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Everything You Need To Know About Destiny 2: Confirmed

Destiny 2 RealGamerNewZ Confirmed Rumor RE7 VR PS4 NEO PRO

News bulletins around the world rang March 27, 2017 as the perhaps infamous shooter development studio Bungie and publishing partner Activision | Blizzard confirmed the sequel to Destiny by a simple image reveal of the logo in grand gesture.

Destiny 2 will be “a completely different game” according to early reports and could support cross-play between the PC, PS4, and Xbox ONE playerbases – granted Sony and MS honor their word about allowing this type of connection to occur. The last game to do such a thing in a major way was Final Fantasy XI which enabled play between PlayStation 2, Original Xbox, and Windows PC players across an MMORPG experience that kept players engaged for years on end, expansions, updates, monthly fees, and new quests expanding and withstanding.

Destiny 2 Cross Platform Play Activision Blizzard Bungie RealGamerNewZ PC PlayStation 4 Xbox ONE

This in addition to other development ideas for the game could end up creating a success out of an IP many felt failed to reach its full potential while still serving as a flavor of the month for some and a dedication to others.

In Mitch Walters’ recent rumor mill post, this Destiny 2 Leaked Poster pointed to a September 8, 2017 release date.

Halo 5: Guardians Review

Halo 5 Review - RealGamerNewZ

343 has hit us again with their second outing from their new take on the iconic Halo series. With this game probably seeing the biggest change in franchise history. The new story direction with Agent Locke as the main character, the new spartan abilities, and the new big mode of 24 played battling against AI, Halo certainly has changed.

Halo 5 Guardians features two distinct multiplayer variants, Arena and Warzone. Arena is the competitive side of the multiplayer featuring 4v4 gameplay, free for all, and the games new Breakout mode. It even at the time of this review features Big Team Battle which is 8v8. The main modes for Arena are Slayer, which is classi Halo death match. Swat, headshots mode, free for all, every man for themselves, Breakout which is the games new round based one life mode with a twist, and finally Arena, which consist of Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, and Breakout. Personally I find it to be the most competitive Halo since Halo 3 and I love that, but we need more gametypes, better map and mode rotation, but at least the inclusion of Big Team is a great start into that area. Also some social playlist like Infection would be appreciated.

Now as for Warzone, it is large scale combat between two teams of 12, enemy AI and boss fights. Both teams will fight to control bases and kill enemy bosses for points across large maps, bigger than any maps we have seen in a Halo game yet. This is where the games REQ system comes into place. REQ is where you get all your armor, weapons, vechiles, and various other things like emblems and weapon skins. Now how this implemented in Warzone is like this, you can simply press on something you have it the load out menu. For example if you have enough power for a Sniper Rifle cars you can use your power to add that into your loadout. It’s simple and works decently. Though the micro transactions are a bit of a turn off, it’s easy to get REQ points in my opinion. But regardless Warzone is a great addition, with my only complaints being that Warzone assault needs better balancing, and also more maps as well since at present time Warzone only has 3, compared to Arenas 20 plus.

Halo 5 RealGamerNewZ Review Xbox ONE

Halo 5 Guardians features two teams you can play as either in solo or Co op play. Team Osiris consist of Agent Locke, Buck from ODST, Tanaka, and Vale, while Blue Team features series and Xbox iconic Master Chief, Kelly, Linda, and Fred, Chief’s team and family from the extended universe. Halo 5’s story picks up over a year from the end of Halo 4 and Spartan Ops. The Covenant is finally breaking with force from the Prometheans who have now turned on them, and the Arbiters forces. Halo 5 opens up with Team Osiris sent in the midst of a large battle between the Covenant and Prometheans to retrieve Doctor Halsey so she can share her information on destructive events that have been occurring on human worlds the past few weeks. Events transpire on the mission that results in Halsey being brought back safely. We then have our attention redirected to Blue Team, with a scene with the Chief touching the back of his helmet with his hand trembling, a reminder of what happens at the end of Halo 4.

