Hellblade (PS4 Exclusive) Developer Diary #9 Focuses On Music [HD 1080P]

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The musical creative process behind Hellblade is said to have been a bit more of a focus than for most games. Some heavy rock music paired with abnormal sounds, futuristic / dark themes, and orchestral symphonic tunes are heard in the 9th developer diary of the upcoming title from Ninja Theory. For those not keeping up, Hellblade is a hack and slash / action title hitting the PlayStation 4 on a yet to be announced date.

The development studio has been taking an approach of providing the gaming community with plenty of dev diaries that way there’s no shortage of information with which to form accurate expectations of the final product (or so we hope, especially after The Order’s fiasco in which many felt misled). Check out Andy LaPlegua discussing his journey as an artist through working with Ninja Theory on Hellblade and hear some of the audio atmosphere. More information on the game will be on RealGamerNewz as it becomes available.

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