PC Version of Monster Hunter: World Gets Development Update Presentation

Ryozo Tsujimoto is the Producer of Monster Hunter: World which awed gamers worldwide at The Game Awards 2017 alongside Death Stranding as our two most anticipated games. In this new developer presentation from the team behind MH:W we will hear about the latest behind-the-scenes updates on the current status of development behind the PC version of Monster Hunter: World. He also announces that the team is planning to continue updating the game with new monsters after release, which will all be included upon release of the PC version later this year.

Monster Hunter: World is being built on the latest incarnation of the MT Framework game engine created in-house at Capcom and thought to be a high quality, versatile engine overall for various platforms. The original trailer was suited for viewing in 4K by some sources and was given an advertising presentation alongside Sony PlayStation 4 Pro as its main target platform. Despite that fact, the game will also be available for PS4, Xbox ONE, Xbox ONE X, and Windows PC, presumably with Steam as the main PC platform in mind.

Monster Hunter: World releases worldwide on Friday, January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE consoles. A release date has yet to be determined for the PC version of the game, but PC players can expect to get in on the action some time near the end of the year. Autumn 2018 is the overall target given for the PC version in this latest update from the development team behind the game.

 Official Dev Diary:

Monster Hunter: World is an upcoming Action RPG game pending rating with single player and online multiplayer portions focused on teams battling monsters together during ongoing wilderness outings and adventures based on survival genre gameplay elements.

This is the first entry in the series in many years to land on a high-tech graphics engine-centered platform and is exactly what long-term fans have been craving for as well as the best opportunity to win new fans who previously may have found the series too off-putting.

These factors are what makes Monster Hunter: World such an anticipated game from all sorts of gamers around the world. It has also become clear that Capcom is being very hands-off with the game and allowing the development team creative control over the title which can hopefully result in an even better, more fun experience free of the many problems plaguing the industry lately.

Monster Hunter: World’s development team have already promised No Lootbox for their game, and we hope that promise is kept.

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