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Dragon Quest XI Confirmed for the West


A Dutch PR company recently confirmed that they would be handling the PR for Dragon Quest 11 in the west. They did not mention a release date, platforms, or anything, just the fact it’s coming. Dragon Quest XI is coming to Japan on July 29th for the PlayStation 4, and Nintendo 3ds family of systems.

Source: https://gamer.nl/artikelen/nieuws/dragon-quest-11-bevestigd-voor-westerse-markt/

TitanFall Releasing for Windows 7 PC and Windows 8 PC, Not Just Xbox ONE

TitanFall releasing for the Xbox ONE later this year will also make its debut on the Windows PC gaming platform. Not only will gamers be able to crank up Respawn Entertainment’s latest with their high-powered PC specs, but they won’t need to use a clunky and hated operating system to do it either. The much loathed Windows 8 will be supported but also the more fluid Windows 7 will be host to the New IP TitanFall. Respawn Entertainment is comprised mainly of the team started by the two creators of Call of Duty and Medal of Honor known as West and Zampella by the gaming world. An Xbox 360 of this game is also being planned for release for gamers not ready to adapt with the next-generation movement just yet.