove certain games from store shelves. And while Publishers do nothing they lose millions to these sites who push to remove the consumer ability to purchase these games in stores, “YOUR right” may I add to retain the ability to purchase these games. WAKE UP, because before you know it the rights we fought for will be gone in a heartbeat and video games won’t be as censorship free as they are now.


Microsoft owes Chinese Government over $130 Million Dollars Due to Tax Evasion Probe


Thought the U.S was the only one in debt, well think again. Apparently Microsoft is over $130 Million dollars behind on taxes the the country of China. According to a report from a Chinese news agency Microsoft had some heavy losses in Chinese based subsidiary and has also been avoiding taxes, (Also known as tax evasion).   According to the Chinese based news Xinhua report Microsoft Corporation was said to have an investigation started due to many anomalies found within the profit loss of the subsidiary between Microsoft and China (an approximate loss of  $320 Million U.S dollars or 2 Billion yuan Chinese) Although it was an allegation Microsoft did admit to the tax evasion and agreed to pay about $130 Million dollars ( or 840 Million Yuan) in back taxes as well as interest. In the future Microsoft has also agreed to pay about $16.2 Million (or 100 Million Yuan) in taxes each year in the future due to the findings. Now at least Microsoft admitted to this and agreed upon an amount and there won’t be much dispute between China and Microsoft Corp. For more info check out http://www.electronista.com/


Target Follows Through on Petition to Remove GTA:5 From Their Shelves


Well surprisingly against some wishes of the community, and despite many people opposing the supposed wrongful petition, Target actually followed through with the petition against GTA V being on Target’s shelves, and they were not the only store to follow suit as Kmart did the same. Yesterday I posted an article about 3 women starting a petition to do as I stated, get the Australian Target store chain to remove this game from their store shelves, and they actually did. But why? Many people  opposed this and even one person started another petition in order to get Target to re-add the game back to their shelves. The reason he states is {Quote}   ” The petition that started this was initiated by very misinformed people. They claim the game ‘encourages’ you to commit sexually violent or generally violent acts against women. As someone who has played the game in question extensively (Almost 200 hours), I can confirm that this is a false claim. The game NEVER encourages this. They also completely ignore the fact that there’s much more violence against men than women, but it’s definitely not on a level that should have the video game removed from stores. Plus the game has an R18+ rating for a reason.” {End Quote}


And this is true. A game that is Rated 18+ is rated so due to either violence and gore, Language, or Nudity, and this one has all three. And I have also played this game, completed the campaign, and even had at least 300+ hours of online gameplay, and not once was I prompted or forced to do anything sexual to anybody, male or female. But this is a Petition that is going on now to have Target Negate the previous petition and re-add the game back on to store shelves. You can check out the Petition and sign it here –> https://www.change.org/  and also check out my previous article Involving the petition to remove the game from store shelves here –>  http://realgamernewz.com/43153. And comment on your thoughts, were these women actually misinformed, or are they correct in saying GTA V is all about sexual assault?


3 Women Start Petition for Targets in Australia to Remove GTA:5 From Their Shelves


Yes the title is correct as it is. 3 women in Australia have started a petition to remove GTA: 5 from Target’s shelves. The reason being {Quote} “It’s a game that encourages players to murder women for entertainment. The incentive is to commit sexual violence against women, then abuse or kill them to proceed or get ‘health’ points – and now Target are stocking it and promoting it for your Xmas stocking” The women who started the petition follows on to say  {Quote} “This is Grand Theft Auto 5. This game means that after various sex acts, players are given options to kill women by punching her unconscious, killing with a machete, bat or guns to get their money returned. Please Target – we appeal to you as women survivors of violence, including women who experienced violence in the sex industry, to immediately withdraw Grand Theft Auto V from sale. Now as rediculous as this may sound, it is true.


At the moment over 40,000 people have signed the petition. The sad part is that almost under half of the 40,000 people who signed it actually signed it in order to comment on it with reasons why the petition and the women who started it were misinformed and that this petition is wrong. One of the people who signed it but were against it stated this {Quote} “It is impossible to commit acts of sexual violence on anyone in this game. The only sexual acts which can be carried out are consentual, either in the form of a lap dance or paid sex from a prostitute. The fact that the game allows these sorts of things to be done does not mean they are actively encouraged. Having sex with a prostitute is not needed to complete the game in any way and it certainly does not increase health.” So does the fact that the petition is being signed not just by supporters, but by those who oppose it mean that Target will follow through with it or will they just turn a blind eye to it? You can check out the petition at this link here –> https://www.change.org/ or click on the Quote links which will take you there as well. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment on what you think about this petition opposing the sale of GTA:5 at local Targets in Australia.


FortNite Get Your Build On!!


Well gamers if you have been excited for FortNite then get ready for this. Epic games has announced that as of today Dec. 2 the first wave of alpha invites have been sent out to those lucky few.  The first phase is appropriately called Online Test N0.1 and takes place starting today, and will go until December 19th. So for about 2 weeks Alpha testers get a chance to test and see this games amazing potential and test out all those cool mechanics that have been showcased to us. From a more personal view and as some info for those who have not seen this game, this game does look pretty amazing. I won’t lie, I have seen some other building games that are pretty cool, but this one takes the cake. I won’t spoil too much but if you enjoy building, customization, and shoot em up co-op all in one, then this game is for you. FortNite introduces, from what I see, an interesting build it yourself mechanic that allows you to what else, build your up your own stuff, most importantly a base to defend. There is definitely more to this game and I wish I could force myself to say more, but I don’t want to spoil too much without you all being able to see this game for yourself. So check out the video below for a pretty cool sneak peak at what is to come.