Blue Team has a mission to retrieve data from a vacant ship called Argent Moon, events happen that leads to the Master Chief going Rogue in order to find out the truth behind the destructive events. Over the course of the game Agent Locke hunts the Chief to the planet Meridian, where of course they duke it out, bro style After that the game takes us to the Elite home world to aid in the war against Covenant, meanwhile while the Chief is elsewhere.

Halo 5 RealGamerNewZ Review Xbox ONE Exclusive

Without spoiling too much, some aspects of the story I enjoy mainly some plot twist, but at times the narrative seems unfocused at times, even the introductions for new characters treat them as if they have already developed for games, which they haven’t, it sorta feels like the catalyst for bigger and better events. The games level deisgn, enemy battles, and wide array of locations make up for this, as you always are having fun, even have some collectibles to find, which I did on a second playthrough. The game is about as long as the other games in the series, I clocked in at about 9 hours and 42 minutes at time of completion on Heroic.

I said the game has some of the best level design with multiple paths to take, but some of the missions have you simply walk around, which is cool, but not exactly well executed, I would like to see this feature improved upon in the future. But overall I enjoyed this games campaign despite its flaws

Overall Halo 5 Guardians is probably the best online shooter available on a current generation platform and I would highly recommend it. With free updates coming in the future such as Forge the game will get even better. But at the time of this review I would give Halo 5 Guardians a 8 out of 10, see you starside!

realgamernewz-public-domain-clipart-silver-bar Rating: 8 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game
Developer: 343 Industries
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Available On: Xbox ONE

Release Date: October 27, 2015

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

343 Industries and Microsoft Studios Release Rare Halo 5 Guardians Screenshots

Halo 5 Guardians Xbox ONE

The first person shooter, alien / human warfare video game Halo 5 Guardians releasing to Xbox ONE exclusively on October 27, 2015 which was originally debuted by the cryptic theme of war logs through viral campaign has been known as one of the console’s main selling points (60 frames per second has also been confirmed) even before the Beta testing occurred showcasing the game’s new multiplayer format changing up the formula of gunplay in the online battlefield between players. 343 Industries has been developing this game for potentially upwards of two years as the earliest conceptual work on the game began while Halo 4 was being produced.

Microsoft’s augmented reality headset HoloLens has been rumored as a consideration for technological breakthroughs in observing the game of Halo, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet how far this ends up going and if the feature makes the final cut before release. Early adopters will want to keep an eye on it though, Minecraft HoloLens was displayed recently from Microsoft at E3 2015 as well during a live presentation. Check out Mega Ran’s E3 2015 Wrap Up!

Below the game’s trailers, you will find Screenshots released by Microsoft Studios, the publisher of Halo 5 Guardians, who owns all rights to the ongoing blockbuster series.

Halo 5 Guardians Official Trailer:

Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Gameplay:

Official Screenshots:

halo-5-guardians-gets-new-slayer-video-more-screenshots-490475-10 halo-5-guardians-gets-new-slayer-video-more-screenshots-490475-2 halo-5-guardians-gets-new-slayer-video-more-screenshots-490475-3 halo-5-guardians-gets-new-slayer-video-more-screenshots-490475-4 halo-5-guardians-gets-new-slayer-video-more-screenshots-490475-5 halo-5-guardians-gets-new-slayer-video-more-screenshots-490475-6 halo-5-guardians-gets-new-slayer-video-more-screenshots-490475-7 halo-5-guardians-gets-new-slayer-video-more-screenshots-490475-8 halo-5-guardians-gets-new-slayer-video-more-screenshots-490475-9

Batman Arkham Knight Review, Be Vengeance , Be The Night, Be The Batman

Batman Arkham Knight RealGamerNewZ

Be the Dark Knight in the highly anticipated sequel to Batman Arkham City. Follow Batman through the night as he strikes and fights fear. Face off against several of his greatest enemies featuring Scarecrow, The Riddler, Two Face, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, and the Arkham Knight. Batman is pushed to the limit to save Gotham, the city he loves, one last time.

