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Rise of the Tomb Raider Releasing January 28 on PC


Tomb Raider fans who have been waiting patiently for the sequel’s release on PC won’t have to for much longer. Square Enix has revealed via tumblr post that the PC version will launch on January 28.

“The PC release of Rise of the Tomb Raider continues the positive momentum from our highly successful partnership and collaboration with Microsoft for the launch on Xbox One and Xbox 360,” said Scot Amos co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics.”

The PC version will be available digitally and will support 4k resolution and other additional features. The standard edition will cost $59.99, while the Digital Deluxe edition — which includes the season pass and future DLC, will be priced at $89.99.

Source: Tomb Raider Tumblr

Axiom Verge PS4 Review


Axiom Verge is the Metroid/Castlevania/Contra/etc inspired action platformer developed by Tom Happ. The premise is that you control Trace, a scientist who was hurt and then wakes up in a mysterious, advanced, and horrifying world. The more you progress the more equipment you obtain. The world begins to open up to you. It feels as if a ode to games of old that provided that feeling of isolation to a diverse point.

After the intro cut scene, which is stylized 16 bit style, you get dropped into the world. Then all of a sudden you hear (read) a mysterious voice that begins to guide you. You gain some equipment, fight some enemies and then get ready for the first boss. Now for me the boss killed me the first time since my health was low. Your death is written in the game. You literally copy your brain and body at save points which I found to be massively interesting.


Axiom Verge provides the player with the option of non-linear exploration throughout 9 different areas. The game features many different tools you can obtain, including various weapons with unique firing modes. There are also many abilities and upgrades for Trace such as health. You will fight a vast a array of different enemies, and have to obtain many different tools to even get past certain areas. Some bosses are easier with better weapons of course. You can pretty much do anything in the order you choose as well, which makes it a interesting experience. Plus about halfway through the game you can become pretty over powered to regular enemies, but bosses can still be a challenge. The game even features a speedrun mode, challenging you to see just how fast you can finish the game. Let’s just say you need to beat it a few times to do a good speedrun.

The game carries itself with a interesting narrative experience. At times you question yourself and whats happening on screen. The more bosses you fight, the more items and weapons you obtain, the stronger you become, but is what’s happening real? The game at times feels as you have been sent to hell, or are in a nightmare, a coma, a simulation, the twist and turns become insane at times for someone like myself who is into this genre and the heavy narrative experience. The game even has it’s share of plot twist in a way, but I am not spoiling that for you.

Final Verdict: Overall Axiom Verge is a great experience. There is nothing I can really say negatively about this game it is simply amazing. It even feels oddly familiar. It fills as a great successor to like Super Metroid. It may not be that good, but trust me this game is close enough. I recommended this to anybody who likes good games. Stay classy everyone, and buy this game!

Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 9.5/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Tom Happ

Publisher: Thomas Happ Games

Available on: PS4 | Coming soon to PS Vita and Windows

Played on: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

RONIN From @DevolverDigital Gets New Demo On Steam Today

RONIN Devolver Digital

Turn Based Action just became a thing, and it is glorious. In RONIN players must seek their revenge against all odds with a Yakuza-style corporation up against them and a tool-set of tactical items at their disposal. Drawing first blood with the Katana, employing stealth to gain entry to each room while maintaining the element of surprise, and of course just getting crazy when action becomes intense and things start to get messy are all key traits players will need to master this game. A couple of the other items confirmed so far include a hologram machine and grappling hook, but today’s demo may showcase even more than that so find the link in the next paragraph highlighted in orange.

RONIN will be compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, SteamOS, and Linux upon launch and is currently available for 10% off until May 20, 2015. The full game launches on GOG if you’re not into Steam, but a free demo has launched for it on Steam today (CLICK HERE). If you need more convincing that it’s worth checking out the demo of this game, view the trailer below.

Official Gameplay Trailer:

I Am Bread: Diary of Developers Behind Steam / iOS Title of Same Name

I am Bread RealGamerNewz

No you aren’t imagining things. I Am Bread smashed on to the scene originally for Windows PC and will soon be reaching out and asking for finger pokes on your iPhone screen. Check out the latest developer diary to hopefully gain some insight on the madness behind this.

