Mega Ran & K Murdock’s Fan Club Offers Gamers Huge Benefits

MegaRan x SkyBlew x K Murdock - OutRUN the SUN

A new track from Nerdcore Hip Hop artists SkyBlew and Mega Ran with production by K Murdock has been released exclusive to Patreon subscribers of the Bits and Rhymes Club. Most who frequent RealGamerNewz will have heard about these folks and their genre of music plenty of times now, but quick refresher: Mega Man and Final Fantasy meet Hip Hop? Yes please. A whole boat load of awesome, and not the typical stuff you might be thinking – this stuff is really well thought out and deep giving fresh life to video game sagas in ways never seen before. If you’re any kind of gamer you owe it to yourself to check out Forever Famicom as well, an ode to the classic Nintendo era! If you are already familiar with Ran and K’s work then be sure to check out SkyBlew, one of the newest members of their crew who has been touring heavily with a unique sound introduced to the Mega Ran fanworld first in SkyBlew’s UNModern Life.

This new track is one of several works which will be released exclusively for members of the Bits and Rhymes Club who donate at least a buck to their cause, and it’s a good cause at that. The producer / emcee duo have nearly reached a goal which unlocks a totally new game-based album project with the community getting the ability to vote on which game gets brought to life. The reward tiers for this club are pretty intense too.

Here’s a list of some of what you can get:

  • Patron Level – $1 – Exclusive track not available anywhere else
  • Silver Level – $5 – Exclusive access to podcasts, music, and behind-the-scenes show (plus the above tier)
  • Gold Level – $10 – Exclusive access to full-length album downloads (plus the above tiers)
  • $25 – (Still Available) – CD mailed to you every month, hand signed, containing Exclusive instrumentals, podcasts, and more from that month (plus the above tiers)
  • $50 – (4 Slots Left) – Get your name / nickname mentioned in podcasts or tracks every month (plus the above tiers)
  • $75 – (Still Available) – Join monthly Google Hangout with Mega Ran, K Murdock, and the NPC Collective to have your voice heard in front of their audience and discuss social issues, music, video games, nerd culture, and more (plus the above tiers)
  • $100 – (Still Available) – Co-host The Manual LIVE or decide the topics of the show and pick what video game should inspire the monthly patreon exclusive track, get your name shouted out in the track (plus the above tiers)

(More Details HERE!)

Mega Ran and K Murdock are working hard to make this something they can do full time. With each passing increase in fan support, they have been successful again and again at extending how far this can go and how much they can do. As constantly working artists dedicated to that gamer life and supporting all of us as gamers no matter how we choose to walk our individual paths, it’s a great thing to see them giving back to the Fan Club with such great perks of being a member.

As always, if you cannot afford to partake there’s always the option of introducing a friend to their music and spreading the good word. But by all means, if you have the funds then every little bit helps the pursuit of intellectual hip hop at a high quality expressing what all of us gamers know in our hearts: that gaming is not just a hobby anymore it’s a work of art that has taught us so much.

Update – Preview of OUTRUN the SUN:

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