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Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Will Support Oculus Rift VR Gaming Headset

Minecraft Oculus Rift Windows 10 Edition

Editor’s Note: After Notch (creator of Minecraft) announced that the game would never be on Oculus Rift because he found Facebook “creepy” (and they’re the new owners of Oculus), the indie development super star moved to sell off the franchise to Microsoft. At the recent industry trade event Oculus Connect 2  which took place this week in Hollywood, California and saw the announcement of several high profile Virtual Reality Gaming projects varying in nature. Mojang, the development studio handling Minecraft titles for Microsoft, phoned in the following announcement for a VR Minecraft to be released with Oculus Rift support for Windows 10 users.

Image Credit: Road To VR

Oculus Rift Announcement Trailer of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

Virtual Reality & Next-Gen Engines

Virtual Reality Helmet drawing

At last year’s latest Game Developers Conference (GDC) Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) was in talks about developing virtual reality video games. Now the company has scheduled another virtual reality (VR) session, talking about next-generation video game engines and more.

The talk titled ‘Virtual Reality and Getting the Best from your Next-Gen Engine’ hosted by SCE Immersive Technology Group technical director Ian Bickerstaff and Research and Development senior engineer Patrick Connor. They will discuss the importance of creating a video game engine that can sustain VR development, and its need for higher frame rates and low-latency. Ian Bickerstaff and Patrick Connor will be offering advice on how to deliver high quality VR experiences, focusing on Project Morpheus VR head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4. It was also stressed how these techniques discussed will be applicable to standard video game development as well as VR development.

It maybe for a while until we all have a VR-HMD part of our gaming experience but at such a time when third-party game developers have further acquainted themselves with the new tech we won’t be playing Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin’s Creed, or Call of Duty VR editions soon.

RGN Daily News #71: Patriots Win The Super Bowl, Hotline Miami 90% Off, and GTX 980 VR SLI 3.0 !!!

RGN Daily News #71

While we are working on bringing out the Video Podcast RGN Daily News you know and love from before, currently these sporadic written RGN Daily News articles are the direct result of a ton of work going on behind the scenes. Please bear with us as we upgrade and evolve beyond our earliest expectations and begin dropping our 2015 videos later down the line. What you see in the interim is an opportunity for experimental video output, and this post will wrap up today’s substantial news that caught my attention.

Devolver Digital GOG Games RealGamerNewz

GOG – $138.85 Worth of Games for $13.75

*3 DAYS, 04H : 07M : 10S Left as of the time at this posting.

GOG Offers Heavy DRM-Free Games On Discount Up To 90% Off Indie Mega Publisher Devolver Digital Games. The Full List is below:

  • Hotline Miami – $4.99
  • Shadow Warrior (2013) – $19.99
  • Shadow Warrior Classic – $2.99
  • Serious Sam: The First Encounter – $2.99
  • Serious Sam: The Second Encounter – $2.99
  • Pixel Poetry Special Edition – $3.99
  • Super Game Jam – 5 Short Films – $7.49
  • Motivational Growth – $2.99
  • Good Game – $2.99
  • Burning Man: Beyond Black – $2.99
  • Stream Dream – $2.99
  • Austin High – $2.99
  • The Basement – $2.99
  • Mars – $2.99
  • One Couch At A Time – $2.99
  • Or ALL In 1 Bundle for $13.75 (Instead of $138.85, $125 Off Whoa!)

New England Patriots Win Super Bowl Madden 15 EA Sports RealGamerNewz Boston

Patriots Win The Super Bowl

– Madden 15 by EA Games Makes Bold Prediction:

Electronic Arts in association with EA Sports released a new statement today to the press saying that the New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks in a video game simulation traditionally done by EA Sports as a sort of litmus test for the game engine’s accuracy to real sporting variables. Only time will tell if this rings true in real life.

Here’s an excerpt from the Official Press Release with more information:

“The prediction sees New England’s offense overcoming the Seahawks’ defense to pull out a 28-24 victory. Tom Brady was named MVP of the game thanks to his 335 yard, 4-touchdown performance, his third such honor.

The Madden NFL 15 Super Bowl Prediction is created by simulating the Super Bowl Matchup with updated rosters on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and the official game console of the NFL. Fans can get more exclusive EA SPORTS content from Super Bowl week by following Madden NFLon Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (easports) and using the hashtag #UltimateSB.”

Source: Official EA Press Release

*All player participation has been facilitated by NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).


