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Week In Review – Post Easter Hiatus

RGN Week In Review - Post Easter Hiatus

We’re back from our brief Easter Holiday Vacation and we share our opinions on the goings on of the past week including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and what we think of it so far, Black Ops 3 and everything there is to know about it up to this point, Not A Hero from Devolver Digital + Roll7 and its current exclusivity to Steam, WB Games and Capcom arguing on Twitter over whether Mortal Kombat has more lifetime sales or Street Fighter (more like WB Games getting called out for false advertising the MK series in general, just by a hair), and our own confirmation that Yes, H1Z1 is still coming to PS4 (eventually), as well as some very inspiring news from the world of Tech as a brighter future approaches.

These stories and more in today’s RGN Week In Review. Sources can be found below the video.

RGN Week In Review HD Video Podcast:


Stories Covered:

☣ Black Ops 3 Revealed w/ First Details + Zombies Mode Leak

☣ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gets Dev Overview w/ Gameplay

☣ The Technomancer Announced for PS4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC

☣ Not A Hero From The Creators of Olli Olli Series Gets Gameplay

☣ WB Games and Capcom Arguing Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter Sales

☣ H1Z1 PS4 Version Confirmed to Still Be In Development

☣ Tech: Blind Given Sight + Deaf Given Hearing Through Electronics

☣ And More Including Our Opinions On This Week’s Events

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The Technomancer Announced for PS4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC

The Technomancer - RealGamerNewz - Gameplay Screenshot

Cyberpunk theme meets the Post-Apocalypse setting in a freshly revealed upcoming Action RPG which will launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC platforms next year from publisher Focus Home Interactive. Being developed by long-standing development studio SPIDERS (responsible for unique and interesting titles such as Mars: War Logs and Bound By Flame), The Technomancer brings players through an ordeal which pits them against a covert martial force on Mars known as The Secret Police in the midst of ongoing war. Players must make use of branching dialogue choices, crafting weapons and equipment, as well as engaging in intense combat while gaining allies to fight by their side along the way.

The Technomancer brings a science fiction approach to defining the source of electricity-based powers which remain somewhat mysterious to the characters involved in this struggle against injustice. Eventually uncovering the secrets behind this cybernetic / magical technology is perhaps one of the keys to gaining the power to overthrow all that is wrong with the establishment on Mars as players take the role of a Technomancer themselves.

This title will feature a full-fledged inventory system in addition to 3 different fighting styles, 5 different endings as well as various rewards and paths based on player choice, plus the ability to recruit companions full of back-story. Although not much is known yet about the basis of its plot, there seems to be a clear enemy force to be reckoned with in The Technomancer with no shortage of creatures and conflicted neutral opponents standing in the way.

Will we get the chance to use reason and logic, or be forced to live and die by the lightning-sparked blade? More info on this game as it becomes available. You can also sign up for the Official Mailing List at thetechnomancer-game.com.

The Technomancer - RealGamerNewz - Gameplay Screenshot 2