Fortnite Easter Update Removes 30FPS Option & Adds Guided Missiles at 1am PT (4am ET)

Fortnite shattered records when top streamer Ninja reached over 1 million viewers on Twitch during a livestream with Drake. Shortly after that, YouTube Gaming Director Ryan Wyatt announced that Rubiu5 consolidated 1.1 million concurrent viewers with over 42 million total live views for a Fortnite: Battle Royale tournament. All in all, the world’s biggest game just keeps on getting bigger. With Epic Games themselves reporting over 3 million concurrent players at once on a single platform (PC) and at last estimates over 50 million registered player accounts total, the growth seems unstoppable. March 30 marks another milestone for the title as the 3.4.1 update releases with new weaponry, bug fixes, updates to the game’s core mechanics, and more.

Tommarello of $K!L Clan and RealGamerNewZ warms up his build-off skills with a 10 kill tussle resulting in Victory Royale. I’ve seen this player in person and can tell you from personal experience he’s gaining ability beyond reason with stacks of wins each day and will be headlining again soon. Currently training to perform feats of strength which we will bring to you at a future date, he’s here today to help announce some amazing news from Epic Games about their latest update.

First things first, a number of bugfixes are being included in the upcoming patch including in-game crashes that effected some players, delays in picking up llamas or loot, and fixing the ability to see distance from long-range sniper kills. All updates will also be coming to the mobile edition of the game (as well as a visible timer for queues), with Xbox still not able to play with PS4 players but Epic Games believes this will eventually happen. Riding rockets will remain though, as Epic Games finds this hilarious and has essentially accepted it as part of the game. They’ve been teasing us for a while and now even stated that the upcoming Remote Controlled Rockets are “everything you need to start your own rocket riding taxi service”.

 Guided Missiles

Straight out of the list of leaked Fortnite weapons said to be coming to the game, Guided Missiles (formerly known as RC Rockets) will arrive as part of the 3.4.1 patch hitting tonight. These operate similar to the TOW missile in Warhawk which allowed players to view from the perspective of the missile and guide it straight into an enemy base, or better yet their thinking cap.

A thousand damage to buildings, and over a hundred damage for direct hits to players are promised in both Epic and Legendary variants of the Guided Missile. Even if you need to stop looking through this lens quickly in the heat of battle the missile will continue on the course you had set it on towards its intended target. Boogie Bombs have also been re-worked and will return to the game.

No More Double Pump, For Real This Time!!!

Epic Games has said they’ve increased the animation time between shotgun speed plays in response to the recent backlash of the Heavy Shotgun and lack of adequacy in previous ‘double pump’ fixes. Epic has been teasing us all for so long with the delayed Jetpack, Floor is Lava and Take to the Skies modes could be right around the corner, finally. Nothing is confirmed on that front still, so we can only hope. For the time being we know Sniper Shootout is back. This time there won’t be any pistols around either, but there will be crossbows and hunting rifles.

Across both sections of Fortnite grenade launchers will temporarily become egg launchers to celebrate Easter. Save The World mode has a new set of story-driven quest events called The Three Husketeers. There’s also no more 30 frames per second mode. The game will run so well after this patch that 60 frames per second is no longer a luxury for PS4 Pro owners only, but instead a gameplay norm for everyone across the spectrum.

Lag reduction and more detailed graphics have also been promised as part of the Easter patch. For mobile players 4X MSAA anti-aliasing will get rid of jagged edges and downloads are promised to be faster as well. Invites can now be sent and received more easily between cross-play friends too.


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