Kinda Funny Games Showcase 2018 – Full WrapUp & Videos

With the lack of a PSX Event this year, Kinda Funny Games (headed up by Greg Miller and Tim Gettys who previously led the IGN team) have decided to run their first ever video games showcase featuring  69 games (half a dozen of which will go live during the show). The concept behind this show is to give game companies a chance to show off titles to the masses. This is the first annual KF Games Showcase and we aren’t sure if this will become a yearly event, but it is exciting to see a new showcase on the scene which will give more developers a chance to get attention on their games.

The show loads up with a Kinda Funny Logo eventually taking shape on-screen. Music is building up the hype as well, and then a 10 second countdown begins. Developers talk about why they make games and gamers talk about why they play games. Their reasons are all different and very interesting. Everyone thanks each other for creating / playing the games that we all know and love. Greg Miller thanks everyone for being part of an industry so incredible it could lead to this even being possible.

Devolver Digital, Drinkbox Studios, SEGA, Housemarque, and more will be part of the Showcase led by Forbe’s 20 Under 20 Tim Gettys and Trending Gamer Greg Miller. They start off outside the Golden Gate Bridge discussing why the show exists and how they decided to do it. Greg also mentions that sometimes gaming can be really bitter but this time of the year is a beautiful season for positivity and celebrating games. Some of the most anticipated indie titles will be part of the show.

Super Meat Boy Forever is seen. The meat grinding action you know and love gets even better as a platformer filled with danger, adrenaline, sudden death, and incredible victory reaches PS4, Switch, Xbox, and PC this April 2019.

Next we see a man discussing how people are all finding new ways to die. The melodramatic scenes of aliens, apocalypse are  YIIK A Postmodern RPG is what we are seeing, and it looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen before absolutely interesting as hell.

At Sundown is also given a trailer and releases with 9 modes on January 22, 2019.

Invisible robots attack, Invincible guards defend, pistols, SMGs, 3 versus 3, a Halo original style combat are seen, wow! Accolades on-screen from media who have tried out the game. Aftercharge comes out on January 10 for Xbox and PC.

Freddie Prinz Jr. takes screen and discusses the 90s and mentions ToeJam and Earl: Back In The Groove. We’ve previously covered this in our RGN IndieSpotlight but now we get a closer look exclusive to the KF Games Showcase. The clip features the two aliens discussing their new video game which is given a release date of March 2019 for PS4, Xbox, and Switch.

Greg and Tim now are at Cupid’s Barn and tell us that some game companies have changed their release dates to today to celebrate the game. Bithell Games is up next with a new game involving dialogue discussion, disease, and the space age. Quarantine Circular is a game about survival, death, bargaining, decisions, available now on Nintendo Switch.

At the Legion of Honor in San Fran Greg Miller and Tim Gettys discuss one man development teams leading up to an Adam’s Ascending live action trailer. The video shows an American astronaut seemingly transported to various locations by a mysterious orb of glaring light. He enters a cave following the light which begins pulsating and puts his helmet back on. His flashlight fails him. He is met by a blinding light and investigates the ground only to find that he’s back on the beach, puking in his hand. Gameplay is shown which is clearly adventure / mystery based and includes combat, strange beasts, space flight, and more. Adams Ascending is live now on Kickstarter with more info at

Six new video games are revealed in trailers. Moving furniture in crazy situations such as traffic, on top of planes, etc. in an Overcooked style indie game with a wacky new twist on co-operative craziness. Moving Out is coming soon.

Operencia is an underwater wonder of a game with influence from Atlantis, skeletons, RPG combat, historical legends, skeletons, living tree beings, steampunk machines and gears, magical bridges, gates, golems, dragons, and more. Operencia The Stolen Sun releases in 2019 from the Unreal Engine and Zen Studios to Steam.