Aaron Greenberg Confirms DirectX 12 Increases Xbox One’s Power

Fable Legends

On January 22nd Aaron Greenberg (Microsoft Marketing Team Lead *across 1st & 3rd Party Game Studios) confirmed that DirectX 12 will be coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One and will have an effect on both systems. This will only be seen if developers make use of it. This is optimizing the power of the Xbox One with power that it already has, opening up more possibilities with games to come in the future.

The first game to see this performance enhancement that has been brought up is Fable Legends since this game will be merging players who are playing on Xbox One and Windows 10. In Fable Legends, players will be brought into the fantasy world of Albion for some of the best exploration and adventure found in the series, the adventure doesn’t have to be played alone it can be played with up to four friends who can be playing on either Windows 10 or Xbox One. Players can play as a hero with four separate hero’s and a fifth player can play as the villain where they control from a top down view and plays more like a strategy game.

Personally, I’m hoping that more games with take use of DirectX 12 and can’t wait to see what the future has to bring with the gamer experiences crossing Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Watch Capcom Save a Little Girl From Certain Bloody Death in RE: Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Capcom RealGamerNewz

One of the best things about the Resident Evil series has always been enemy design. In the latest gameplay video to surface from Capcom for the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2 you get to see the Revenant enemy type showcased. This clip also shows the younger female character who many gamers now worry may not have any offensive ability during play. Many are offended at the notion that a younger female could not attempt to defend themselves alongside an older male during a Biohazard (or in America as we call it, THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE)!!!

To Capcom’s credit, the Resident Evil series has a long history of leading ladies and empowered female roles, but putting guns into the hands of children (albeit virtual children suffering the unimaginable horror of a monster / zombie apocalypse), might not be the best Public Relations move. This is particularly for Western relations which may prove tumultuous at the moment.

Genre(s): Survival Horror
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher(s): Capcom
Developer(s): Capcom
Release Date (NA): Early 2015

See for yourself below:

Epiphany Games Annonces New RPG Thriller Majestic Nights


Epiphany Games, the minds behind Runic Rumble and Frozen Hearth, have just announced their next game called Majestic Nights. The annoncment was made today and the game sounds pretty intriguing and is one to watch out for. The game is described as being an RPG thriller set in an alternate 1980’s where all conspiracy theories, both past and present, are a reality. Majestic Nights will be released in six episodes beginning in September of this year with a free prologue story that takes place before the six main episodes titled Chapter Zero.  A new episode will be released each month until the finale is released on April 2015. Each episode is described as being one part of a complete story or each epoisde can be enjoyed as a standalone experience. Each episode can be purchased individually or all together within a season pass bundle, prices for either option have not yet been revealed. Majestic Nights is being referred to as season one, so if the game sells well, it seems that it could potentially become a brand new episodic franchise.  Here is the official synopsis of the game that was revealed in the announcement for Majestic Nights:

“It’s the bright and brash 1980s… a world crammed with hidden intrigue and sinister plots, government cover-ups and alien sightings, CIA experiments and a truth that definitely is out there… a world which needs a fast-talking loose cannon right about now…You play as Cardholder: an intelligence operative who may or may not have been present at or even responsible for many of the biggest conspiracy events in history; and Cal, a humble Private Investigator whose own past is shrouded in secrets unknown even to herself. With fast, light mechanics, the game has been developed to engross players in a shadowy world of conspiracy with an over-the-top 1980s aesthetic. Players will use wits, stealth and sometimes even a little force to investigate, explore, and acquire ever more clues for their big string-covered wall of conspiracies.”

Here is what Majestic Nights promises to deliver:

  • Isometric RPG gameplay
  • Real-time stealth and combat mechanics
  • Big hair!
  • Investigate and collect evidence to reveal the Truth
  • A vibrant alternative 1980s setting
  • A world full of conspiracy theories and government plots where everything you know is wrong
  • Nazi aliens!
  • Controller support for platforms including PC, Mac, iOS and Android
  • A gripping, six episode story
  • Puzzles, minigames and more!
  • Alternate story paths to explore
  • Kick-ass original 1980s soundtrack
  • ‘Chapter Zero’, a prologue to the core season, will be available free before launch
  • More Truth than any other game!
  • Season Pass will be available on all platforms (and comes with the soundtrack!)
  • Steam Achievements
  • Keytars

Sounds like a pretty neat and bold idea and I am excited to see where Majestic Nights will take us and what conspiracy theories will be incorporated into the series. As always, stay tuned to RealGamerNewz for any updates on Majestic Nights as they become available. Until then, check out the teaser trailer for Majestic Nights below.


