Fallout 76 day one patch is 51.6GB, full install size is 96.6GB

[Update: Some users are reporting that Bethesda now has a pre-patched version of the game up on PS4 and Xbox making the download 51.6GB whereas the physical copies of the game still require installing from the disc and installing the game.]

Online only games have massive day one patches these days which in some cases (cough, cough Black Ops 4) require the entire game to be re-downloaded. While that seemed to be the case at first for Fallout 76, thankfully it’s not. However, the game will still require a substantial amount of downloading. Upon performing a disc-based install, those who bought the game on physical media will have 45GB of the required data already. After that, their PS4 will need to download 51.6GB worth of updates to the game. The resulting final file size will be 96.6GB, which means digital copy owners will need to download that amount to play.

While this can be more predictable and forgiven for multiplayer only games, it does seem to be a trend seen over the past 2 console generations that titles often release unfinished or with glaring bugs that are later updated through sometimes massive patches. In the case of Black Ops 4 which launched last month, its day one patch was used as a form of DRM deterrent preventing gamers from playing it early.

A number of updates have been confirmed to be coming to Fallout 76 through this gigantic 1.01 update, including the following:

  • Presentation, graphics, and engine performance upgrades
  • Fixed a bug with invites
  • Fixed a bug with the hunger gauge
  • Increased stash size
  • Audio bug fixed which generated random gunshot sounds
  • Push-to-talk option introduced for PC version
  • Other bugs and potential exploits have been fixed as well

Fallout 76 has been controversial from the start, and it’s only 5 days away. We look forward to seeing how the game performs in real world conditions, and advise against reading reviews that are rushed out and desperate to get clicks by going with mainstream opinions.

The entire aspect of downloading large files isn’t a big deal to most gamers because it’s been proven that 90% – 95% of PS4 owners keep their consoles online at all times, and have a decent internet connection (usually with unlimited bandwidth per month). However, in the remote areas where it’s harder to get a connection, or data can be taxed per gigabyte – this can present a problem.

More importantly, the long-term issue faced by multiplayer-only games, games with online DRM, or server / patch reliant titles is that they might be impossible to preserve for historical reference and retro gaming throughout future generations! We aim to look into this issue further soon in articles, as well as with our own internal efforts to crack open games and bring them into such a state that they can be preserved for the virtual museums of our future. This is an important issue to us which we hope to reveal more of our plans on in the coming years, so please stay tuned to RealGamerNewZ !

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