Noodlecake Studios is up next with a hilarious but strange crowned man and other costumed folk doing battle with mini golf putters on a course as live action mixes with animations of explosions and finally a man wins. Golf Blitz is the game from SuperStickman and you can sign up for beta at

Next we are shown what appears to be a 2D version of Rocket League. Motorball is available to try at

Petroglyph brings a high resolution trailer with an ancient vibe. A god is summoned from the sand to fight an army and defend a castle alongside its inhabitants. Conan Unconquered is coming soon.

A brand-new action RPG takes screen next from Nippon Ichi. Lapis x  Labrynth is its name. In this game you build a team with 8 classes, collect treasure, stack abilities, and more. There are over 100 monsters, and an interesting new battle system. The graphics are hand drawn and there’s also a fever mode full of gems and power ups. Stack, raid, and get paid in Lapis x Labyrinth coming 2019 to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Dangan Ronpa Trilogy is also coming to the PlayStation 4.

Three new DLC announcements come up in the show next. The Messenger gets the perfect ninja vacation with tropical wonders and voodoo magic. We are seen new weather effects, levels, even more retro callbacks, strange bosses, and more in Picnic Panic coming as a free expansion to PC and Nintendo Switch.

Next we are given a view at a nightmare themed geometric title with some familiarity to its gameplay. Human Fall Flat Dark level updates are coming in 2019.

Guacamelee 2! is getting some special DLC as well with some Kinda Funny Games content featured.

A winter resort is shown which can be edited by players and then experienced. Over 100 levels, sandbox mode, and year round ski lifts with dirt bikes, snowboards and more. When Ski-lifts Go Wrong receives its Summer Content from Curve Digital on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2019.

Wario64 was even part of the show and gave away a bunch of digital game codes. From Comix Experience Outpost Greg Miller and Tim Gettys talk about a physical release in 2019 coming for Rival MegaGun which is being given away through a Twitter contest by the Kinda Funny Games team. All you have to do is re-tweet their tweet about the game. The game is then given a high-speed trailer. The player versus player battle shmup is available now on PS4, Xbox, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

An announcement trailer reveals that Windjammers is coming with 6 playable characters each having their own skills, online versus mode for the first time ever, league ranking system, and more.

Limited Run Games is also putting out another game in 2019. Matt Makes Games and LImited Run Games have teamed up to put Celeste out on January 1, 2019 in physical form.

Humble Bundle gets a montage of titles coming out including Mineko’s Night Market, The Occupation, Disco Elysium, Slay the Spire, Fae Tactics, and Ikenfell, which all look extremely interesting in very different ways. The titles are arriving some time during 2019.

Greg and Tim joke about how games don’t use release dates often these days, so they show a bunch of titles which have more firm release dates.

We are given the scene of a begrudging sniper. Bura is an interesting title about a soldier from a dark world. False flag operations, terrorism, war, sacrifice, confusion, government surveillance, gunfire, deep underground military bases, and realizing that you can’t run away forever are all part of this hand-drawn role playing game’s themes. Long Gone Days is its title and it will hit Steam Early Access in April 2019.

AWAY is a first person fantasy action game shows a character who is only strong at one thing, making friends. Each time you work with some one you meet you can see the world through their eyes and gain new abilities. The title is a collaboration between Japanese and French development teams with familiar yet different themes from the genre. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC will all receive the game in February 2019.

Next we are given a strange glimpse into a world of mysterious events and beings. A person is running then jumps off a cliff transforming into a bird. VANE is the title and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 January 15, 2019.

A moving story told through text messages is up next. Animated scenes show conversations between immigrants living in refugee camps across various countries. Bury Me, My Love asks players to make choices and then wait painfully as they slowly find out whether or not they are the right choices. The game releases January 10, 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

For Centuries mankind has tried to conquer the wilderness. But the wild always fights back. Hypertrain presents a geometric adventure with beasts, good and bad, hunters, and reminders that humans must adapt to the wild. The Wild Eight releases for PlayStation and Xbox in August 2019 with Steam release in March 2019.