Vita TV PlayStation TV RealGamerNewz Discount Sale

PlayStation TV (AKA Vita TV) Discounted to $60

The PlayStation TV, PSTV, VitaTV, or whatever you want to call Sony’s micro-console / streaming device capable of providing PS Now, PS One Classic, PS Vita, and in-home streamed PS4 content (console required), all under the guise of also being another “Netflix machine” for consumers to gobble up has now gone on discount. Best Buy offered the sale first, both online and in-store for a device that debuted at $99 and steeply fell to $79 during the holiday season.

Now we see the device dropped to just $59 to which users have responded by spreading the news. It remains to be seen how many will actually buy though. Amazon has matched this price, now listing the PlayStation TV for $59.99 as well. The bundle which comes with a controller is now available for $99.00 even.

As Sony struggles to generate interest in the Vita library, many own Vita handhelds and are extremely pleased with their gaming experiences on the device. PSTV getting into more homes is a good sign that if Sony would have offered a more desirable price from the jump, such as Nintendo is attempting to do with the Nintendo New 3DS XL, then more people would have bit. We can probably expect to see a Vita price drop soon after this recent happening comes to pass.

Virtual Reality Gaming PC Architecture SLI GPU Geforce 980

Virtual Reality Gaming PC Architecture is Here

SLI 3.0 is coming out and it’s called VR SLI because it’s for VR Gear such as Oculus Rift. Instead of using multiple GPUs to render a single image, each graphics card renders for a separate eye. Beyond that, if the user has a Quad VR SLI set up then a sick immerse experience is guaranteed.

The GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 themselves even already  include revolutionary new technologies that make Maxwell GPUs the best choice for smooth, responsive, nausea-free Virtual Reality Gaming Experiences according to NVIDA.

STEAM PC gta 5 pre order offer ending soon

Last Day For FREE GTA Game w/ GTA V PC Pre-Order

Pre-Order GTA V on Steam for Windows PC and you’ll get GTA San Andreas for free. This will run you $59.99 but you’ll have access day one to the game everybody’s been waiting for on Steam. Modding communities are already in place to rock the tarnish off of this game’s excessively big open world engine and hopefully GTA Online will be able to really flourish with the great online community of PC Gaming.


Starbound Gets Huge Update

If you’ve never heard of Starbound for PC, it’s a crazy good indie title that reminds most people of Terraria except with space exploration, many different planets, resource management, and more. Today they’ve announced access is available as cheap as $11.24 for a limited time as a huge update has hit the game with new quests, items, ships, monsters, a new playable race, new missions, and more. We’ve been working on a Preview for this title as its passed through countless Beta tests, server wipes, and that Preview is still forthcoming – but if you have a spare twelve dollars in your lint pocket and need to escape to another reality truly based on interesting 2D Gameplay then Check It Out HERE On Steam.

realgamernewz r 2p0

That’s all for today’s RGN Daily News – check back tomorrow for our individual posts as well as our Reviews. The Daily News should return during week days with a Week In Review beginning the weekend after this for its revival. As everything pieces itself together in 2015, RealGamerNewz is investing back into itself and providing our best foot forward for you the reader. So please let us know if you have any feedback about anything or think we could be doing better.

Virtual Reality Gaming: 5 Minutes of Crystal Rift Alpha Gameplay Footage Revealed

Crystal Rift - Virtual Reality Gaming - Oculus

Crystal Rift is a VR Gaming title for Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux currently being developed as a first person dungeon crawler being made available for the Oculus Rift virtual reality device coming soon to consumers (and currently in the hands of developers both indie and major worldwide). More information is expected to release soon from Facebook / Oculus about their future vision, but all things appear to be running smoothly for both this device in the PC Gaming world as well as the PlayStation Morpheus for Sony PS4. In this particular video, an indie developer is speaking about his vision for Crystal Rift, a game that’s showing some potential but doesn’t have a clear roadmap just yet. Take a look and see it for yourself. For now, we will simply say that potential exists.


VR Gaming - Aliens, Trolls, and Dragons - RealGamerNewz - Oculus Rift

Gameplay footage of Aliens, Trolls, & Dragons by Kubold is presented below. This title will arrive in Autumn 2014 (with more episodes following after an initial installment) and is meant to be played on the Oculus Rift. However, non-VR gamers can still play this game on their Mac OS X and Windows PC computers. Take a look at the video below (either in VR or non-VR depending on your available gear).

Title: Aliens, Trolls, & Dragons

Platform: Oculus Rift

Genre: Third Person, Action

Developer:  Kubold

Release Date: Autumn 2014 (Episodic Content Schedule Begins)


Normal Version:

Oculus Rift Version:

Virtual Reality Game Ether One Confirmed for PS4 Morpheus, Being Developed in Unreal Engine 4

Ether One

Ether One is all about being John Malkovich, well sort of. Players enter the minds of the deranged and attempt to fix their outlook on reality, heal their mental conditions, and restore peace by experiencing the storm of their mind’s eye in a first person encounter representing this metaphysical space.