Deputy Editor Jermain Jackson shares his thoughts on the awesome Batmobile.

After years of fan request since the release of Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady has finally given us the keys to the Dark Knight’s ride. The wait was definitely worth it, mostly. This version of the Batmobile is more of a tank than a car and it honestly needs to be. Gotham city is now a war zone, overrun with escaped convicts and the Arkham Knight’s militia forces.

Racing through the streets of Gotham in pursuit mode is blast, as the Dark Knight tracks and chases down his enemies. Sideswiping enemy vehicles off the road, or using the non-lethal Immobilizer missiles (it takes out the engines) to stop them in their tracks, gives the player the sense that they are driving a truly powerful machine. Hearing the terrified cries of the city’s criminals as they attempt to flee is hilarious and makes you feel like you are the Batman. It also handles quite well. While it may look like a tank it handles like a smaller vehicle, able to drift around corners with relative ease. Activating its afterburner greatly increases the Batmobile’s speed, allowing it to catch some serious air off of ramps, in order to reach higher platforms. Batman can also eject from his ride at a higher velocity, allowing him to glide further through the air. It is a joy to pull off.


Built like Tank.

Pressing L1 (On PS4) will summon the Batmobile instantly in most situations, provided there’s road nearby. It is a visual treat to watch as Batman plummets from the sky to the streets and safely land inside the Batmobile. It is a stylish as it is convenient. Rocksteady also wisely integrated this kick ass vehicle into Batman’s combat, with the ability to perform Batmobile assisted takedowns. Using non-lethal rubber rounds of course. Batman doesn’t kill after all.

In order to take on the Arkham Knight’s powerful unmanned vehicles, players will have to go into Battle Mode. Holding down L2 transforms the Batmobile into a highly mobile tank, thanks to its Dodge Thrusters. Armed with a 60mm Heavy Cannon for ripping through drones’ armor and the Vulcan Gun for shooting down air missiles, Battle Mode turns the Batmobile into a formidable war machine and. Destroying enemy drones without taking damage builds up your vehicle’s energy meter, allowing you to unleash different special attacks. Finding yourself too outnumbered? Unleash a barrage of missiles to eradicate the opposition, or use the drone hack ability to take control and have them fight for you. You can also upgrade the Batmobile as you progress throughout the game, increasing its weapon damage, armor durability and more. Spend most of your time upgrading it as I did, you’ll find yourself driving a true force of nature by the end of the game.

Rocksteady went ahead and made the Batmobile vital in solving many of the Riddler’s fun and challenging puzzles. Sometimes you’ll need it to help Batman reach higher ground, other times to destroy the Riddler’s mindless robots. Whatever the situation, the Batmobile is properly equipped to handle.

Battle mode

Don’t mess with Batman’s ride!

There are moments when it feels as if the developer is forcing the player to rely on the Batmobile a bit too much throughout their time in Gotham. Instead of being able to fight certain enemies in hand to hand combat, you have to engage them in their vehicles. While vehicle combat is normally fun, the Boss battles are not as exciting. They also feel unnecessary and make no sense. You have some super villains who can hang with Batman physically and yet instead of challenging him to hand-to-hand, they resort to attacking him in an even bigger tank. It ultimately results in slightly disappointing showdowns.

Despite the minor annoyances, the Batmobile is a welcomed addition to the game. The melee combat features new changes in the form of new moves and gadgets, but the Batmobile is the biggest (No pun intended) change to the gameplay and delivers more variety. Kudos to Rocksteady for pulling it off, it’s the most Badass ride out there.

Batman Arkham Knight – Video Review:


Overall Score: 9.8/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: RockSteady Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Played on: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

Halo 5: Guardians Limited and Collectors Edition Detailed


Halo 5’s two special editions of the game finally have some details! Yes of course there is a statue. The Limited Edition comes with a Spartan-themed Steelbook, a Guardian statue, Spartan Locke’s Classified Orders, the Halo: The Fall of Reach – Animated Series, Warzone REQ Bundle: 14 Premium Requisition Packs, dossiers on Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris and a 14-day trial of Xbox Live, for $100.