Slime-San Creator releases today with a level editor and crazy unique gameplay formula. Sumo is also available today on Steam Early Access. NotMyCar is a battle royale but with only vehicles as characters.

In addition to all of these crazy cool indie games, Kinda Funny Games Showcase were also contacted by a few big companies as well. A closer look at Anthem’s story trailer is given play by play by BioWare developer Mike Gambell, more of which can be seen on the KindaFunnyGames YouTube page if you’re hyped and need every detail of this game.

Puzzle Games coming out in 2019 include Color from Dual Studios, Reading Rush, Collapsus from Wraith Games, and Triwave by John Plewe. These look very different and fun with a lot of abstract art styles and creative gameplay designs.

Dawnthorn by Aloft Studios, Anew, Double Cross (described as Mega Man meets Phoenix Wright), Devil Engine by ProtoCulture Games, Reverie: Sweet As Edition by Rainbite, Virgo Vs The Zodiac, and Boyfriend Dungeon are shown as a mix of Action / Adventure games (some with RPG elements) coming in 2019.

Knifeboy returns from hell to seek vengeance, Vulpine is a charming exploration playing as animals with weapons, Mini-Mech Mayhem is a crazy VR strategy board game from the future, and Rym 9000 is a bullet hell unlike any other with psychedelic graphics, all of these coming in 2019.

Log Jammers is an arcade sports game, TurboLance is jousting on motorcycles in an arena against your friends, Thunder Rally is a destruction derby of high pixelized quality, Wreckout is an arcade-inspired physics game, and these are also all coming in 2019.

Next we take a break from montages and head back to full trailers. In a simplified graphics system with gameplay as the focus, an incredible ape is seen as a purely orange character fighting humans who would try and contain his crazy nature. Traversing from floor to floor, the challenges increase in Ape Out – Monkey Business coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on February 7, 2019.

Fight Knight is shown next in which a trippy mix of Doom style graphics and RPG meet with Action in Spring 2019 for Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Leap Game Studios’ next reveal their action brawler featuring waves, skills, exploration, boss battles, and more. Tunche is live on Kickstarter starting January 14, 2019.

Next we are shown a classic roguelike style game with various classes and a 2D side-scrolling style. It also seems to be incredibly detailed in world design and somewhat resembles Starbound in some ways. It Lurks Below is available now on Steam Early Access.

In the year 1994 an experiment was too good to be true, now it is coming to reality. Originally developed for Sega Genesis, this game never saw the light of day. The 2D shooter full of hardcore gameplay was ahead of its time and is being made available for PS4, PS Vita in 2019 by Strictly Limited. has more info.

A segment for games normally seen at the Indie MegaBooth is up next including Supermarket Shriek, The Curch In The Darkness, A Fold Apart, Falcon Age for PSVR, Jenny Leclue Detective for Switch, PS4, and PC, and a Cowboy-Bebop inspired title called Desert Child featuring our pal Mega Ran releasing December 11, 2018.

Housemarque presents a new battle royale game with jetpacks, a creepy world, bullets, lasers, temporary invisibility, and more. StormDivers will have a beta launching soon.

SEGA and the development team behind Yakuza talk about Project Judge for the first time. The game centers around the toughest Yakuza family. Dead members have been showing up with their eyes missing. And the law is bending to their will. It’s up to the players in Judgement to figure out what is going on in Summer 2019 on PS4.

The Showcase concludes with a thank you for gamers, developers, publishers, and the people behind-the-scenes who helped make it possible. Game developers don’t always get the credit they deserve, and Greg Miller hopes that the Showcase helps that change.

One more announcement was held as best for last though. We are met with The Walking Dead: The Final Season world premiere trailer from Skybound Games who are indeed finishing the title after the sad story of Telltale Games going bankrupt. The game will see its final episodes release on January 15, 2019.


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