Spoiler Alert Collector’s Edition Review

Spoiler Alert Steam Review RealGamerNewz

Spoiler Alert is an indie game for Steam which presents an idea we haven’t seen before. The game is a platformer that goes in reverse, causing players to undo the actions of the Pepper Knight who is after a certain Princess. Oh wait, Spoiler Alert! See what I did there? Anyways, normally that type of information would be the first thing you’d learn booting up the game but instead players begin their journey at the final stage of each world unlocking levels backwards for a total of 4 worlds featuring dozens of stages each.

Some stages are very quick breathers, and others take longer to figure out – something like a puzzle. Characters automatically run in a certain direction throughout the game and must control jumping as well as other actions like unthrowing hammers, unlaunching flame spit balls, and putting on or taking off various types of armor associated with those attacks which Pepper Knight acquires throughout the game.

The gameplay presented by development studio MEGAFUZZ, and brought to a bigger gaming audience at large by publisher tinyBuild, is memorable and fresh. The skill-based, addictive, and satisfying challenge of playing this simple platformer in reverse – as well as the occasional nod to classic platformer mechanics – give Spoiler Alert its own identity.

Visually the graphics of the background and enemies are better animated than Pepper Knight himself – but this is easily forgivable as a lot of fun factor can be found here with creative gameplay design at the core of this title. Spoiler Alert makes players rethink the way they play by timing moves to avoid collecting coins or taking out enemies and other tasks that were not previously performed. This is all to avoid a time paradox. This means it is essential to get timing correct and this platformer is a lot less forgiving than others.

Spoiler Alert awards players with achievements as they go and offers something more to strive for once the title is beaten. As far as overall replay value, this is going to depend on the end-user. There are some players who will find the title’s replay value to be thin due to a lack of features inherent with most auto-runner games. This is still a great title nonetheless.

A winner of many awards in the indie community, Spoiler Alert also comes equipped with a Level Editor, Controller Support, Steam VR Support, Leaderboards, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Saves, and is open for Steam Workshop mod communities to tinker in.

Final Verdict:

Unique games have a special effect on the gamer that allows us to remain interested in fading genres that need new ideas to be introduced. With that, we commend MEGAFUZZ for putting this title together and keeping its polished, focused gameplay at the center of the experience from start to finish.

The World’s 1st Reverse Platformer, the difficulty is there, but once the learning curve is overcome the game can be beaten in about an hour or two. Bonus modes like SpeedRunner are unlocked afterwards. In Spoiler Alert, each level was designed to a millimeter precision, and the testing required for this is greatly appreciated. Spoiler Alert is a solid title well worth picking up on the Steam platform. There’s nothing else quite like it, and you don’t really know how good it is until you try it. Featuring an original soundtrack by Roland La Goy, 100 levels of backwards platforming, SpeedRunner mode, and the original Game Jam version of Spoiler Alert – the Collector’s Edition for just $7.99 is worth looking into.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Publisher: tinyBuild

Developer: MEGAFUZZ

Available Now: Steam (PC / Mac OS X / Linux)

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

PlanetSide 2 Heading to PlayStation 4 w/ Over 80 New Bases

Welcome To The Hossin - PlanetSide 2 PS4

Sony brings forward PlanetSide 2 to the PlayStation 4 soon with over 80 new bases and the latest updates from the Windows PC version of the game currently available. Those who are involved in underground multiplayer games from the Warhawk community for example and Call of Duty PSN network have been taking interest in this title. This could be a game that, if done right, will attract and hold a decently sized captive audience. Take a look at the latest trailer for this game below. PlanetSide 2 on PC is developed / published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). The exact release date for the PlayStation 4 of the game is still not announced yet, but a target window is set for 2014.

Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Bundle