FCC Title II Net Neutrality “Saving” The Internet Or Another Repackaging of Bad Regulations?

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If you haven’t heard, your online freedom is at stake again. Tom Wheeler, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission recalled a very interesting story recently about his own history with creating one of the world’s first internet service provider companies alongside AOL, which crushed his own NABU Network due to the simple fact that the FCC forced phone lines to be Open Networks while cable companies remained closed.

This fascinating story taken from a page of Tom’s actual life perfectly demonstrates why we need to stop the ISP Monopoly that is threatening to emerge. The FCC would have you believe that their modernized Title II regulation is part of this fight for freedom. However, many are skeptical about the plan to say the least.

To learn more about Tom Wheeler, the new Title II Regulations, and the history of the internet, read this opinion piece from the man himself entitled FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: This Is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality. But beware that what he isn’t telling you is that the 332 page plan for free internet regulation, is actually likely to cause the opposite of freedom online. This man’s plan is to make the Internet a utility regulated by the Government. Effectively re-packaging a bad piece of regulations in an attempt to use it as a weapon against companies threatening to ruin what we now call our digital home.

“FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, at last week’s meeting, called Title II “an inappropriate framework for today’s dynamic technologies.” O’Rielly, a Republican, was one of the two that voted against Wheeler’s proposal.” [Source: DailyDot]

AT&T has already found holes in this supposedly great plan, and have began to prepare the ultimate consumer abuse for a new digital dark age should this pass. Ajit Pai is a member of the Federal Communications Commission, here’s what he has to say about it. So the debate is on the table folks… some people want government to take over and save them from the cable monopoly while others are looking at the new Utility legislation as a disaster waiting to happen. Many are left bewildered by the flip flopping of the entire situation.


Nobody should want Government in Internet. This will lead to illegal actions they want to take including Censorship, and Freedom of Speech Violations that the Government will do through these regulations. It’s wrong, it’s bad for business, and it’s against our liberty. America is about less Government, and more freedom, not more Government.

The fact is, no one entity owns the Internet. When I was a kid, the Dewey decimal system was a big deal. Imagine how the world would be held back today, not only for video game designers around the world but for every industry, if libraries were the only way to access information. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, game designers, police, politicians, filmmakers, writers, students, and even your average every day citizen all rely so heavily on the Internet today as a positive force of improvement for their job.

We are still at risk for losing our free speech, losing our freedom to information, and losing our free market competition in this space. For example, you don’t have to believe me – here’s another couple of sources of information on the free internet beyond the links I’ve provided breaking it down in video format below.

Keep in mind that major players such as Comcast, AT&T, and other cable companies are trying to do what by all means should be an illegal merger in an act of desperation. The Government wants to jump in and simultaneously stop the corporations, but take all the censorship and control freak actions for themselves instead.

In just three days the FCC will take a look at yet another piece of regulation. For those who haven’t been keeping up, Wheeler is trying to make everyone think we won over the FCC – but now is attempting to pass what could simply be a bad idea once again re-dressed and re-skinned making the claim that it will save us from the cable monopoly soon to come if the ISP giants are allowed to merge.

Of course we as Americans need to take a stand now and stop the insanity of service providers attempting to merge in order to enact censorship and corporate greed on levels never before seen. But can we really for a second believe that putting the Government into the Internet is going to save us? Please take a moment to educate yourselves on the matter, as this is something which effects us all.

If your head is spinning by now, we won’t blame you. RealGamerNewz will speak more on this issue in the days, weeks, and months to come as it is a high priority issue that effects us all.

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