Titanfall 2 Going to PlayStation 4 Could Ruin the Entire Franchise

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What made Titanfall strong is the fact that Microsoft provided EA Games and Respawn Entertainment with dedicated servers. The strength of these servers is such that hit detection, bullet and object collision, and lag issues were virtually non existent on the Windows PC version of the game. The Xbox ONE and Xbox 360 versions of Titanfall also used them, and were better for it. Honestly, I wouldn’t even have believed Microsoft’s claims of sturdy, new Xbox server infrastructure if I hadn’t seen them for myself with the release of Titanfall. But all of that is about to change…

Electronic Arts is known for their reliance on old server technology that doesn’t exactly run well. In addition to lag issues, bullet collision detection issues, and just overall connection problems, their dedicated servers for the Battlefield series has never been much better than the peer-to-peer technology all other shooters are using. This is a real shame, and you’ll always hear EA Games and the Battlefield community blame this on the popularity of the games, simple bugs that “are going to be fixed” (that saying is getting pretty common in this industry huh?), or so on. Why keep apologizing and being so understanding of these companies though, when we are paying hundreds a year to access their games? The answer is, many of us are no longer so quick to forgive and see their side of things.

Pair that up with the fact that GTA Online: Heists just released and it barely even works. The PlayStation Network side of things is where you will see the worst connection problems. Perhaps the old PS3 design of this game overall is part of the problem, but that wouldn’t explain why Destiny releasing caused the PlayStation Network’s Friends List to not even work properly for weeks. Again, many gamers will apologize on behalf of Bungie and Sony and tell people like me to be quiet, insisting that this will be fixed eventually and is to be expected or even accepted with all online games. Titanfall wasn’t like that, it worked out of the box and it worked great. No matter what platform you played on, the game worked and nobody suffered the way we do with these other titles. Players can blame the popularity, but at the end of the day the truth seems to be that Sony and EA are just not good at network solutions. Don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself, they can’t even prevent themselves from being hacked by the outside world every single day according to quotes from Yoshida himself.

I knew that when they began talking about a sequel before the original was even released, Titanfall was going to suffer from EA’s long history of corporate greed and complete disregard for the end-user experience. Respawn Entertainment should do everything in their power to make sure that the Xbox Server infrastructure is at least kept in place for the Windows PC and Xbox One versions of Titanfall’s sequel, which will likely not be called Titanfall 2 but something else. However, at the end of the day, it’s really EA’s call. It took them a long time to get rid of MAXIS or even acknowledge a problem with what they did to SimCity, and that was a disgrace of high levels understood by the entire industry. This is something minute to most people, which won’t be fully understood until the game has already been out for a while and the world has bought it and hates it. So I don’t expect a good outcome here, but it is entirely still possible.

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