The Talos Principle Review


 The Talos Principle is a unique first-person/third person puzzle adventure game created by Croteam the team that brought you Serious Sam. Now The Talos Principle is not your ordinary Puzzle game as it has many weird but interesting features within the game including a bit of a back story within the game, detailed and intricate puzzle gameplay, many different locations accessible within a certain HUB, and many hidden secrets that lay around the games decently large areas. The game play is almost pretty straightforward and easy to understand as you start you are introduced to a decently large area or Location 1 as I am going to call it. In the first location you are introduced to many of the basic puzzles, enemies, and items you will use to help you progress and make it further into the game, and the story.

As you progress you collect sigils, or little Tetris Pieces as I like to call them. As you collect them and get enough you can unlock better items which help you in more difficult puzzles in which you need those items in order to complete them while collecting all the sigils. As you progress you are introduced to a voice in the sky who calls itself ELOHIM. Nothing much is revealed about him/it but it will refer to itself as your maker and will mostly refer to you as child. But as you progress, ELOHIM will announce himself randomly, either describing something about the land to you, or revealing more of the story within the game.

The Talos Principle

There is not much I know about ELOHIM but I do know he/it is a crucial part of the story as he reveals himself slowly and reveals many outlying parts about the story very slowly as well. As you progress the Puzzles get a lot more complex and require a bit more thinking than the last and as each new area is explored more and more thinking is required in order to get that next sigil. As you are collecting these sigils the story and background of the world will unravel itself in a multitude of ways, through voice recordings you can find, through ELOHIM, and through computer terminals which you can activate and use in order to get some information about the world around you.

Some of the information comes in handy in finding secrets and some is just to inform the player of what is happening or has happened in the world they are in. As for the amount of time I played I definitely saw an interesting story unfold as I was playing, confusing at first but definitely interesting to delve into. Now after playing this game a bit I noticed the music within the game, literally, after playing for about 3 hours I finally noticed it. Its not a bad thing no, in fact the music fit the game perfectly to the point to where I was moving through the game not even realizing the nice tunes playing. The music was great, nothing to loud and yet nothing too subtle, it was just right.

The Talos Principle RGN

Final Verdict: The Talos Principle brings great things to the table from a range of intricate puzzles and different areas to a hidden background that is left for the players to discover. The Talos Principle definitely will give players their money’s worth with a great amount of game time and puzzles to solve. I recommend this game to any puzzle game enthusiast as well as many other gamers who like to dabble in the puzzle genre.

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Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Croteam

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available On: Windows PC | Mac | Linux (via Steam)

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