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First person survival adventure game with abstract art mixed with photo-realism, Firewatch is coming from a team of all-star developers turned indie. Some of the minds behind Telltale Games previous projects like The Walking Dead, a programmer from the early days of Twitter and Tumblr, and even a graphics engine programming from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are just a few of the examples of veteran experience behind this project which reminds us a lot like Far Cry: Blood Dragon meets MYST in its early conceptual days. Likely sponsored by Starbucks days and afternoons on Macbook Pros with never ending coffee and quiet, calm discussion,

Firewatch is being put together as more of an artistic experience with gameplay elements meant to naturally flow. Although it’s way too soon to tell exactly what will come of the game, Campo Santo (the name of the development studio these tag-teaming veterans have created) has described the game as “a mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness, where your only emotional lifeline is the person on the other end of a handheld radio.” and is focusing on an atmosphere of “Peace, Solitude, and The Great Outdoors.” For now the development studio seems to be enjoying their unknown status off in sunny San Francisco as they put hard work into the game, and so we will respect those wishes and hold off on going fully in-depth about the title as well as how to reach the devs at this current time.

There’s a quarterly update being released in small circulation, which resembles a gaming magazine from the 90s in writing style, in which the developers speak candidly about their progress developing the title as well as their feelings about it and vision for the future of the industry. These date back all the way to October 2013 when the development studio was founded and suggest that Firewatch has had plenty of time in the oven to get cooked slowly and steadily as well as play-tested to the heart’s content. Hopefully all of this will result in a high quality game that will come out of nowhere and take gamers by surprise. Be on the look out for this game and be sure to head back to every now and again as we feature Indie Games To Look Out For which you may not have heard of but are likely to impact the industry in major ways.

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