The Collectors Edition includes everything in the LE, along with a Master Chief and Agent Locke statue, it looks amazing, and will set cost $250. I would say these are both worth it, see you all in Warzone mode. Watch the video below to hear more detail!


iRGN: Pre E3-2015 Podcast Part 2


Topics Include E3 2015 Rumors & Confirmations, Dishonored 2 Rumor, EA to show a new Battlefield (Rumor), More Fallout 4 Pre-Reveal Discussion, and a lot more coming up in the final show before E3 2015 begins. Thanks in advance for checking it out! Doge over and out…

This Podcast was originally broadcasted on Twitch.TV/realgamernewz.

Check us out for live podcasts on Wednesdays at 6PM EST (our normal schedule) and all through the E3 2015 while we’ll be doing spontaneous shows to supplement the articles you can find on our website. Enjoy!

RGN Podcast – Fallout 4 and Comic Books Talk

Fallout 4 Bethesda E3 2015 RealGamerNewZ

RealGamerNewZ Crew join up with iGeekReviews and Shotgun Seat Productions to drop a new podcast about the official announcement of Fallout 4, which takes place in Boston during a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a worldwide nuclear catastrophe (just how Fallout 3 portrayed in DC and Fallout: New Vegas portrayed for Las Vegas).

This discussion covers all the facts about the game and then veers into some of the nitty gritty details fans have unanswered questions about, and will likely have to wait until E3 2015 next week to find out about. Check back to RealGamerNewZ.com for more info on that when it happens. Other gaming topics such as Paid DLC, Modding, and the newly released Steam Refunds policy and a lot more. You won’t want to miss this episode.

Tristan’s Twisted World Podcast Part 1

– Release Date of Fallout 4
– New Trailer
– Gameplay, Engine, Graphics Discussions
– Trailer Analysis
– Main Character Has A Voice?
– Modding Community
– Paid DLC vs MODS
– Will Paid MODS Return to Steam?
– Steam Refunds
– PS4, Xbox ONE, Windows PC
– Comic Books
– Other Gaming Topics

RGN Fallout 4 Videocast Replay:

Axiom Verge PS4 Review


Axiom Verge is the Metroid/Castlevania/Contra/etc inspired action platformer developed by Tom Happ. The premise is that you control Trace, a scientist who was hurt and then wakes up in a mysterious, advanced, and horrifying world. The more you progress the more equipment you obtain. The world begins to open up to you. It feels as if a ode to games of old that provided that feeling of isolation to a diverse point.

After the intro cut scene, which is stylized 16 bit style, you get dropped into the world. Then all of a sudden you hear (read) a mysterious voice that begins to guide you. You gain some equipment, fight some enemies and then get ready for the first boss. Now for me the boss killed me the first time since my health was low. Your death is written in the game. You literally copy your brain and body at save points which I found to be massively interesting.


Axiom Verge provides the player with the option of non-linear exploration throughout 9 different areas. The game features many different tools you can obtain, including various weapons with unique firing modes. There are also many abilities and upgrades for Trace such as health. You will fight a vast a array of different enemies, and have to obtain many different tools to even get past certain areas. Some bosses are easier with better weapons of course. You can pretty much do anything in the order you choose as well, which makes it a interesting experience. Plus about halfway through the game you can become pretty over powered to regular enemies, but bosses can still be a challenge. The game even features a speedrun mode, challenging you to see just how fast you can finish the game. Let’s just say you need to beat it a few times to do a good speedrun.

The game carries itself with a interesting narrative experience. At times you question yourself and whats happening on screen. The more bosses you fight, the more items and weapons you obtain, the stronger you become, but is what’s happening real? The game at times feels as you have been sent to hell, or are in a nightmare, a coma, a simulation, the twist and turns become insane at times for someone like myself who is into this genre and the heavy narrative experience. The game even has it’s share of plot twist in a way, but I am not spoiling that for you.

