Fortnite Replay Theater, new shotgun, easter egg gun, flame grill trap, and new leaks

Players of the most popular battle royale game in the world will likely be excited to hear that a wide range of new features are being added to the game in an ongoing campaign to perfect the sub-genre of last man standing, open-world, loot scavenging mayhem.

Available for the first time ever, this week’s new shotgun adds a more powerful blast with a further range that won’t even require any update installation but instead will be added server-side similar to the first map Naughty Dog added to Uncharted 2 multiplayer way back when.

The Heavy Shotgun is perhaps influenced by the real life slug ammunition available for the typically close-range class of firearms in contrast to the usual buckshot which only provides an up close spread of smaller projectiles.

Although Fortnite is based on a fantasy world which does not adhere to real physics, that’s the best interpretation we can gather as to why the Heavy Shotgun exists. This weapon is only available as a Legendary or Epic class item meaning that it will be rare to find it and mostly can be obtained through supply drops or llamas. Controversially, the double-pump method is currently available for those lucky enough to find two of them at the same time as discovered by the world’s #1 streamer Ninja.

Light zombies up and watch them burn alive (or undead rather) with the new Flame Grill Floor Trap being added to Fortnite: Save The World mode in the game’s 3.3.1 patch available now. Many players will probably wish this new trap to be added to Fortnite: Battle Royale, but patience is a virtue and Epic Games may be testing the waters in terms of balance using the horde portion of the game to solidify how exactly to program the trap for its elimination mode. Husks will be charred to a crisp once players obtain the legendary schematic from within the game using seasonal currency also earned within the game.

Many players who have only experienced the free-to-play Fortnite: Battle Royale will be happy to hear that Epic Games will continue offering discounts on Fortnite: Save The World mode throughout the year and hopes to eventually release the game for free. Those who own both, like myself, should also be glad to hear that Epic Games has officially confirmed that they’re working on ways to make the controls between the two game modes much more similar. This will be a great update to Fortnite as currently it’s extremely disorienting to switch between the two, given their very differing control setups.

Save The World mode can earn players vBucks, which are used to buy many things in that mode but can also be used for acquiring costumes and other cosmetics in Battle Royale mode. Due to this factor, plus the fact that it’s just a nice variety, having both game modes feel the same control-wise would be great.

Running into limitations using the PS4’s ShareFactory? Have a PC which is powerful enough to play Fortnite: Battle Royale, but perhaps struggles to capture footage at the same time? Don’t worry, Epic Games has a solution for these problems coming soon.

This summer, Fortnite will receive its own Replay Theater on PC, PS4, and Xbox allowing for players to see exactly what happened in past matches. There will also be tons of tools to assist in making the ultimate Fortnite video clips.

Exclusive camera angles, visual modes, built-in special effects / filters, and more will be made available in this Replay Theater which is expected to also upload directly to popular hosting sites such as YouTube. Unreal Engine 4 will be getting a massive 4.20 update including many game developer-specific features some time in Summer 2018 which will coincide with the launch of Fortnite’s new Replay Theater.

There still hasn’t been any update on when Epic Games will finish their tweaks on the postponed Legendary Jetpack item and whether or not any of the Leaked Fortnite Modes have anything to do with it. Floor Is Lava and Take To The Skies are likely somehow related to heavier use of the item while normal matches are expected to only see rare, mainly end-game usage of it.

Following the St. Patrick’s Day content recently witnessed in the game, an Easter Egg Launcher will be temporarily added to the game using the same schematic as the Snowball Launcher previously placed in for a little holiday cheer.

The Smoke Grenade recently, removed and placed in the vault, is widely expected to be replaced by a poison gas grenade causing damage to those who enter its vapors.

While this is a very solid leak there’s also some less certain items that were found in the game’s code but may or may not enter the game.

Remote Control Rockets, Teleport Grenades, Tesla Totem Pole, Vacuum Grenades, Slow Grenades, Sticky Grenades (probably a replacement of the Boogie Bombs that made players stuck dancing in place briefly), Staircase Grenades, Supply Grenades, and Zip Lines all exist in the game’s code but may just be ideas Epic Games is experimenting around with and have probably not been approved yet for release.

In addition to these hacked files Air Strikes and Energy Crystals are also rumored to be in consideration for the game.

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