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Watch An Entire Game Developed LIVE This Weekend [Indie Dev Livestream Announcement]

Vintage Games

After successfully developing an entire game while streaming the development live and narrating it, Dan Bisciglia of Vintage Games seeks to do it again this coming Saturday. What originally started as a way for Dan to give a very unique XMAS Gift to his friends (starring his friends as the main characters) has now turned into a ground-breaking way for gamers to experience the development of a game and even play it afterwards.

While the initial broadcasts were live only, the next one will also get a Replay Video posted here on RealGamerNewz in addition to the Livestream which we will post an embed of this Saturday.

In the stream viewers will witness Dan make a complete game in just 8 hours and “stream while doing it”. This includes all the graphics, sound, design, and programming made on the spot, live. Tune in Jan 11, 2014 at 2:00pm EST (1:00PM Central) until 10:00PM EST (9:00PM Central). Below is an example of the type of games you can expect from Dan and Vintage Games.

Vintage Games Gameplay Screenshot

**GAMES ADDED** Holiday 2013 Steam Giveaway: Win 1 Of 22 Different Games {Sponsored by RealGamerNewz}

RealGamerNewz - STEAM Giveaway 2013

*****New Year’s 2013-2014 CONTEST LIVE*****


***UPDATE: XMAS Winners Announced:

-Kevin Bell
-Brian Depaul
-Angel Armstead
-Hardy Hadyan Sultan

***Thank you everyone for helping us bring Christmas joy to gamers worldwide.
***We are planning on putting together a New Year’s 2014 Steam Giveaway So Stay Tuned To RealGamerNewz.com

Steam Holiday Giveaway – RealGamerNewz Contest

Win One Of The Following Games (See Rules Below)

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  • Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter
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  • Oil Rush
  • *The Giveaways with a star next to them are sponsored by the developers that made them.
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THANK You all for entering, Happy Holidays

Good Luck to ALL!

See the games in action below:

Assault Android Cactus 25% Off For Steam Holiday Sale

assault-android-cactus on sale holiday

The Steam Early Access to a game we recently featured on the IndieSpotlight: Assault Android Cactus is on sale for 25% Off ($11.24) and supports the DualShock 4 controller immediately upon plug and play with DualShock 3 support for Linux out of the box as well (not to mention support for Xbox 360, Logitech, and a lot of other controllers) which is important since it’s a twin-stick shooter. Take a look below for a visual on what to expect (as well as an in-depth interview of the developers behind the title) and keep an eye out for our Hands-On Preview coming soon.

PlayStation Vita Price Cut Could Come to United States

The next generation Sony handheld PlayStation Vita has released and met with a mixed emotion of love and hate depending on who you ask. Recently the PlayStation Vita has been under fire with analysts and web-journalists all throwing in their 2 cents about what Sony should or should not do in order to get the Vita moving impressive units and creating a larger install-base.

Take a look at the recent price drop for the PlayStation Vita in Japan and its effect on business though. Sony may have found its solution to its problem of getting passed the early adopter stage and cross into the golden period for their dedicated handheld.

The PlayStation Vita’s price was set to ¥19,980 (roughly $215 American or €165 Euros). This price drop from the original ¥24,980 (comparable to $270 American or €205 Euros). Both 3G+Wifi and Wifi-Only models were reduced to the ¥19,980 price point.

In the image below (enlarge by clicking here) you will see Japan retailer Akihabara with only two PlayStation Vitas left for sale as a result of the price drop.

All that’s left to see is when the PlayStation Vita will receive its price drop and what the new price will be. It is sure to be scooped up by the massive consumer-base in North America (and Europe for that matter) as the holiday buying begins to set in earlier and earlier each year due to the global economic downturn. Leave us your thoughts on this inevitable event to come for gaming.

Best Buy discounting PS3 with Sony PlayStation 3D Display

If you haven’t caught the Kevin Butler commercial by now, check it out below.


The Sony PlayStation 3D Display, arguably the best christmas gift imaginable for your PlayStation brethren. It already includes a 3D headset and a copy of MotorStorm Apocalypse at the time of this post and now it’s coming with an interesting discount exclusively at Best Buy. For a limited time, you can pick up the $499.99 bundle of MotorStorm Apocalypse with the Sony PlayStation 3D Display and get a 160gb PlayStation 3 Slim for just $100.

This is the cheapest deal for a brand new PS3 slim and at the same time you get the 3D HD experience and the ability to use SimulView, the future of local multiplayer gaming which allows for players to see completely different images when playing games that traditionally had to be split in half on the screen.

Check out more information at Sony’s website.