Final Verdict: Overall Axiom Verge is a great experience. There is nothing I can really say negatively about this game it is simply amazing. It even feels oddly familiar. It fills as a great successor to like Super Metroid. It may not be that good, but trust me this game is close enough. I recommended this to anybody who likes good games. Stay classy everyone, and buy this game!

Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 9.5/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Tom Happ

Publisher: Thomas Happ Games

Available on: PS4 | Coming soon to PS Vita and Windows

Played on: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

Week In Review – Post Easter Hiatus

RGN Week In Review - Post Easter Hiatus

We’re back from our brief Easter Holiday Vacation and we share our opinions on the goings on of the past week including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and what we think of it so far, Black Ops 3 and everything there is to know about it up to this point, Not A Hero from Devolver Digital + Roll7 and its current exclusivity to Steam, WB Games and Capcom arguing on Twitter over whether Mortal Kombat has more lifetime sales or Street Fighter (more like WB Games getting called out for false advertising the MK series in general, just by a hair), and our own confirmation that Yes, H1Z1 is still coming to PS4 (eventually), as well as some very inspiring news from the world of Tech as a brighter future approaches.

These stories and more in today’s RGN Week In Review. Sources can be found below the video.

RGN Week In Review HD Video Podcast:


Stories Covered:

☣ Black Ops 3 Revealed w/ First Details + Zombies Mode Leak

☣ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gets Dev Overview w/ Gameplay

☣ The Technomancer Announced for PS4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC

☣ Not A Hero From The Creators of Olli Olli Series Gets Gameplay

☣ WB Games and Capcom Arguing Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter Sales

☣ H1Z1 PS4 Version Confirmed to Still Be In Development

☣ Tech: Blind Given Sight + Deaf Given Hearing Through Electronics

☣ And More Including Our Opinions On This Week’s Events

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iRGN #9: This Generation Of Consoles Needs More Games, Now

iRGN Episode 9 - RealGamerNewz Podcast

In this episode of the iRGN Podcast RealGamerNewz and Shotgun Seat Productions speak on the current generation of consoles and how they are failing to live up to their promises in terms of offering fresh new AAA gaming experiences. Despite the best efforts of development studios under the wing of the majors, the indie scene is outshining the triple A development scene simply due to the amount of half-baked remasters and remakes which aren’t even worthy of the price tag associated with adopting “next-gen” into the home. Perhaps if major console titles weren’t being delayed, publishing firms hadn’t become so comfortable with the unreasonably long life cycle of last-gen, and the very real threat of PC Gaming taking over not been ignored then maybe things wouldn’t be this way. It’s still early in the generation though and there’s still time for things to turn around, which we adamantly hope they will. In the following Video Podcast we discuss ways that can occur and just exactly how we feel about the current environment in the 8th console generation.

iRGN Podcast #9:

RGN Daily News #76: Nintendo Direct Saves Us From April Fools Madness

RGN Daily 76 - Fatal Frame Wii U Nintendo Direct 2015

Rather than try and decide what was real news and what was fake in our overflowing inbox this morning RealGamerNewz stuck with the plan that was pre-decided yesterday in which we focus on the Nintendo Direct event and keep all of the craziness out of our heads. It seems we made the right decision. A great number of new trailers and announcements came out of the event, much more than we expected.

A New Fire Emblem was given some more info as well as an announced Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei crossover title, New Splatoon Gameplay was revealed alongside talks of a new game mode, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games can now be purchased on the Virtual Console but only for Wii U at the moment, we expect GameBoy Advance and maybe even some N64 games to eventually be made available for the New 3DS device but that’s not certain at this time, and the latest Fatal Frame game will finally arrive in the United States for Nintendo Wii U. All of this and more covered in today’s RGN Daily News.

RGN Daily News #76:

All Info Sourced from Today’s Nintendo Direct