Fable Legends Will Be Free-To-Play w/ Gold or Win10 , Multiplayer Beta Sign Ups Live

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Players can now register their Microsoft account for the Multiplayer Beta of Fable Legends on both Xbox One and the forthcoming Windows 10. It was announced today on Microsoft’s official press website that the title will be completely free to play on Xbox One for those who have Xbox Live Gold and will also be free to play on the Windows PC for anybody running the Windows 10 operating system.

Lionhead Studios has spoken at length about the game’s design and it is essentially a concept of four players teaming up against hordes of enemies while avoiding traps and attempting to make it through a stage that leads to a boss battle against another live player. Meanwhile, that live player acts as dungeon master controlling the flow of the game by spawning enemies, laying traps, and editing the environment in (hopefully balanced) ways to try and defeat the team of heroes before they get a chance to face her or him.

A new trailer has been released below which acts as a mini-dev diary featuring the Fable Legends Game Director David Eckelberry who discusses what the free-to-play announcement means to the title and how it should effect expectations players have going forward.

Still no word on whether or not the game will appear on Valve’s distribution platform Steam. This seems an unlikely prospect since the game focuses on Windows 10, but it’s not necessarily impossible given that Microsoft has surprised us before putting out some of the older titles in remastered format on the Steam marketplace.

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