Fallout 76 will get increased stash limit soon, 1.02 patch fixes bugs for now

Bethesda has launched a new update for Fallout 76 through a 47GB update which will attempt to address a number of minor bugs in the game. The patch also aims to improve frame rate and game stability which had sometimes suffered from dips, freezes, and crashes. User interface improvements, C.A.M.P. tweaks, and other changes are also expected to be made.

[Update #2: Stash Limit Increase has been given more detail as well as other features included in December Updates for Fallout 76.]

[Update: Bethesda’s Patch Notes for Fallout 76 v1.02 Pt. 1]

Editor’s Note: Based on Bethesda’s patch notes, this patch is one part of a two-piece download which comprises of the entire 1.02 update. It is unclear exactly when the second download will be made available, thus completing the 1.02 version upgrade of the game.

One feature that players won’t be receiving just yet is the stash limit increase that many are requesting Bethesda to put into the game. Currently players can achieve a maximum of 200 – 400 pounds of inventory on their person depending on character setup. Each C.A.M.P. also has a stash which is limited to 400 pounds.

In the patch notes for the 1.02 update Bethesda has stated clearly that they will be increasing the stash during the coming weeks. The current stash limit was put in place to avoid technical difficulties while they test out how real world environment performance looks on the game’s servers in terms of tracking containers and stashes. Multiple ideas both short term and long term will be implemented to address this issue according to Bethesda.

Push to Talk will be implemented in the next few weeks for PC as well as Ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio monitor support for PC which the team says “looks awesome”. There is also the addition of an FOV Slider which would have certainly made TotalBiscuit proud.

Although we don’t have a lot of information about what today’s update does, these promises are all somehow related to the files being downloaded by Fallout 76 players today. In addition to these changes and performance enhancements, Bethesda has announced that they also plan to add new vaults opening up in the game, new ways to build in C.A.M.P., and new team features including factions, PvP, as well as a large number of free add-ons to the game throughout 2019.

As it stands, Fallout 76 may not be for everyone, and there are certainly some noticeable areas of improvement – but we’re having a blast with it. From unexpected moments, to the story-heavy questing, obsessive collecting, and crafting – Bethesda has managed to produce a highly addictive online experience which can only get better from here on out.

[Some Info Sourced: Fallout 76 November 2018 Roadmap]

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