I, Zombie Steam Review

I Zombie Steam Review

Whether you plug in a controller or use the keyboard I, Zombie is a pretty interesting game that is pleasantly surprising in the way of how satisfying it feels to master. Each level is a mystery. Players are given just enough information to approach the puzzle-like strategy and tactical layout each scene offers. Essentials to the gameplay mechanics include eating humans which turns them into part of your zombie horde, controlling that horde and hanging back while they do the work, and attacking alongside them while attempting to use them as (undead) human shields.

Immediately this game feels fun. It’s almost too easy at first, but that is quickly replaced by slightly confusing and often frustrating levels that simply require patience and perfection to pass. The soundtrack is a major strength here, but ultimately gameplay design that is rewarding without trying too hard is its major strength. Some of the weaknesses in the game include the shortness of its overall campaign. There is some amount of replay ability thanks to the player’s performance being rated for each mission.

There are a lot of complaints with this game’s difficulty being largely based on trial and error, and while I personally see no problem with this I will say that this is more for the hardcore audience than casual gamers. It’s a breath of fresh air to play as a zombie for once and have an intellectual experience rather than just shoot zombies or smash things as a dumb zombie. This is by no means a huge production though, and the asking price should have given that away from afar to any potential buyers. There are glitches to be experienced and that’s a shame, marring what is otherwise an almost perfect little mini-release of a game with an original idea and fun-filled experience. We look forward to seeing more come from this developer.

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Overall Score: 7 / 10
RGN Rating: Bronze Game
Developer / Publisher: Awesome Games Studio

Available On: Windows PC (via Steam)

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