RGN Comment Blast: Reader Reviews – What Do YOU Score Black Ops 3 Out of Ten?


In the comments section below; describe in as much detail as possible what you think about the game’s graphics, storyline, gameplay, multiplayer modes, and what you’d give the game overall # out of 10 as a score along with why it earned that score from you. The best Reader Reviews will get talked about on RGNTV LIVE at the RealGamerNewZ Channel on Twitch.TV and if you’re really, really good at these we might take your opinions seriously while evaluating our own review of the game in cases where there’s a good point in what’s being said in the Reader Reviews sections. This is your chance to get your voice heard about what score / review notes a game truly deserves out there so spill your guts and tells us what you think. No word limits, no censorship, no rules. Go ahead!

Editor’s Note: Please put “*Spoilers*” if you intend to have spoilers in your review. We will not heavily moderate the comments section unless our Terms of Service are violated. Treat each other with respect, keep it real, keep it gaming. Peace!!

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