Once again Unreal Engine 4 makes it possible for games to more easily bring their titles to next-gen. The Oculus Rift / PC Game Ether One was announced to be in development for PlayStation 4 today via the official development studio behind the game who said that this title will “not be on all of them”  meaning there are currently no plans to make this a 5 console game like Battlefield for example (which doesn’t always go well dev-wise).

The PlayStation Morpheus device is a virtual reality headset formally announced by Sony a few times here and there including at E3 2014. For now it seems the focus of Morpheus is to gather developers and prepare releases, with a full blown sales campaign being pushed to a later date when the public is ready see the products that will drive next-gen users into the Virtual Reality (VR Gaming) spectrum.

Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Bundle

VR Gaming News: Virtual Reality MMO XViREnt Successfully Kickstarted w/ Over $9 Thousand CAD

XViREnt - RealGamerNewz - Oculus Rift - RPG - Virtual Reality

The $8,000 CAD Kickstarter deal has been successfully funded for the new and upcoming virtual reality massively multiplayer online game heading out to Oculus Rift VR headset devices from InEvoWare Game Studios titled XViREnt. As of April 20, 2014 the campaign will be closed, meaning the game met its mark ahead of schedule. Click here to become a backer if there’s still a chance by the time you’re reading this (35 hours left at the time of post with $9,127 CAD raised).

XViREnt is a fantasy themed MMO that will be free-to-play with various classes including Vampire, Werewolf / Lycanthrope, “Agent” Class, “Inquisitor” Class, and more. Of course this MMO has many RPG elements listed including Careers, Experience, Skills, and Superpowers. UGC (User Generated Content) allows players to create their own character, go on their own quests, and perform their own missions, craft their own worlds, and even spawn their own custom creatures. Teased at the end of the preview / pitch video for this game is an advanced feature of Alter Ego to Super Ego Conversion.

Take a look at the Kickstarter Pitch / Preview Demonstration of this Work In Progress:


Are Video Games Good or Evil?

Video Games Good Or Evil - RealGamerNewz - MrBrodo789

When asking the average person, albeit a parent or middle-aged adult, about video games, most will tell you they are a waste of time and “rot your brain.” Video games have gotten such a huge amount of negative attention over the last couple of decades. They are usually the first thing people point fingers at when a horrible act of violence occurs. It seems as though mainstream media refuses to cover the fact that video games also have many positive effects on a person. So what happens when the positive effects and negative effects are stacked up against each other? The results may seem very surprising, as video games have far more positive effects than negative, and are, in general, good for people.

First, let’s look at why video games are always thought about negatively. It really comes down to lack of responsibility for parents, and looking for something easy to blame. Video games have become a very mainstream form of entertainment over the past fifteen years, with more and more people playing them every year, often young children. Parents are busier than ever, and often use things like video games as a “babysitter.” Then, when their child acts out, they need something to blame. Video games are usually at the brunt of this blame. But this blame is very misplaced. Parents act as if there is no way to keep their children from playing games that might be considered violent. But, in all actuality, there are precautions put in place to prevent kids from playing such games. First, it is illegal for someone under seventeen to go into a store a buy an “M” rated video game. Second, there is a rating on the box that gives a detailed listing of the content in the game. It is a parent’s responsibility to know what kind of content their child is consuming. And when the content is so clearly made apparent, there is no excuse.

M Rating - RealGamerNewz - MrBrodo789

Speaking of kids and video games, what kind of effects do games have on youth? According to Marilyn Price PhD, a speaker in the field of Human and Organization Development, while there “are incidents where socially isolated, unstable teen have committed acts of violence”, studies have shown there are many more good effects of playing video games on young people . First, playing games appears to make kids closer to their families. Kids are also more involved in activities, and better mental health. It doesn’t end there. Video games that show sharing, cooperation, and empathy help children develop these traits (Price).

These aren’t the only positive effects that playing video games has. A study by the Max Planck Institute for Human development also found many positive effects from playing video games. In this study, they had adults play Super Mario 64. They played for 30 minutes a day for two months. After testing time was complete, they found that playing games “showed increases of grey matter, in which the cell bodies of the nerve cells of the brain are situated.” This can have a positive effect on your brains spatial orientation, memory formation, and strategic planning, and fine motor skills, according to the study (qtd. in Dyer).

