Hatred Keeps Adults Only Rating, Will Release June 2015

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The isometric twin stick shooter with the strategic aim of clearing an entire map of enemies in the quickest, most heartless way possible (including any civilians caught in the crossfire) will release as intended with a slight delay on June 1, 2015. The game development studio behind Hatred cites that “we will be playing The Witcher 3” in May otherwise it would be coming even sooner. The title is going to be available on Windows PC machines through the game’s official website, and also On Steam as it appears they’ve decided to go forward with allowing an Adults Only rated title.

Destructive Creations have provided a new gameplay trailer today, and if you’re not familiar with the history of the game then it should be worthwhile to take a moment and read up on it.

The title was originally panned by critics and triumphed by free speech activists becoming caught in the middle of an epic battle of intellectual opinions. Though the game was obviously inspired by a much less talked about title called Postal, it became a major focus of the industry after its initial reveal. Later down the line, the game was removed from Steam Greenlight only to be placed back on it by Gabe Newell himself (founder of Valve) and the developers issued a statement claiming that censorship won’t win.

After being placed back on Steam Greenlight by Valve Hatred quickly shot to #1 on the user-voted curator service, and since it is being self-published, will likely remain in its original form AO Rating and all. Until now we’ve mainly just had the original cinematic trailer which showed a deranged psychopath as the main character, some small snips of gameplay, and execution scenes. There was also a brief AO-rated Trailer released later on.

Official Gameplay Trailer:

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