The Evil Within: The Consequence DLC Review

The-Evil-Within-The-Consequence DLC Review

Never have I ever been so happy to get a gun. In the second DLC of The Evil Within, titled The Consequence, Juli Kidman breaks her bonds and goes on the offense. Where once she only had the option to flee, now she’s been granted the ability to instigate the violence in her favor.

In the final two chapters of Kidman’s story, light is finally shed on the core motives of those involved in the crafting of the horrific world of STEM. We learn that Ruvik, though by no means innocent, is actually a victim to the ambitions of the mysterious Mobius organization. Through his obsession to create a world where his sister and life is restored, he is manipulated into constructing STEM and then trapped there by Mobius when he quite literally bites the hand that feeds. His punishment on par with the atrocities he fated many of his test subjects to.

Though not the variety her partner was given, Kidman finally bares arms against her foes with a single shot sawed off shotgun and pistol. The absence of an upgrade system isn’t bothersome as Kidman doesn’t have to face the type of enemies encountered by Sebastian, the Keeper and Laura being gracefully absent. The previously featured Light Lady otherwise known as Shade, isn’t as intimidating when chock full of bullets and the Shadow Man of Mobius seems rather vulnerable to shot gun blasts.

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Through a series of collected audio files and letter pieces found in Keeper head puzzle boxes, a great deal of disturbing truths on Kidman’s initiation into Mobius, her placement on Sebastian’s team, the possible fate of Sebastian’s missing wife, the events leading up to the pairing of Ruvik’s mind with STEM and more is revealed.

Final Verdict:

This second installment was plenty of fun in comparison to the first largely in part to the ability to attack. No one likes being helpless. The pace was faster and there was story insight at every turn with events lacing perfectly together with those of the main game. I would definitely recommend The Consequence for those wishing to have a better understanding of the game. It took a little over three hours to complete without searching for all the collectibles and there is the option of trying KURAYAMI Mode, which unlocks upon completion and envelopes Kidman in complete darkness amidst tougher enemies.

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Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Available On: Windows PC | PS4 | XO | PS3 | 360

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

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