The American Dream: A Samurai Punk Virtual Reality Trip (PS4 / PC) Hits Next Week

With uncertainty on the intention of this release, RGN has received an invitation to let the world know about a new Virtual Reality game that pokes fun at guns and potentially the “American Culture” the rest of the world associates USA with.

Fair enough. In a press release laden with sarcasm and faux-trademark terms like “A game for True American Patriots™” that start to make me wonder if this whole entire game is one big insult to the military-industrial complex in the states. Then again, I get the feeling it’s not that serious and just meant to be a bit of goofy fun – so I went ahead and brought it to our viewers to decide for themselves.

It’s worth pointing out that Samurai Punk were responsible for the game Screencheat in which players could not see each other or themselves, and instead relied on how their movements effected the level to identify where an opponent would be. This idea took off and has spawned many similar games either cloning or paying homeage to Screencheat, though Samurai Punk never got the credit they deserved for pioneering the concept.

Take a look at The American Dream VR Teaser Below:

The title will be released next Wednesday (March 14, 2018) for PlayStation VR, the Oculus Store, and Steam. Priced at $19.99 there’s going to be a lot to prove if you aren’t still in the VR-Experience shopping spree fad phase of your gaming life. For questions and comments on the title you can find Samurai Punk on their Official Website or @SamuraiPunkCo on Twitter and they have their own Official Discord as well, which is pretty awesome.

Game Features:

  • An Array of modern weaponry promised including Pistols, Rifles
  • 20 Stages of satire featuring a social commentary metaphor as gamers flip burgers, change diapers, and perform many other daily life activities through the use of guns
  • Voice Acting Cast including Michael Dobson of the Transformers films, Dragon Ball Z, and Sausage Party)

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