The American Psychological Association has also found many positive effects on the brain from playing video games. First, it was found that people who play first person shooters had “faster and more accurate attention to allocation, higher spatial resolution in visual processing, and enhanced mental rotation abilities.” These skills are said to be the same developed when taking formal courses that teach them. Next, it showed that gamers show less activity in their brains when problem solving, which means they use neural resources more efficiently. Evidence also showed that video games helps increase creativity (qtd. in Shapiro).

What about video games effects on emotion? This is another field in which video games can have a very positive effect. If someone is feeling angry, or stressed, they know that a video game is a safe environment to let out all of that anger or stress. They can do this without effecting anyone else, or causing any harm to anybody or anything. Learning the rules of a video game, and then overcoming challenges within those set rules, also has a positive effect on a gamers emotions. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, and can even make them feel better about themselves.

Video Game Emotion - RealGamerNewz - MrBrodo789

According to the American Psychological Association, video games also help people become more social. People often believe the stereotype that gamers are nerdy, social rejects. But with so many of today’s games being online, people are encouraged to speak to their teammates and work together. The APA states that “70% of gamers play their games with a friend, either cooperatively or competitively.” This can also help promote teamwork, as gamers often have a common objective they are working towards. It has even been shown that these cooperative traits translate from gaming to real life (qtd. in Shapiro).

The biggest argument against video games is that they cause violence. According to a study by Christopher Ferguson at Texas A&M University, “no link between violent game play and actual overt violent of aggressive behavior” could be found. The study took 302 youths from ages 10-14. 75% of them said they played games regularly, with 40% of those being violent games. Out of all of the kids, only 7.3% had actually been involved in some sort of violent crime, albeit assault of theft. The results showed that depressive symptoms played a very large role in violent behavior. It was concluded that violent video games were not a predictor for violence (qtd. in “New Study..”).

The biggest problem with blaming violence on violent video games is that almost everyone plays them. Video games are the fastest growing form of entertainment today, and may soon overtake movies as far as popularity goes. It is hard to lay the blame for violence on something that is so common is everyday life. Not to mention, but the crime rate has actually fallen more and more as video games have become more popular.

Video games have also been shown to be a strong educational tool, mainly in a historic sense. Game like the Assassins Creed series, while putting its own spin on things, delves into many historic events, and often involves many famous historical figures. Not only this, but it can also help people develop foreign languages. Assassins Creed, once again, is a perfect example of this. Instead of going full out with Italian, it drops an Italian word every now and then in the middle of an English sentence. This allows the gamer to use context clues to figure out what certain words mean, instead of trying to learn it all at once.

Video Game Education - RealGamerNewz - MrBrodo789

Gaming has also been found to be a good alternative to sports when it comes to developing hand-eye coordination, according to Deakin University in Australia. Preschoolers who play interactive games, such as the Wii, were found to be better at skill such as “kicking, catching, or throwing a ball (qtd. in Weber).”

According to Lisa Weber, video games “force kids to think quickly.” Video games present people with a problem that needs to be solved, usually “very quickly.” This helps kids develop critical thinking, and forces them to test out “different solutions” to every problem (Weber).

While video games have all of these positive effects, there can also be some bad things that come along with being an avid gamer. The most obvious is weight gain. Some gamers gain a considerable amount of weight, more and more the longer they play. But this can’t be blamed on the video games their selves. A person should be able to have some sort of self-control, and be able to realize that they have a problem, and do something about it. If the case of a child gaining weight, they do not realize the consequences of gaining weight. Therefore, it is up to the parents to realize their kid has a problem, and to do something about it.

Even though there are some health problem that can come with playing games, the positive effects of gaming greatly outweigh any negative effects. The general negativity that surrounds video games all stems from people refusing to educate themselves. They only see one side to the subject, and that is what mainstream media presents to them on TV. As someone who avidly keeps up with studies about the effects of gaming, it is clear that the positives outweigh the negatives. People need to realize this, and start embracing video games for what they are: an art form, and a mainstream way to consume entertainment. The sooner people do this, the sooner they can start looking at the real things that cause violence, or have a negative impact on society in general. Until that time, video games will continue to unfairly be a scapegoat for things it has nothing to do with.

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@Beatshapers Teases Unannounced Project Morpheus Title w/ Concept Art

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers

Development studio Beatshapers has released Concept Art for an unannounced project they are apparently creating for Sony’s Project Morpheus (virtual reality headset debuted at GDC 2014 for Sony PlayStation 4). More information will be made available for this project as it surfaces, for now feel free to tweet your thoughts and feedback directly to the developer.

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers