Rumor: DualShock 5 controller to feature touchscreen instead of touchpad

Sony has announced that they will not be attending E3 2019 in any shape or form, and they skipped doing PSX 2018 this year. These interesting moves are paired with the fact that more and more hints have been emerging that a next-generation PlayStation console will be announced for 2020 or 2021 release. All together it appears that the often talked about PlayStation 5 is slowly becoming a reality rather than a myth as 2019 approaches.

New information has surfaced regarding the expected pricing, specs, and launch of the PS5 but perhaps most interesting out of all the unconfirmed rumors is the notion that PlayStation 5’s DualShock 5 controller could feature a touchscreen in its center rather than a touchpad as seen in the PS4’s DualShock 4.

In 2017 Sony filed a patent for a DualShock controller using a complete, color touch screen LCD display. While this information has been paired with unlikely rumors of levitating sphere shaped console hardware or holograms, it does seem that a more practical use for such a touch screen could be a real possibility.

The touch screen could be used for representing buttons that can be hit in a quick fashion, such as a list of weapons to switch between in a shooter or potions to take in an RPG game. Although most functions already accomplished by real buttons seem to be better off that way, there could be some games which are able to surprise us. There’s also a potential for notifications, DVR style recording controls, or Bluetooth smartphone integration which show text messages from PSN combined with those of your own cell phone.

The PlayStation 5 itself is said to be using a Navi style custom graphics processor with AMD Ryzen+ for computational processing, but that has yet to be confirmed. Sony recently teased a Gran Turismo concept application running at 8K resolution performing 120 frames per second at a tech event, but that is not expected to be how the PlayStation 5 ends up running and could easily be a high-priced arcade experience or merely a demo for tech shows only.

The truth remains to be seen about the next-generation of consoles. Sony is expected to go all in on their own PlayStation Experience or otherwise similar event during late 2019 in which the PlayStation 5 could be announced for 2020 or 2021 release, but that is not confirmed at this time. Virtual Reality and 4K Gaming are expected to be at the forefront of the next-generation of gaming consoles with a price around $500 USD for the base unit.

It is unclear if the games will come on a new form of physical media or digital only, but it is expected that an unprecedented amount of backwards compatibility should be possible due to the PC architecture of PS4. Forwards compatibility has even been considered possible for the previous set of systems which would be a first for the industry, allowing some or all PS5 games to play on PS4 systems at lower quality. However, this is also unconfirmed and although it could lead to increased software sales, it may also be decidedly not worth it in the eyes of corporate executives more interested in pushing the future platform above the past systems.

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